Voice-Controlled Smart Gadgets: Let Them Find Your Devices by@bidisha

Voice-Controlled Smart Gadgets: Let Them Find Your Devices

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Have you lost your stuff again and trying to think where you placed it again? But thank God you have tile tracker placed on it. But still having trouble finding it? Well, it's not hard. Just ask Alexa to do it. Your detective in the house will help you solve the mystery of finding your item. In this article, we will discuss the spectacle of using Alexa to find your missing item with the help of ole tracker. 

It is very easy to lose your thing in the house, he'll, we all lose it and apart from that, things have a tendency to get lost and turn up at the time when you don't even need them. But with Alexa or Google assistant it has become easier to keep track of your important items. 

What Is Tile Tracker

First of all, tile tracked is a small chip which has a Bluetooth system embedded in it which if added or kept in an item can be used to track down the particular thing if lost. If activated, this item can be traced back by seeing when and where it was last placed.

You can trace it down by retracing your steps. Isn't it amazing? It has no particular distance noted down.

It means it can work no matter how far you have lost your things. You just have to cast a wider search area to trace your things down. There's no minimum amount of distance of the maximum amount of distance mentioned that it would cover.

It goes beyond that but covers a larger area if it is connected to the Bluetooth device. However, this cannot be used as a GPS because it has to be connected to the Bluetooth device in order to be traced back. It covers only that area. 

How To Tile Tracker Works

Tile can be utilized by your Bluetooth. It can be discovered by your Bluetooth connection. However, to know whether it is working perfectly or not, you have to follow some certain steps. On these steps or conditions depends whether the whole thing is working or not. These conditions are written below. 

  • Then bluetooth has to be connected to the tile 
  • The connection will make it possible for the tile to show where it was last placed. It means the connection is very important. 
  • The permission of the Bluetooth should be granted by the IOS system. 
  • The location of the tracker should always be on. These should be maintained in order to establish a connection between your system and tile tracker. 

Tile works in a very simple and clear way. In order to know your last location of the misplaced item, all you have to do is ring your tile. It will tell you the last known location on the map.

After this, you have to enable the 'notify when found' mode. Your tile can be connected to anything starting from your bicycle to your remote.

It can be traced back as long as the connection is maintained. 

How You Can Utilize The Tile Tracker Through Google Assistant And Alexa

It was announced in September by the tile tracker that it would be made possible by the company that one can track their item connected with the tile tracker through Alexa or google assistant. Connect your google assistant or Alexa with the tile and make a request to make it more compatible. 

Steps To Set Up The Tile With Google Assistant

First, you have to open up the google app tab and set the setup device. After this, you will see the 'work with google' option. There you will see many options. If you do not have any other device setup then fine but if you do then click on 'add new device' option. You will be presented with an empty bar where you have to enter the details of your tile. 

Once you are logged in, you can ask two types of question to your google assistant about the tile and those questions are “Hey Google, ring my keys,” or “Hey Google, make my keys ring”. If you want to know the location of your tile, ask “Hey Google, where are my keys,” or “Hey Google, find my keys.”

How To Connect Alexa With Your Tile

Open your Alexa app and go to the upper left of the icon set on the menu tab, and tap “Skills & Games”. There you will be able to search "tile" and when the search engine is done working, hit enabled.

Log into the information of your tiles and stay logged in. 

The commands you make to Alexa is pretty similar to that of the google assistant but you have to keep in mind that you have to make a request by beginning with 'Alexa, ask the tile to….' and then continue.

While finding anything related to the tile, ask the tile “Alexa, ask Tile to ring my keys” or “Alexa, ask Tile to locate my keys”.