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6 Business Technology Trends in 2020

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@neil-haboushNeil Haboush

CEO of Good Mind Hunting, speaker, blogger, golfer.

Technology is not only shaping our lives, but it is also affecting how business is done and how successful it will be. Not only are there discoveries, innovations, and inventions, trends keep evolving and humans have to dance to the tune. Let’s face it, the future is now! To drive this point home, China has been setting the record from artificial intelligence to Alipay (an online mobile payment service that makes the transaction easy at anytime and anywhere). 
Neil Haboush- a reputable businessman with years of experience in sales, management, and technology puzzle over the technology trends that will hugely impact 2020. For business and entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for what the next decade has to offer, here are the biggest technology trends to know to utilize the opportunities and protect against threats.

Machines and Artificial Intelligence are taking over

From programming to keeping company, robots are now taking up the roles of humans. Although this has been trendy, it will continue to be in 2020. They can carry out dangerous, repetitive, or mundane tasks efficiently and on time. It is no surprise it is attributed to the rise in unemployment in developed countries. Business should incorporate this to increase efficiency and employees and managers should never stop learning. 

Medical Improvement Become a Must

The medical and healthcare sector is not left out in this wave.
”With IoT, medical practitioners can now track, capture and understand their patients’ health to take the right steps. Moreover, with the 3D printing, visualizing complex human part is made easy. Great for surgeries, prosthetics, and a lot more.” - says Neil Haboush.

Autonomous Driving: A Room for New Mobility

With the intense competition among car automobiles, autonomous cars are deemed to be on the rise in 2020. This will not be limited to cars but also scooters, trucks, buses, trains and all. Technology is affecting the way we live our lives and autonomous cars are no exceptions. 

A Decision on Whether to Have or Not have Mobile Apps

While some companies favored web apps to mobile apps because of its competitiveness and other industries like taxi and e-commerce have recorded considerable success. Whatever, category you belong to, see if it is a problem to tackle in the coming year or having one will be a step towards achieving business goals.

The Internet of Things

If there is one thing that is buzzing in 2019 and will never stop, it is the
internet of things (IoT). Alert from alarm clocks to start the day, getting
your favourite smoothie from the vending machine while getting your cab ready to take off for the business of the day. And oh! The light is still on..turn it off with just some keys. What’s more? With Industry internet of things (IIoT), communications are more efficient with data, which makes work to be carried out effectively and efficiently. IoT is affecting all sectors from private lives, industries to government. 

Flat Organizational System

Organizations will adopt a flat organizational system to hasten decision- making. Probably not out of will- but necessity. To avail of the opportunities and prevent predicted danger, this might be the case in the coming year if they don’t want to be driven out of the industry.

Final Thoughts

With a lot of changes and innovations going on out there, keeping abreast of developments and trends from time-to-time is important. In 2020, businesses will not only have to be proactive while getting updated on the trends, but employees should also be carried along. Train and keep training them.


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