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A Step Towards Innovation: The Story Of Apple's AirPod

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God, have you looked at the new AirPods which has been released? You must be craving to have that right? But have you ever thought how AirPods came to be? The story behind it and why even being so expensive is a demanding object? Well in this article we will relinquish the era of apple and tell you why Apple's AirPods are most desired item ever.ย 

But before we start, let's start with the basic question, that is 'What are AirPods?' Must be thinking of it right? To tell you the truth AirPod is a wireless Bluetooth which is sponsored by apple. They were first released in the year of 2016 and they have another player on the field related to the air pod which goes by 'AirPods pro'.ย 

A Bit Of Info About Your Favourite Pods:ย 

The AirPods were first launched in 2016 on the month of December. It was then relaunched with a newer updated system on march 20th of 2019.ย 


The first generation of AirPod was launched alongside iPhone 7 and apple watch series 2. The proprietary of Apple W1 SoC is available in this.ย  The proprietary software helps the airport by increasing the longevity of the battery. This one allows the 4.2 Bluetooth connection. It can also be used by android users but there's a catch here, the Bluetooth had to be 4.0 or higher than that. The airport could stay charged for up to five hours.

It didn't require much duration while charging. 15 minutes of charge could last 5 hours or so. The AirPod came with a 93 milliwatt battery while the case contained a 398 mAH battery. The first generation of AirPod was pulled off from the market after Apple launched an updated version which is known as the second generation of AirPod.ย 


The second generation of AirPod was launched in the market in March 2019. The second generation of AirPod is an updated version of the first generation AirPod. The processor of the AirPod is H1 processor and it supports the Bluetooth connection that is either 5 or above that. It was claimed by the company that the service is faster and the connection is faster than the first generation AirPods.ย 

It has an "Announce Messages with Siriโ€ system which allows you to dictate a message for Siri while staying connected with the AirPod. You can charge it with the same charging case of the first generation charging or you can buy it additionally which comes wireless. The wireless charging case is bought separately and it can be used to charge both the first and second generation AirPod. It costs $79.

Where Does It Support:ย 

Well, starting from iPhone 5 to the newer version? Any iPod Touch 6th generation to the newer version, macs starting from macOS Sierra or later version launched after that, Apple TV 4th generation or the presently available ones, from Apple Watch models running watchOS 3 to the ones which have been launched till now. Second generation AirPod supports to those devices which have iOS 12.2 or more than that.ย 

The Premium Version AirPod Pro:ย 

AirPod Pro is created by Apple too as a premium variant of the AirPod. It is a Bluetooth earbud which was launched in the market in October 2019. It shares the same H1 chip as found in the second generation pod. But it is lighter in weight and slimmer in shape. It is waterproof and the charging case has a QI standard that comes with a silicon chip.

The battery life is not as long as the first two because of the noise cancellation techniques that have been used. The AirPod costs $249 and the replacement of all the equipment is pocket-friendly too.ย 

Where Does It Support:ย 

Well, it can serve to Bluetooth connectivity higher than 4.0 and from the in iOS 13.2, watchOS 6.1, tvOS 13.2, and macOS Catalina 10.15.1.

The Plus Point Of AirPod Pro:ย 

There are many. Let's start.ย 

  1. It has a sound cancellation technique. The AirPod cancels any noise which is unwanted. It is effective. It can be switched to transparency mode to hear the surrounding.ย 
  2. Automatically switching between the devices can be done through iCloud.ย 
  3. The charging case comes with a QI system which guarantees its ability.ย 
  4. It has an accelerometer built in the system.ย 
  5. It is water-resistant. It means your $249 won't go down the drain and into the water.ย 

Why You Should Buy AirPod Pro:ย 

Why not? It is giving all the best service one could ask for in $249. Everything is updated and all the modern technologies have been used to make sure that you get the best service. The quality of the AirPod is great. The extra features make it even more extraordinary.ย 

Conclusion: New AirPod pro has been launched and it has everything that you have ever wanted in your Bluetooth speaker. It is a walk down memory lane about our beloved AirPod and its various transformation.


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