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Top Dev Jokes Of 2019

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Having fun while developing is necessary for programmers and developers. No matter how much serious or tough the situation is, one should always take things lightly when it comes to software development. 

I am writing this post just to let everyone know that how much of fun one can have while coding and working as a software engineer. Some of the jokes in this post have been inspired by my real life incidents and some of them are just copied from memes. Trust me! These Dev Jokes are funny and full of sarcasm and there is at least one joke for almost everyone who codes (even for those who have a coder friend).

I have divided these jokes in 4 categories. I hope you all can relate with it. So without wasting time let’s get started:

1. Problems and Challenges

Trust Me! we all face challenges in programming. It is not an easy task. We all ask ourselves the same question again and again but we love it. Every time we fail, we learn something new. So, Instead of feeling stressed just embrace it and go with the flow ( i mean stack overflow ! )

You will meet a lot of developers and managers down the road. Most of them will have a different coding style, different mindset and a lot of them will force to push your boundaries and coding ability. You will be tempted by new ideas and new projects but the key is to keep calm and get the job done. Remember - Coding is not a job, its a lifestyle.

2. Knowledge and Humour

Developing is simple and it is easier for people who understands it. It ain't rocket science, it is just based on few rules. Follow the rules and documentation and you will be the most successful coder you know.

You know, some jokes are sarcastic while some are funny but the best thing about almost every dev joke is that it contains a lot and lot of humour in it. Think about it.

Dev jokes are made out of real life incidents and sometimes, it can really be funny for you but annoying for someone who does not understands your profession.

A lot of times you need a little content for your social media profiles. you know what i mean. right? Something that is available on the internet but is not known to many. Don't try this at home!

3. Sarcasm And Savage

Ohh ! This is one of my favourites. I love these kind of jokes. We all know the pros and cons of being a developer but did you know that we make fun of other developers too. There is always a healthy competition between developers though. So Don't take it too seriously. just enjoy!

Want to hear a Data Science joke. Data is the new unicorn. Data Science is electricity. Now, let me know home many data scientist can relate with it.

If you are a competitive programmer and code in C++ and having a feeling of missing out ( FOMO ) then, this next joke is for you guys. cheers!

4. General Jokes

This set of jokes can be applied to almost anyone who is a working professional. just make few changes here and there and have a great laugh.

And finally, the last one.

That's it for this post. Thank you for reading it. I hope you all have enjoyed my post. I am always making a dev jokes on twitter. So if you guys have a good one please tag me with it too ! link to my twitter: https://twitter.com/iamkaranjagota

Happy new year and keep coding to all the programming geeks!


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