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­Tech Trends 2020: Poised to Transform the Future of Enterprises

70 percent of enterprises will be experimenting with immersive technologies for business use in 2020. Gartner report: 70% of businesses will experiment with immersive technology for business. The Internet of Things (IoT) tech trend will transform the whole user experience. Edge computing will be the year of edge computing, with security and data-driven computing key approaches to work on the edge computing on key approaches such as privacy and work on data-related work on edge computing. In 2020, you will start to see AI tackle meaningful problems in a more realistic way as opposed to simply mimicking human abilities.
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Do you know that nearly 6,140 mobile apps are pushed out every day through the Google Play Store? Sounds astonishing right? But it is a fact and that’s why it is important that every entrepreneur know about the Tech Trends 2020.

Tech Trends 2020 Advancing Your Business Quicker than Ever

These tech trends have a profound impact on the businesses that are looking to establish a strong online presence.

According to Gartner report, 70 percent of enterprises will be experimenting with immersive technologies for business use.

For example, the eCommerce market is famously resistant to change, but even established eCommerce brands are feeling the force of new technologies. A broader spectrum of e-commerce businesses adopting AR/VR, Multiexperience Platforms, IoT, PIM Solutions that has a lot to do with technological success.

The big question for businesses is how to start leveraging all these tech trends to create true transformation.

Another question is, will the tech trends offer you security to push online sales above the mark?

Today users are much likely to buy a product if they understand how it is used and have some more detail through video displaying and details discussing the product features. In terms of customer service, more and more people are looking for self-serving chatbots that offer assistance on a website.

Personalization, context, and localization will be the biggest challenges of tech trends 2020.

Some have called Artificial Intelligence a solution for the challenges.

Yet there have been a lot of hype over cybersecurity, IoT connected devices, augmented reality and the analytics of 5G.

Here are seven areas of tech trends 2020 that hold potential to move your business from hype to driving true value in the coming year.

Top 7 Tech Trends of 2020

Tech Trends #1 AI-Powered Business


Artificial intelligence is already being used by businesses to streamline their work operations. This tech trend will flourish more in 2020, and business individuals will be working close by AI technologies.

Consequently, a significant part of the AI applications will keep on managing real-time customer interactions across channels, which improve customer retention and loyalty with new insights.

Artificial intelligence use advanced and predictive analysis that can predict how likely customers are to convert on certain offers. As self-learning algorithms gain exposure, this will help businesses to proactively find new customers across different channels and target them.

AI Growth Stats


Aside from the ability to scale customers needs, the dynamic technology AI has the ability to personalize your website content at the right time for your business. More of the eCommerce sites using AI and PIM development services for this purpose, so you can expect this number to spike in 2020.

The voice assisted searches become more useful for consumers, you will see volume of AI-assisted consumer touch points represented by voice commands. In short, 2020 will be the year where you will start to see AI to tackle meaningful problems in a more realistic way as opposed to simply mimicking to human abilities.

You can call this era of empowered AI where you will see some breakthrough and transformative changes in AI and ML models at scale.

Tech Trends #2 Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things tech trend will transform the whole user experience. Thanks to this technology that we have available and its ability to process data. Retailers can now give their consumers a personalized shopping experience that wasn’t possible before. With the help of smart equipment such as sensor-embedded shelves that track inventory will also change retail operations.

Existing IoT devices will start evolving and start to become smart by default and aggregating all the data in the business process. Intelligence devices will power the next wave of innovation and seamlessly controlling systems at every stage of production.


More specifically, you will see IoT innovations in the industrial sphere.

IoT in Healthcare 2020


For example, IoT help doctors monitor patients health from a remote place, where special devices or telehealth systems will be installed on mobile devices to send patients health data.

IoT in 2020 will help healthcare institutions monitor medical equipment to assess the real-time deployment of device. There will be wearables that can be tuned to remind patients health report, calorie count, specific illness, appointments, and the like.

IoT in Retail 2020


The IoT in retail will generate a new wave of innovations with improved network responsiveness, better data connectivity, voice recognition, and better data analytics. As IoT space grows, you will see devices becoming more functional, safer, and enhancing your business.

Tech Trends #3 The Edge Computing

2020 will also be the year of edge computing. Although it isn’t a new trend on technology hype cycle, however with recent advancement in technology it looks like 2020 will be the year of edge computing. The edge computing means information processing, content collection, and delivery that will now incorporates all the innovation on the Internet of Things (IoT).


Empowered edge computing work on key approaches such as data privacy and security, networking, and time-sensitive applications. All three key drivers are important for shaping the establishments for smart spaces, and moves businesses and services closer to the users and devices that utilize them.


Some More Stats:

According to a report, there will be 20 times more of smart devices at the edge computing as in IT jobs by 2023.

Overall, many business organizations will use edge computing and will adopt one of its characteristics that benefits the most.

Tech Trends #4 The 5G Analytics

When talking about tech trends 2020, 5G will play an increasingly important role in shaping and revolutionizing mobile communication. Right now, 5G is out in few of cities across the United States, but this will soon become in trend by the end of 2020. 5G network promises to speed up your network five times faster than 4G capabilities, which will allow users to download movies, songs, and files in just five seconds. This is a lightning-fast connection that will be soon become a an enterprise technology for data analytics and speed.

Tech Trends #5 Cybersecurity

With all the technological changes taking place, 2020 will be the year of cybersecurity anxiety. In a survey conducted by Cyber Security Hub, around 85 percent of business executives find it as one of the major cybersecurity threats. With more connected devices on IoT the possibility that those devices will be hacked. Though Google, AWS, and Azure worked hard to increase security measures, high volume data will always be vulnerable to attack and grow in quantity.

This is why cybersecurity will also become an important tech trend in 2020 with new advancements like the AI tools for cybersecurity that can be used to detect information fraud using pattern recognition.


California Consumer Privacy Act also going into effect from January 2020 that will allow data security solutions to focus on compliance to gain traction.

What is CCPA?


As cybersecurity systems develop, organizations will become better at detecting these attempts, but they will also face complex attacks. As this year draws to a close and all the technological advances taking place, lessons can be learned from previous mistakes that could prepare you for the onslaught of information.

Tech Trends #6 DARQ


New tech trend DARQ is based on the distributed ledger technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality, and quantum computing. It is important in 2020 for businesses that work on procuring, training, and employee retention. The best example of company using DARQ is Volkswagen that is applying quantum computing to test traffic flow optimization and for battery performance improvement.

Tech Trends #7 AR/VR MultiExperience


The multiexperience technology incorporate multi sensory and multi touch-point interfaces like wearables and advanced PC sensors. This pattern will turn into an ambient experience that utilize augmented reality (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality that can be utilized for a simple AR overlay or a completely immersive VR experience.


Though Augmented Reality is popularly known as an entertainment industry technology, developers will also develop some pretty interesting enterprise and retail web applications using PIM solutions and AR/VR into 2020.

According to report published by Analytic Insights, virtual reality (VR) and AR will greatly impact sectors such as retail, education, advertising and communication.

For instance, XR Labs is using VR/AR as a tool to train their low-skilled employees. Using these technologies, trainees can gain interactive experience when doing kind of dangerous tasks such as repairing windmills without having to climb hundreds of steps in the air.


However, the AR applications aren't easy to develop for use cases like retailing, training the quality of features has to be high enough to justify enterprises investing in them.

Final Words

With all these tech trends taking place in 2020, it sometimes seems hard to keep pace. These trends are important for companies, organizations, and retailers trying to meet the demands of today’s digital era.

AI is the the key trend for companies that value good and efficient business practices. Technologies like ML, PIM solutions, AR/VR, blockchain development services are moving by leaps and bounds and giving some companies an edge over the competition.

Tech trends 2020 looks at all the challenges businesses face attempting to win the technology race.

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