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Top 10 Javascript File Managers


File management is a helpful tool in any business application. Here is an overview of the most functional, elegant, and popular JavaScript File Managers ready to be built into the client-server solution. Even if you do not have a direct need to work with files, you can borrow the classic file explorer interface for other tasks. For instance, there are some cases of the classic interface becoming the basis for a new web application in this article.

So, let's look at the file managers!

1. Webix File Manager


Webix File Manager is a ready-made SPA. Its interface is designed to facilitate the process of customization and integration into third-party solutions. The newest version contains numerous features:

  1. dual panel mode
  2. preview panel   
  3. thumbnail support for image files   
  4. built-in media player
  5. text editor

Users express their content with the widget. For example, Emmanual Onah used it in a project management platform for freelance translators. You can learn more about his experience in the showcase.

Website: https://webix.com/filemanager/
Download link: https://webix.com/filemanager/download.html

2. Syncfusion File Explorer 


This is a simple file management tool that strongly resembles Windows File Explorer. It is offered by the popular Syncfusion product. The developers have provided a simplified interface design, assuming that users would develop and integrate their vision. Control performs all basic file operations like upload, download, delete, create, sort, search, and rename along with an out-of-the-box option to preview images in the file system.

Here is the list of features:

  1. customizable layout design    
  2. file upload and download      
  3. sorting      
  4. searching     
  5. drag-n-drop      
  6. access control selection       
  7. multiple file selection    
  8. localization

JavaScript File Manager layout supports several built-in themes: Material, Bootstrap, Fabric (Office 365), and high contrast. Any of these integrated themes can be set or there is an opportunity for the users to create new themes. This is possible to achieve by either simply overriding the SASS variables or using the Theme Studio application.

Website: https://www.syncfusion.com/javascript-ui-controls/js-file-manager


3. Bootstrap File Manager SDK


This is another bright and mighty explorer, previously known as AlphaManager. If you are going to develop your project on the Bootstrap platform, this will be the right choice. The DevExpress Bootstrap File Manager provides an intuitive user interface designed to manage files and folders similarly to Microsoft File Explorer.

The features include:

  1. the capability to rename, copy, move, and delete folders and files;   
  2. support for different sources of file system data (physical, data source, cloud storage);
  3. the capability to download and upload files;    
  4. built-in access control with support for security roles.

Website: https://js.plus/products/file-manager

4. DHTMLX File Manager


DHTMLX offers a high-quality file manager.  It is a convenient tool for creating user-friendly apps for managing the file system. It helps users to perform the most common file operations, such as uploading, editing, and organizing files in folders. The explorer supports files of any format and allows keeping track of the space left.

Users can enjoy the following features of the solution:     

  1. grid or list preview modes      
  2. sorting by the alphabetic ascending or descending order      
  3. context-menu support     
  4. file details

Besides, the DHX file explorer template claims to have easy navigation. It allows arranging folders in the tree structure and searching for necessary items by typing the name in the search box. This JavaScript file management demo follows Google’s Material Design guidelines.

Website: https://dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxFileManager/

5. DevExtreme


This library offers a simple but concise solution for managing files. The File Manager widget can display a collection of hierarchical items that present a file system structure. The widget allows end-users to easily upload and select files and to change folder structure (rename, move, copy and delete files and folders). File and folder management capabilities are fully customizable and can be switched off if necessary.

Website: https://js.devexpress.com/Demos/WidgetsGallery/Demo/FileManager/Overview/jQuery/Light/

6. elFinder


A very simple yet functional file manager built with jQuery. The disadvantages of the manager include the inability to change the height of the main window, which is fixed at 400px. The tool allows you to build in a visual editor. It has an option to add images to the text. If a file Manager is enabled, you can download and get a link to the image in two clicks. In addition to uploading images to the site, you can also upload files, archives, documents, etc. A download link can be specified on the created page.

ElFinder features include:      

  1. creating and deleting folders and subfolders    
  2. uploading files of any type     
  3. downloading files from the site 
  4. quick view     
  5. copying and moving files     
  6. archiving and unzipping the contents       
  7. renaming files     
  8. editing images (crop, resize, rotate)     
  9. uploading files to cloud storage

Website: https://github.com/Studio-42/elFinder

7. MooTools FileManager


MooTools FileManager allows you to view, download, and modify files and folders using a browser. The features of the manager are:

  1. view files and folders on the server  
  2. rename, delete, move (drag-n-drop), copy, and download files 
  3. preview images, text files, compressed files, or audio 
  4. attractive user interface     
  5. upload files via FancyUpload (integrated feature)  
  6. change the size of large images when loading

Website: https://mootools.net/forge/p/mootools_filemanager

8. AjaXplorer


AjaXplorer is a free file manager that is indispensable for remote file management on a web server. It is suitable for various purposes, such as file management, photo gallery, code viewing, etc. Requires PHP (4 or 5), no database needed.

The manager has numerous features:       

  1. rename, copy, move, remove, download files or folders  
  2. upload multiple files
  3. track the status on the progress bar (Flash required)    
  4. create folders and files    
  5. edit text files and scripts (JS, PHP, HTML, Java, SQL, Perl)     
  6. view photos and images    
  7. listen to MP3s online without downloading watchFlash video (FLV) in full screen    
  8. view and extract ZIP files

Website: https://pydio.com/en/

Download: https://pydio.com/download/

9. CKFinder


CKFinder is a powerful yet easy-to-use file manager for web browsers. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to quickly learn it for all types of users, from professionals to beginners.

The features include:     

  1. secure file upload  
  2. quick response      
  3. easy and user-friendly interface     
  4. create, rename, and delete folders and files     
  5. multi-language support with automatic user language detection    
  6. high-quality preview of images    
  7. folder tree

Website: https://ckeditor.com/ckfinder/

Download: https://ckeditor.com/ckfinder/download/

10. FileRun


FileRun is a file management system (in PHP) that allows you to manage files stored on your web server using a user-friendly (Ajax) interface. FileRun is completely written in PHP, and the browser is the only thing that the user will need to work with files. You can easily access your documents or files from any computer that has an Internet connection through a standard browser.

Features are:     

  1. convenient Ajax-based interface    
  2. download and archive folders    
  3. load folders (without archiving or with unzipping) 
  4. unlimited space for downloading files       
  5. easy management of files already existing in the file system (no import required)

Website: https://www.filerun.com/

Download: https://filerun.com/download


While writing this review, a few more file management solutions may have been developed. Among the projects reviewed, many continue to be supported and updated. It means the choice is becoming wider, so the programmers may find a solution for any peculiar project.

Disclaimer: The writer of this article has a vested interest in Webix


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