Effective Time-Saving Advice for Small Businesses by@raacheleleza

Effective Time-Saving Advice for Small Businesses

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Time is money, particularly in business. Completing a task in due time can help an organization save costs and also increase productivity. An increase in productivity will almost always translate to an increase in revenue for the organization.

Technological tools have made it easier for organizations to improve their various processes, resulting in better tasks performed in less time. Efficiency is improved when organizations implement projects using technological tools and resources.

Organization Can Save Time and Money Using Technology

While some might think acquiring technological tools is expensive, technology investments turn out to be the cheapest. These investments bring about better productivity and help to minimize extra costs and wastes that would have been made on manual processes.

Every organization should learn to improve its operations in the following aspects by harnessing technology to save time and money.


There are various ways to transfer information within an organization, yet communication could be one of the most significant headaches for an organization when the best means are not employed.

Several businesses spend a fortune on communication gadgets, cell services, internet connection, and still, do not get the fastest and best communication. There are ways to ensure a constant flow of information within the organization when you use appropriate tools that make communication swifter.

An example of a communication tool that you may use is Slack. It is a communication tool with unique features that helps team members share information in limited time and efficiently.

Most technological tools for communication have various elements that make it one of the best communication tools. They include:

  • Private and group chat features
  • Channels for diverse topics and discussions
  • Video and voice calling features that enables cheaper means of communication even internationally
  • Do not disturb features that can stall message notification till you are less busy. 

Project Management

You need to use project management tools to get projects started, coordinated, and executed efficiently so that you can save not just time, but also costs that might result from the repetition of low-quality projects. A number of these tools are free for small scale use and may cost little for larger organizations.

With these tools, you can manage projects with team members regardless of your location. They help you have full control of projects being handled even when your team is working remotely. They aid team collaboration and faster delivery of projects.

Examples of project management tools you may get for your organization includes; Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and Monday

File Management

Proper file management and storage enhances flexible working models. Big organizations no longer have to keep a stack of files with receptionists or administrative officers on the shelves or cabinets. These old models would mean that workers have to be in the office to access documents when they need them to work.

Manually keeping bulky files can also be a daunting process, leading to the loss of vital documents. If adequate filing procedures are not employed, it might not be easy trying to access a file. File transfer is also not as efficient as it should be when done manually.

There are tools with which you can manage document creation, transfer, and storage. Using a convert to pdf tool will help you efficiently compress your files, archive them, and transfer them from one person to another without losing their format or any part of the content.

You can also use online storage tools to keep your documents stored online, where you can easily retrieve them so long as you have access to internet facilities.

Time Tracking

The best way to save time on work is to track the time spent on each task you complete. Having such systems in place will make employees spend business hours on work and not on personal businesses while they are in the office or working remotely.

Tracking the time required for each project can also help you adequately determine how long it takes to finish a project, means to improve on-time spent, and how to price appropriately to maximize profit. Clockify and Toggl are examples of applications you can use for time tracking.

Technology has always helped to improve structures and systems. The greatest lesson any organization can learn in this current global state is to harness technology for all its processes.


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