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4 Reasons Why People Love Web Design And You Should Love It Too


It's so important how web UI is designed because people perceive images better and quicker than words. Luckily, most of the IT heads understand the value of an eye-catching UI, but few of them realize the real power of it. Actually, web design does much more than you used to think. 

It Promotes 

A wow effect works better than a PR agency. A beautiful and bright layout always attracts attention. Non-standard but convenient controls make UI special and unique. A product with a decent design is not only able to promote itself but does the same with your services as well. It doesn't matter what task you are to fulfill: attract new investors, find more users, pass the proof-of-concept stage, etc. If your solutions have top-quality UI design, you will quickly manage with all these. 


Helps win more clients 

App prototyping at the presales stage allows showing a client a layout of a would-be solution. As far as UI is a key part of any app, if a prototype impresses a client, the likelihood of signing a contract increases many times. You shouldn't doubt that money and effort spent on prototyping won't be rewarded. Cases when a potential customer refuses after seeing a mockup sometimes happen, but the juice is worth the squeeze. By any stretch, prototyping significantly increases chances to attract new clients.  

It would be unfair to claim that app prototyping hardly requires any additional resources. Designing a prototype for every potential client can be quite challenging.  Although there are tools that can facilitate the process and make it more cost-effective. For example, an easy-to-use responsive JS UI framework allows programmers to cope with prototyping and other software development stages very quickly and effortlessly. 

Opens the doors to the mobile world 

The emergence of responsive design blurred the line between various types of apps. Universal web app design adapts to screens of any size and, as a result, looks impeccable on any devices. It allows many companies to desist from developing a bevy of software products for several devices or purposes. Now it's possible to get away with a one-shot deal - a responsive web app is able to replace a number of software solutions.   

Unites and educates 

Material Design is a design philosophy from Google, which offers the best techniques and principles of creating an outstanding UI. Experts from Google shared their vision and experience with designers from all over the world.

Material Design suits in any case. It's universal and allows creating UI/UX without reinventing the wheel. This approach is one of the strongest tendencies of the latest years, which unites developers and designers worldwide. 

Not only Material Design is universal but so it web design on the whole. UI interfaces of mobile apps, business solutions, cloud services, even desktop apps are based on web HTML5 technologies. Almost any development stage starts with creating a web interface, from the admin panel to front-end UI.


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