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TikTok Bot: an Advanced Way to Grow Fans on TikTok by@michielmulders

TikTok Bot: an Advanced Way to Grow Fans on TikTok

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Michiel Mulders

Technical & marketing writer | Blockchain & backend developer

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Many people don’t like the word bot or see the bot as a malfunctioning tool. It is not necessarily a bad method as the true purpose of a TikTok bot is to simplify repetitive tasks, such as following, unfollowing, commenting, and liking posts by an auto liker to get TikTok fans.

Therefore, if you plan on building a huge fan base, who are most related to your business, it is an ideal tool for growing any type of accounts like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

This article will focus specifically on increasing the number of TikTok followers by using a TikTok growth tool. We will focus on how to effectively apply a bot that is not spammy and does add value to your account.

Disclaimer: All information in this article comes from my own experience working with automation bots for Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Why it is Important to Use a Non-Spammy TikTok Bot?


Photo by NeonBrand on Unsplash

It’s an art to design a bot that feels and behaves naturally. Often, bots are applied for social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and so on. It’s a common misconception that any bot will grow your account. It’s not that easy to design an effective automation bot as many types of automation can be perceived as “spammy”.

Moreover, a badly designed bot can have adverse effects on your account. An account that sends out the impression that it is controlled by a bot. So, other users will receive it as unnatural and untrustworthy. An account that creates this feeling will likely lose followers instead of gaining any. Worst case scenario, your account gets banned because the bot violates the terms of use as many platforms do not like botting behaviour.

Therefore, we need to be careful when designing an automation bot, only automating repetitive tasks within the terms of service.

How to Get More Fans on TikTok by Applying Bot Automation?

What about applying bot automation to grow your TikTok account? First of all, we want to use the TikTok automation bot for getting more fans. Let’s take a look at a couple of automation examples for repetitive tasks.

1. (Un)Follow Game

Everyone knows about the follow and unfollow game. We basically try to find interesting accounts with similar interests to our account.

By selecting such accounts and following them, we hope they follow us back as we share similar content they like. Whenever we have landed a like from a new account, we can unfollow them. If we unfollow them, we will end up with thousands of followers which will make the account look spammy.

However, the problem with a manual follow and unfollow game is that it requires a lot of time to find accounts that are suitable to follow. This is an ideal use case where we can apply a bot that is capable of finding and analyzing accounts with similar interests.

For example, Instamber’s TikTok bot allows you to define a target audience. You can input similar accounts or hashtags you think that fits your audience. Based on this input, Instamber’s TikTok bot will start analysing thousands of accounts and related hashtags in order to find accounts that have identical interests. When we find such accounts, the bot starts the follow/unfollow game in order to get more fans on TikTok.

Advantage? The advantage of applying bot automation here is that the bot can find suitable accounts much faster than a human as he has to analyze each account manually.

2. Engage Through Likes


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Next up, we have the “auto liking” game which means we will selectively like content from other users in the hope they will take a look at our account and find similar content.

The “auto liking” game is a very effective strategy as it allows us to nudge accounts that have a similar interest to our account. They might wonder who like their content and find out about this interesting account with similar content, which might lead to a new engagement like a follow-back. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that the “auto liking” game is one of the hardest elements of creating naturally looking automation bots. Especially for TikTok, an auto-liker should be used with care as you need to make sure you are only selectively liking related content. 

Don’t make it look too spammy! You can set a limit on the number of likes per day, also to not break the terms of service of TikTok.

Advantage? By using a TikTok auto liker, you avoid spending numerous hours browsing content that is worth liking. A TikTok auto liker is a great tool for nudging users’ accounts so they might follow your account.

How to Pick a TikTok Automation Tool?

Here’s a shortlist of must-have elements for your TikTok automation tool:

  1. Have the ability to set limits to the number of likes and follows the bot can do per day in order to avoid spamming.
  2. Have the ability to accurately target accounts based on interests, hashtags, or even location.

Look for an all-round tool that offers functionality like auto liking, auto commenting, and following/unfollowing. It’s much easier to control everything from one location instead of using multiple tools to accomplish the same goal.

Let’s end with a short conclusion on how to apply TikTok bot automation effectively in order to get more fans.

Increase Followers on TikTok by Applying Bot Automation

Always play within the terms of service because it is not worth risking your account and reputation by applying aggressive automation. In the end, TikTok bot automation should only be used for automating repetitive tasks or tasks that require a lot of computing power. 

The ultimate goal of applying bot automation is to have more free time to focus on your core task which is creating engaging content!

For example, Instamber as one of the most trustworthy and efficient tools which have been offering an effective Instagram bot for a long time, decides to present a great TikTok bot based on past experiences and knowledge.

Why it is efficient: because it is the most updated and secure bot that helps you to grow your account, increase your TikTok fans, likes and comments. Likewise, its affordable price of 15$ adds to its value even more.


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