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44 Stories To Learn About Bots

by Learn RepoJuly 30th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Bots via these 44 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Bots via these 44 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

There's no such thing as bad bots. It's just people using bots to do bad things.

1. How Did We Bypass the Sweeper Bot and Saved $26K Tokens in the Dark Forest of Blockchain ?

How did we bypass the sweeper bot and saved $26K tokens in the Dark Forest of Blockchain ?

2. Top Chatbot Trends That Will Dominate Businesses in 2023

Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence that is programmed to simulate human communication. They are able to understand the context of a conversation and provide answers in a natural-sounding way.

3. Politics in Social Media: Bots, IDM and Decentralized Moderation

The internet has become the agora of modern times. The question is not whether we are discussing politics over the internet or not (we obviously are) but if...

4. How to Create a Telegram Bot Using Ruby

I was tasked with creating a telegram bot using ruby a while back. I had no idea where to start and just like any other programmer out there I turned to the internet for clues. I did not find a good article and hence experienced a lot of problems creating the bot. I have decided to write an article to explain how to create a telegram bot from scratch.

5. Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Travel Industry

Machines may not have taken over the world yet, but they are seeping into our lives and making it better. AI is changing every aspect of our lives. From self-driving cars to talking bots, there are so many examples of AI in use today. The technology is disrupting so many industries, and the travel industry isn’t exempt from this. Gone are the days when you had to count on a travel agent to plan your next vacation. You no longer need to engage yourself in that tiresome chain of conversations with your agent for your travel arrangements. AI now infiltrates every aspect of the travel industry. With the help of this technology, you can get personalized and intelligent travel solution tailored according to your needs.

6. Trading Bots

What are Trading Bots in general? Are trading bots useful?

7. 4 Reasons Why Email Is Obsolete, and You Should Move On

Chances are, your business’ primary mode of internal communication is email. And you’re using instant messaging (IM) apps for virtual meetups and updates from the team, thanks to the coronavirus. Don’t get me wrong, email is great and all for internal communication (if you lived in the 20th century that is). But did you know your email to your teammates gets lost in a sea of unimportant emails? And irrelevant emails account for about 62% of the total emails in an average inbox!

8. Top 17 Instagram Bots To Get More Followers

It can be a real challenge getting your footing on Instagram. Over the last few years it’s become a highly competitive platform for marketers, brands, and influencers.

9. Creating Telegram Bots with n8n, a No-Code Platform

I am a big fan of Telegram because of its great bot-ecosystem. I have been planning to make a bot for a while and have been looking for some nice workflow tools that can help me accomplish handling the back-end workflow of the bots visually. Recently, I started working with n8n, a fair-code licensed tool that helps you automate tasks, sync data between various sources and react to events all via a visual workflow editor.

10. An In-depth Guide to Depop Bots

Here’s everything you need to know about depop bots.

11. Top 10 Questions Managers are asking in REAL Team Meetings to 🚀 productivity

My team meeting is crucial. I get everyone in a room and get everything I need out of them — with the added bonus of the team getting in sync, right? Wrong. Turns out, managers are blind to how crucial that meeting is to others. Only 4–9% of problems are known to managers... gulp

12. Trading Bots vs Humans · Everything you need to know

Over the past 10 years we've seen the rise and rise of trading bots and Quantitative Funds and we've seen the fall and fall of traditional Asset Managers and Hedge Funds.

13. How To Make A Chatbot From Scratch

How To Make A Great Chatbot From Scratch Expert tips to create a highly functional chatbot.

14. 5 Chatbot Ideas Businesses Should Consider in 2019

If you are looking to add the most advanced chatbot to your website, you would have probably noticed that there are many things required to develop a chatbot.

15. How to Build a Bitcoin Telegram Bot

I created a simple Telegram bot that could retrieve Bitcoin's Price to convince my friends that Telegram is far superior to Whatsapp.

16. Telegram Bots Have Helped Pave The Way for dApps

2020 is shaping up to be the year of dApps! New communities are forming around cryptocurrency and they are asking for just one thing: decentralization. All the services and platforms you are accessing online right now can be decentralized in one way or another.

17. How to Build Telegram Chats with a Crypto-trading Bot

Perhaps a sign of the times: my most active Telegram chat is with a crypto-trading bot that constantly listens for opportunities to trade on my behalf. I used an open-source library to develop some strategies and configure the bot to execute them using my Binance account. The bot communicates all of its trades through Telegram and can reply to my requests to take action or share live updates.

18. Bot Strategies: Manipulating Democratic Discourse

Two-thirds of Americans know what bots are, from a strictly negative perspective—and not without good reason. Malicious bot activity has evolved over time, from hackers using bots to infect millions of devices with malware to the more modern usage as spreaders of propaganda, fake news, and false social media accounts.

19. Build a WhatsApp Chatbot With Python, Flask, and Messagebird

Tutorial, about building a chatbot using the Messagebird API for WhatsApp and the Flask framework for Python.

20. Let's Build a Telegram Bot in Rust. Part 1

Building telegram bot using Rust.

21. 7 AI-powered Chatbots

If you’re a millennial, you’ll know SmarterChild, the first-ever instant messaging bot with natural language comprehension ability. It was developed in 2000 and demonstrated exceptional wit, which most of today’s bot cannot. SmarterChild used to chat with about 2,50,000 humans every day with funny, sad, and sarcastic emotions. Today, we’ve traveled a distance with technologies like AI, ML, NLP, etc. and bots like Xiaocle have passed Turing tests of 10 minutes (i.e. users couldn’t identify that they’re talking to a bot for about 10 minutes).

22. IEO and Trading Bots to Help You Win Each Battle

Post by Tim Kozak, Head of Technology at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab

23. 7 Reasons to Start Automating Business with Bots

(Original: Unsplash)

24. Introduction to Chatbot Development

Now-a- Days chatbots are playing an essential role in the day to day activities of humans {personals and organizations}. According to the survey done, 27% of the people are using the AI-powered chatbots such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Apple Siri etc. for simple task or commands.

25. 5 Case Studies that Prove Bots Are Here to Help Businesses Scale

It was about three years ago that Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, was quoted stating “Bots are the new apps,” during a 3-hour keynote to kick off the company’s Build conference. That statement has probably never been truer, especially since NLP bots Enterprise bots have appeared on the scene.

26. Wordpress Security Tutorial: How to Defend Against Bots With reCAPTCHA

How To Increase Your Wordpress Security And Defend Your Applications From Automated Bots. Learn how to integrate reCAPTCHAs into Wordpress.

27. What Are The Different Types of Malware?

A walkthrough the different types of malware - from viruses to botnets, ransomware and phishing. Learn more and get protected!

28. Creating a Telegram Bot for my Friend's Business

Last week my friend asked for help with coding a Telegram bot for the VIP 😏 customers of his herbs shop.

29. Saying No to Bots is Saying No to Automation

Why You Should Start Using Bots Today

30. Spam Bots and Why They Matter in Elon Musk's Twitter Deal

31. Creating Sustainable Web3 Games: Existing Challenges and Potential Solutions

Check the obstacles currently standing in the way of sustainability in Web3 gaming and the solutions that can drive the next wave of game development in GameFi

32. How To Convert PDFs Into AudioBooks

It's about How To Convert PDFs Into AudioBooks With 2 Lines of Python Code. It'll make life easy for many lazy people .

33. 6 Popular Software Testing Trends Everyone Should Follow

34. Building Your Own Discord Bot With Python Is Easy

Create your own Discord Server in just Four Lines of Code with Python

35. The 6 Best Platforms To Create Chatbots Without Additional Programming

Today I want to share a small review of simple platforms for creating bots without any knowledge of programming languages

36. From Zero to 45k Users: How We Created a Chatbot To Track Airfares

Everything started when my mate was going on a vacation to Spain. Every single day, he checked the airlines’ websites to find the cheapest ticket and manually monitored prices of a certain flight. All these attempts were tedious, humdrum, and time-consuming for him.

37. Crypto-Trading Bots: An Overview

As the mainstream popularity of cryptocurrency trading grows, more and more people are looking for a way to casually get into it. Many realize the difficulties, as well as the risks of trading, thus trying to ease into the process without putting too much on the line right away.

38. CI/CD Isn't Just About Efficiency

I’d like to talk about something we don’t bring up quite as often.

Put simply, CI/CD makes us happy.

39. How to Add a Voice Assistant to your Mobile App?

Don’t you think that a great many mobile apps would be a lot more convenient if they had voice control? And I don’t mean chatting with a banking bot. In most cases, voice navigation or a conversational form-filling is just enough.

40. Enterprise Chatbot: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide

41. Data Privacy In Social Media Matters and Here's Why

In the past few years, privacy fears amongst social media users have augmented tremendously. Many users are reconsidering their interactions on social media and protecting their personal information due to the ever-increasing data infringement cases.

42. Journey to the Center of the Unseen World of Discord Bots

If you've used Discord for any amount of time, I'm sure that you've come across at least a few Discord bots. Given MEE6 or Groovy, they all do the same thing and that's add functionality as well as a new way to interact with the platform. This is a fascinating idea as not many other platforms allow you to implement your own modifications. If you look at the Bots job postings on Discord's careers website, you'll see a big part of what they are trying to do with bots is “empower developers” and “give their dev community more ways to express their creativity and build exciting apps”. Let me be the first to tell you, this is exactly what they are doing. By giving people a way to interact with a piece of software that they use every day, it can inspire new and experience developers alike to share and develop their creativity.

43. Depop Bot - The Ultimate Guide (2020)


44. 20 Tips for Selling on Depop App: 2021 Edition

Selling on Depop can be your full-time job and produce fairly good money if you take it seriously.

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