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How Else Can You Boost Landing Page Conversions?

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4 Beautiful Tips

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Need more ROI on your bottom line? Then, you must vigorously work on your landing page.

High quality leads from a landing page can increase your website conversion rapidly. Minute changes that you do on your website can actually make your business grow rapidly.

“If you are already testing your landing page, that’s great!”

For others who have no clue or those hustling into taking ambiguous decisions, here are some straightforward tips for building a better landing page.

These are easy prescriptions to fix your landing page instantly.


Clutter free landing page — Always successful

Did you know that only 1% of your investment brings actual converting leads? When there is so much effort and money invested on a landing page, it is important to keep it crystal clear.

Too much information on a landing page can turn into spoilers, that your visitors drop off as soon as they land on the page. A landing page must look easy for anyone to understand why they are on your page and what they need to do from there.

As most of the visitors are skimmers, make all the descriptions on your page crisp and ‘to the point’ that lets them take decisions easily.

Action plan:

1) Highlight important terms

2) Support friendly navigation

3) Use bullet points

4) Clean webpage with decent designs



Focus on color schemes — Appropriate ones win!

This plays an effective role in social sites.

Color designs are as important as images on your webpage. It is true that the attractive images and extraordinary color designs/combinations are mostly shared online. An appropriate color combination in a landing page is the most important element to focus on.

Generally, choice of good color combination for landing page can build a positive impact to the visitors that entices him/her to stay longer on the page. It can bring more potential visitors who can likely become your paying customer. Always use complementary color schemes for your website. It isn’t a colossal task to do.

There are many color scheme tools available online to use from, if you don’t have an in-house designing team.

  • Paletton
  • Pictaculous

Action plan:

1) Match the color with the products [ex. Green or earth tones for environment related products/services]

2) Get rid of colors causing eye fatigue [Depends the audience of choice]

3) Don’t stray from regular font color [BLACK]

4) Keep minimum colors on the landing page [2–3 colors max]



CTA is king

Image Source: Flickr

Your landing page is the main place on your website which does more marketing than any other page. Keep your landing page effective for visitors so that they stay longer and take intended actions. Make sure the CTA buttons are placed at the right places on a website especially above the fold.

It is said that, CTAs are deceptively powerful yet often overlooked. People don’t generally scroll down the page unless there is something that grabs their attention. It may be an eye catchy image or a convincing phrase.

Few call CTAs as ‘primary call-to-action’ since in most cases it becomes the most important action which you would want anyone looking that page to perform. In other words, keep relevant information clearly seen on the screen without having to scroll down. The button that represents your primary goal must be easily identifiable.

Action plan:

1) Use contrast colors for CTAs

2) Action-oriented words [get-up-and-go kind]

3) Creatively craft CTA on a button so that it enables an action

4) Choose a logical place for CTA buttons and highlight it.



Decide on the form length

After driving good number of potential customer towards your website through ad campaigns or organic search results, the most intelligent way to convert the visitors into leads would be by getting them to register via online forms.

They are generally a gateway to the other goals on our website. For ex, To use a product, the user must fill the form first. It basically depends the mental process that the users go through, while filing a form. The longer it takes them to reach the goal, less likely you will have them converted.

To be fair, it completely depends on the type of website. In some websites, the ‘D.O.B’ field is an essential piece of information as well as few other security questions. To decide on the perfect form length for your website, perform several tests to check what your visitors are not comfortable filling.

Certainly, a ‘clear path’ to complete an online form is the most important factor to consider. So, the layout of the form must be organized well by grouping matching fields.

Action plan:

1) Have constant labels

2) Use legible fonts [16 pixels is safe]

3) Place it in easily tappable spots [we are in world of touch devices]

4) General error message is more helpful



The separation of landing page from the website will allow you to focus on single objective by simplifying analytics, reporting and testing tasks. Moreover, once a person lands on this page you no longer need to give any drawn out explanations since you already know they are interested in your product.

Just keep it clean, simple and easy for them to purchase.


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