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3 Ways to Use Personalization And Increase SaaS Conversion Rates

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SaaS companies do not rely on one-off purchases. As a SaaS company, your goal is to increase brand awareness, build strong relationships with customers, and inspire brand loyalty in the long-run.

Customers would rather buy from SaaS brands that listen to them and understand their needs. They expect you to engage them and make them feel like they know you. According to Oracle, 68% of customers emphasize it is important for companies to tailor experiences based on their preferences. 

In this article, you will learn how to personalize your marketing tactics to improve customer satisfaction and boost conversion rates.

Provide Multi-Channel Customer Support

Modern customers use multiple devices when interacting with businesses. Unsurprisingly, they expect brands to provide them with fast and relevant customer support across multiple channels.

Boost the effectiveness of your call center. 

Apart from traditional features, such as free online faxing or hold music, you should choose a phone service provider that also offers advanced analytics features. It should help you map customer journeys, collect customer feedback, analyze customers’ interactions with your brand, and measure brand sentiment. 

Combine live chat support and AI chatbots. 

Chatbots step in once your live chat agents clock off. By providing customers with fast feedback, irrespective of their location, you will gain their trust and inspire them to purchase faster. Chatbots are also perfect for collecting customer information and engaging users. For example, you could use a chatbot to ask a lead about their needs, recommend the right plan for them, and turn them to customers faster. 

Track your brand and product mentions on social networks. 

You can invest in a social listening tool like Social Mention or Hootsuite to track your brand mentions on social. This way, your customer support agents will be able to address your customers’ problems in real-time and turn them into brand advocates. Above all, you will be able to measure brand sentiment so you can improve customer experiences.

Personalize Website Experiences

For any SaaS company, a website is the most significant aspect of their online presence. It is the first place your prospective customers will visit when wanting to learn more about the features of your software, pricing plans, or your company. Precisely because of that, your SaaS website should provide highly relevant and personalized user experiences. 

Serve users with relevant offers and content.

If a visitor is reading your blog post, you could insert a “You May Also Like” section and recommend similar blog content. This is an engaging and natural way to deliver value to your visitors and guide them down the sales funnel.

Optimize calls-to-action. 

Never assume that your website visitors know what they should do next. To point them to the right pages and convert them, you should create effective CTAs. Still, generic CTAs, such as “Buy Now” will not inspire users to convert. Create unique, catchy, and persuasive CTAs that will show the benefits of your SaaS product and inspire customers to subscribe for a free trial. 

You should always perform A/B tests to see what kind of calls-to-action work for your audiences. According to a recent product case study by Four Dots, CTA personalization can increase conversion rate by 73%.

Modify your website based on your users’ location. 

Based on your customer’s geolocation, you should display content in their language and inform them about relevant events in their country.

To appeal to your customers and create website content that resonates with them, observe your website analytics regularly. By knowing how people interact with your website, you will understand their needs and improve their experiences.

Segment Email Lists

When implemented strategically, email marketing is still one of the most profitable digital marketing channels. It gives you the opportunity to build strong and meaningful relationships with customers and boost brand recognition. Above all, you can trigger customers’ FOMO and inspire them to purchase your SaaS product faster.

However, serving your leads with uniform messages does not cut it anymore. People do not want to receive irrelevant product recommendations anymore. They want you to adapt your email marketing campaigns to their specific needs and preferences. That is exactly where email marketing segmentation steps in. The idea is to slice your email list to provide users with personalized content.

Now, there are many ways to segment your email lists, including your audience’s:

  • Geolocation
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Industry
  • Past purchases
  • Purchasing frequency
  • Shopping habits
  • Change in buying patterns 
  • Stage in a shopping funnel

There are many email segmentation tools you could use, including Constant Contact, AWeber, Drip, and GetResponse.

Ready to Personalize your Marketing Efforts?

Before making a purchasing decision, your customers expect you to understand their needs, problems, and preferences. Precisely because of that, your marketing and tactics should not be pushy. By keeping them user-oriented and relevant, you will drive more sales, inspire brand loyalty, and retain customers. 

I hope these SaaS marketing personalization tips will help you supercharge your SaaS conversion rates. Tell us what personalization tactics you use!


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