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5 Coolest #1 Products of The Day On ProductHunt [Oct-Nov 2017]

Look at the final one.

Image Source: Re:scam

There’ll never be the doomsday for app creators, product builders, and the hustling marketers.

It already seems like they’re onto building something engaging, sassy, and pain solving stuff all the time. Perhaps, the kind of quality they’re up to will potentially beat out the other saturated brands.

Quite soon, I bet.

Remember the day, four years ago, when Slack launched a revolutionary real-time messaging app that slain the messaging dragon Hipchat? There are many equivalent products, devised mindfully, which are truly making our lives facile enough.

Teams working from their respective tables is no more a requisite.

Team collaborations have become way too simple and straightforward with tools like Slack, Trello, and similar. Whereas, app like Zoom lets us associate with our colleagues and others through video calls.


How easier can it get than this?

That most of the products nowadays come with inbuilt native bots which executes all kind of automation, from email auto responding to ticket booking!

Stuff like this let us focus on creating more pressing content/features while the bots take care of reciprocating relevant content to our potential users.

Distinctly, most of the redundant tasks are taken care by the legendary bots.

Let’s see 5 such raving products that were competing for spots on Product Hunt last month.

Really Good UX

Image Source: Really Goood UX

Friends from Appcues have done a phenomenal job stacking screenshots they took of wonderful UX flows.

Collectively, they built it with 1000+ UX flows. They are out in the form of a blog at for UX aficionados and experts for inspiration and for further UX research.


Image Source: GEIO

GEIO is a first-person shooter robot powered by AI algorithm and a great deal of artistry.

It is one of a kind or could be the first ever advanced fighting robot. Its built-in AI chip and auto-scanning & recognition system help identify the enemy robots and triggers auto-tracking. This ability sticks to the top of any other outlandish expertise that GEIO has.

More similar to the tech used in auto-driving cars.

Unlike the usual Mechas, with FPV functionality, GEIO can look at our home from a unique perspective.

Escape Team

Image Source: Escape Team

Escape team is a gripping digital-physical game that lets you and your friends solve real-world puzzles.

You got to fiddle with pen and paper to crack this game. While also having in mind the countdown you committed to. A co-operative pen and paper escape game is available for both iOS and Android users.

The Startup Way

Image Source: The Startup Way

Those who are influenced by entrepreneurial culture must have read The Lean Startup, written by Eric Ries, one of the best selling New York Times author.

Decrypting the comprehensive strategies applied by successful startups and how others who’re trying to swim across the dicey storm must pull it off in this 21st century.

Precisely, this book takes us through how businesses of any size must implement tried and proven strategies and why all of us are entrepreneurs and must act like one.

Well now,

We all wish we were returned all the time we squandered in our past so that we could do something valuable now. Don’t we?

Speaking of, here is a time-saving machine if not a time traveling machine yet.


Image Source: Re:scam

Fighting scammers have never been so cool until Re:scam popped in recently.

Will you still fright bots that businesses are coming up with concrete useful models like this? Don’t 😺

Re:scam is an intelligent service helping humans save their time by tackling scammers with never-ending conversation and anecdotes. Automatically adapts to a unique character (which the scammer will identify as you) and builds incessant conversations.

This will be the better way to fight back scammers while also saving others their time as you don’t just block those emails but assign it to an intelligent bot.

Let’s wind up with these amazing services for you to try out. And if you’d stumbled upon any groundbreaking product recently, drop a word about them here.

I’m all 👂 👂 👂

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