The State of Web3 Educationby@thirdacademy
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The State of Web3 Education

by Third AcademyAugust 12th, 2022
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We're building a Web3 platform for Web3 education. One where you'll be able to learn about the industry, how to apply your previous professional knowledge to this new space, and be verified…on-chain.

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Web3 has come a long way. It's no longer just crypto. The uses are spreading far beyond financial — although still heavily grounded there.

And, with the influx in applications, there is also an influx of new entrants — and not just the kind interested in investing on the side. But, many of these newcomers are looking to set up shop here, bring their professional skills, and grow their careers…alongside Web3.

So, now with the industry on the precipice of teenage years (Bitcoin's white paper was published 13 years ago if you haven't been counting), Web3 is ready to start growing up. Not quite ready to shake the fast — and sometimes volatile changes — of teenagehood. Our growing pains are still very apparent. But, we're still going strong and learning from these mistakes. And, to be honest, who doesn't have a bit of a reckless child- and teen-hood?

But, the point is, this space is ready to begin growing towards a more stable adulthood. There are still some changes that need to happen to make this feasible…changes that can also benefit our current ways of working.

Learning The Ropes

So, you're interested in Web3? Well buck up, buttercup, cause it is not a gentle learning curve!

At least that's how it's been so far… But, there are people looking to change that now, from Twitter accounts, to entire schools.

And that's because many newer people suffer from the self-led, confusing means of getting a grip on the space. On top of all of the accumulated advances that you have to tackle at the beginning, there is a seemingly constant barrage of updates, meaning that no matter how fast you learn it somehow always feels that you're one, or 100, steps behind.

While one person, or even organization, can't necessarily fix the issue of trying to stay on top of the news — and if anything, we are in the camp to keep the updates coming faster, rather than slower — we are working to make the entire space less daunting. We're building a Web3 platform for Web3 education. One where you'll be able to learn about the industry, how to apply your previous professional knowledge to this new space, and be verified…on-chain.

At the moment, we're in our humble beginnings, building a community of like-minded professionals ready to enter and grow the space, building up our pilot courses, and, of course, certifying our grads on-chain, with NFTs.

But, this is far from the end for us. We envision a future with many changes. One where education truly centers and is led by the learners. One where not only certificates for courses can be on-chain, but even your work history.

We want to enable a space and community where people can learn and share knowledge. Can build their reputation. And where potential employers and collaborators can see that your claims are validated. Essentially, a place where education and experience are recognized and enabled to the same standards that Web3 is bringing elsewhere…and that can be carried with you across the space.

And, we know that we are not the end-all, be-all of knowledge. And no one should be. That s*** is decentralized. But, the fact that no single source can be an expert in everything, and certainly not an expert in the ever evolving and expanding field that is Web3, is why we work with a network of industry experts to co-create knowledge. Of course, going back to our blockchain basics, we also verify it. But, the key is to know that knowledge is decentralized. It is open source. And these things make this knowledge better, and all of us strong.

And, this is also why we're happy about the proliferation of Web3 education, even if less than it needs to be, that's happening right now. We see you all. And we're honored to be working next to you. If working together will make a stronger community and better education for all, then we are in!

Come for the Education, Stay for the Community

Like any good Web3 project, we understand that community is king. So, while we're building out different courses to help onboard new professionals into Web3, we're also investing in building up a community.

Right now, in our Discord, you can start connecting with others, sharing — and finding — resources, and building your network. You can also start contributing to a DAO to make your first moves in the space. But, we're working on ways to make it easier to meet the right people, and build strong bonds, so that you can find the people that make it easy…and fun…to stay in Web3.

But, you can also start contributing to our future. We're a small project for now, but together we can grow into something great that contributes to the collaborative work that is Web3.