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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Blockchain

There are numerous reasons to learn Blockchain technology and its applications in different sectors. Global expenditures on Blockchain technology can cross more than $11.7 billion by 2022. Diverse range of applications of Blockchain for government services, financial sector, and cybersecurity are sufficient enough reasons to showcase the popularity of the technology. The skill gap in the Blockchain industry is excessively high, and job trends in the industry are increasing in mammoth proportions. It is important to understand that basic skills won’t get you anywhere. You have to dive in and learn the fundamentals and master the advanced topics in.
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The popularity of Blockchain technology continues to increase with every passing day, and so the reasons to learn Blockchain. However, knowledge about Blockchain technology has not been able to move beyond the scope of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, Blockchain technology has been reforming in various industries all over the world. 

Introduced in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, Blockchain technology has revised many conventional notions related to computing. So, there are numerous reasons to learn Blockchain technology and its applications in different sectors. The gradually increasing popularity of Blockchain applications also points out the potential for career opportunities in Blockchain. 

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On the other hand, it is reasonable for beginners to focus on doubts such as ‘is Blockchain worth learning’. If you are having such doubts, then you are on the right track! The following discussion would outline the most notable reasons for learning Blockchain, thereby answering your doubts. Most important of all, the reasons can help you develop a strong foundation and motivation to learn Blockchain technology.

Introduction to Blockchain

Let us begin with a brief introduction to Blockchain technology before reflecting on the reasons to learn Blockchain. Blockchain is basically a decentralized or distributed ledger in which data storage is distributed across various nodes rather than being limited to one server or processor. All the blocks in the ledger have a cryptographic link with the block before them in the chain alongside a timestamp. 

The monitoring of access to each block alongside the implementation of relevant restrictions creates difficulties in access for hackers. Starting from the introduction of Blockchain technology, it has been disrupting in various industries. One of the formidable highlights about the popularity of Blockchain is the continuously increasing expenditure on Blockchain technology. 

According to estimates of the International Data Corporation, global expenditures on Blockchain technology can cross more than $11.7 billion by 2022. 

The concerns on ‘why use Blockchain’ are adequately addressed by noticing the different sectors that have been experiencing prominent uses of Blockchain. The diverse range of applications of Blockchain for government services, financial sector, and cybersecurity are sufficient enough reasons to showcase the popularity of Blockchain technology. 

Top Reasons to Learn Blockchain

As you can notice that the potential of Blockchain technology for transforming different sectors creates various promising employment opportunities. Therefore, you can go ahead and take a look at all the possible reasons to learn Blockchain with the assurance of a bright career in Blockchain. Here are the top five reasons for which learning Blockchain can become an immediate priority for tech professionals worldwide.

1. Wide Assortment of Career Opportunities 

Blockchain technology is still in the infancy stages, and many beginners would wonder, ‘should I learn Blockchain’. However, the more you keep fixating on doubts about whether you want to learn Blockchain or not, the more you are risking career opportunities. The skill gap in the Blockchain industry is excessively high, and job trends in Blockchain are increasing in mammoth proportions. 

In the year 2018 alone, LinkedIn witnessed manifold growth in Blockchain job trends. The Blockchain job market is expanding at a rapid pace with no signs of an immediate slowdown in the growth of Blockchain technology. The demand for Blockchain professionals is primarily due to the faster adoption of Blockchain across various sectors. As the demand for Blockchain professionals increases, the uniformity of the demand and supply equation is disrupted. 

By the references to Blockchain professionals, it is important to understand that basic skills won’t get you anywhere. You have to dive in and learn the fundamentals and master the advanced topics in Blockchain for becoming the ideal solution for bridging the skill gap in the Blockchain industry. 

With the potential estimates of the global market for Blockchain products and services expected to cross $7.7 billion by 2022, the prospects of employment appear substantial. 

2. Diversity of Job Roles in Blockchain

The next important mention among reasons to learn Blockchain refers directly to the diversity of Blockchain-based roles. Blockchain covers not only diverse industries but also different technical roles. It is important to note that using Blockchain technology with other businesses and technology can drive promising benefits. 

Therefore, Blockchain skills not only improve the expertise of an individual in a particular technical role but also enhance their capability to deliver business value. A closer reflection on various prominent job roles in the Blockchain landscape can clarify doubts on ‘is Blockchain worth learning’. Blockchain developers are one of the in-demand job roles in the existing Blockchain industry. 

The role of Blockchain developers primarily refers to supporting businesses in the design of Blockchain platforms. Blockchain developers are responsible for creating smart contracts and ensuring proper testing and deployment of smart contracts across the Blockchain network. Blockchain designers are job roles focusing specifically on developing UI/UX designs according to the business requirements. 

Blockchain designers must be capable of bringing the essence of Blockchain for business in the UI/UX designs for Blockchain solutions. Another prominent job role in the Blockchain landscape refers to Blockchain consultants, who are experts with thorough capabilities in understanding Blockchain use cases. Blockchain consultants also have the ability to position Blockchain solutions in accordance with conventional business models. 


Source: Blockchain Career: Wheel of Opportunities

Beginners can also look at the job roles of Blockchain Business Developers as one of the reasons to learn Blockchain. Blockchain business developers have comprehensive knowledge regarding enterprise sales and business negotiations with excellent communication skills. Therefore, learning Blockchain opens up a wide range of career opportunities and professional development routes for technology professionals worldwide. Could there be any better reason to learn Blockchain? 

3. Adoption of Blockchain in Governance Systems

Another formidable entry among reasons to learn Blockchain refers directly to the adoption of Blockchain in government systems. The emphasis of Blockchain on cryptography, transparency of transactions, and security of transactions from external influence makes it an ideal candidate for governance solutions. 

It is evident that elections around the world are being rigged, and tech giants are working hand-in-hand with intelligence firms such as Cambridge Analytica to influence election outcomes. Therefore, Blockchain technology can serve as the most promising solution for ensuring tamper-proof voting systems. 

In South Korea, the National Election Commission (NEC) and the Ministry of Science and ICT have developed a plan for reviewing the feasibility of implementing Blockchain technology in an online voting system. The involvement of the Korea Internet and Security Agency, along with the Blockchain Society of Seoul National University in the trial of the new voting system, showcase the rapid strides Blockchain technology is making in governance. 

The new voting system would leverage Blockchain technology for authenticating voters while also reducing the possibility of errors in the voter database. Blockchain technology can gradually find its way towards voting systems in democracies such as the United States and India. 

As a beginner, it is important to understand the basic Blockchain terms and definitions to step ahead. Get started with the ultimate list of Blockchain Glossary for a successful career.

4. The Experience of Involvement with a Futuristic Technology

The investment in learning Blockchain technology is highly feasible on the basis of the futuristic value of the technology. Individuals with career growth in mind can definitely choose to learn Blockchain technology. However, another mention among the prominent reasons to learn Blockchain technology refers to the unique experience of learning Blockchain. 

It is no doubt that Blockchain is an evolving concept and provides something new to learn every day, even for the experts. Learning Blockchain would help you work across different sectors and enhance your experience that would have been otherwise restricted. As discussed already, the diversity of job roles in the Blockchain industry also offers novel experiences that could strengthen your credibility as a Blockchain professional. 

Blockchain expertise also makes an individual stand out in a particular field, providing the ideal opportunity for creating networks to develop relationships in your field of interest. On the other hand, the effort required for learning Blockchain technology from basic to advanced concepts strengthens your acumen. 

5. Careers in Cybersecurity

The role of Blockchain in cybersecurity is also one of the notable reasons to learn Blockchain. The decentralized structure of Blockchain technology makes it immune to any attacks by hackers for compromising sensitive information. As compared to existing storage solutions that follow centralized and highly vulnerable storage, Blockchain provides better security. 

In 2017, 16.7 million cases of identity theft and the drastic rise in the number of cybersecurity attacks in the following years showed the need for proven security solutions. According to privacy experts, the future applications of Blockchain can ensure digitally encrypted identity for all individuals. The digitally encrypted identity could be accessed and secured only through the Blockchain. 

As a result, individuals can get their personalized, secure record with appropriately configured access restrictions. Furthermore, the digitally encrypted key also enables an individual to claim greater ownership and control over their digital identity. Since cybersecurity is one of the notable requirements throughout the tech landscape, learning Blockchain can support cybersecurity career pursuits. 


Source: How To Learn Blockchain Technology

Bottom Line

On a concluding note, you can observe that Blockchain has a formidable impact all over the world. The reasons to learn Blockchain are not just limited to career opportunities but also extend towards prospects for enhancing experience. You can find a career in diverse job roles and establish an identity as Blockchain cybersecurity professionals by learning Blockchain. 

So, it is reasonable to start searching for the best place to learn Blockchain right away. You must have a platform that can provide access to industry-standard research and a wide assortment of Blockchain learning resources. In addition, you must look for a platform that provides efficient mentorship and guidance in your learning journey. 

101Blockchains is the right choice for you to start your Blockchain journey. Join the Blockchain Expert Certification and start learning Blockchain right now!   

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