The Best Chrome Extensions in 2022by@anjalbinayak
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The Best Chrome Extensions in 2022

by Anjal Binayak AdhikariJanuary 24th, 2022
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I asked, “what are the best browser extensions for browsers?” I received 50+ replies. Here are the best 10.
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I asked, “what are the best browser extensions for browsers?”

I received 50+ replies. Here are the best 10.

Browsers extensions are a very powerful tool.

Extensions can not only enrich your web browsing experience but also provide insane value that will boost your overall productivity.

Here are 10 extensions every web developer should try:

  1. Wappalyzer:
    Every time I see a website, I wonder what tech stack under the hood runs the site. Wappalyzer inspects the tech stack used in the website and lists all of them. It lists frontend libraries, frameworks, plugins, advertising networks, and everything that it is able to detect. It is a must-use for web developers.

  2. Awesome Screenshots:
    As web developers, we have to constantly take screenshots for various purposes.Awesome Screenshots make it easy for us to take screenshots of the browser. It has other features like Full-page screenshots, screen recordings, custom area screenshots, etc.

  3. Site Palette:
    Finding a matching color theme for the webpage is quite a challenge. If you like the color theme of a certain website, you can copy that theme using this extension. The__site palette__ provides all the color palettes of the site.

  4. User Javascript and CSS:
    This is a very useful extension for me personally. You can inject custom CSS and JS into any website you want. I have used this extension to hide*{display: none}* the Newsfeed of Facebook, trending hashtags into Twitter. Because it is annoying to me

  5. SimpleScraper:
    This is an awesome extension. It allows you to extract data from any website intelligently and convert it into APIs or lets you download them in the desired format. I love this extension for many reasons 💞

  6. Octotree — Github Code Tree:
    Octotree allows you to browse code in GitHub faster. Whenever you are looking at a Github repo, you have to jump back and forth to understand the code. What octotree does is, that it lists all the files and folders on the left side of the browser, which makes it easier to browse the files of the project. It saves time ⌛

  7. Form Vault:
    Remember the last, “Oh shit” moment, when everything you typed in online form got lost. Form Vault will save you from that, form vault allows you to save the form so that you don’t have to refill the form again because of some silly error.Form Vault is a time saver ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  8. Web Developer Checklist:
    This extension will remind you of things and practices that you may miss when building a website. It will warn you about SEOs, Media Queries, Favicon, Unfriendly Urls,(small things that make a huge impact on website visitors)

  9. JsonVue:
    JsonVue will beautify JSON and make them readable and appealing to eyes 👀

  10. Temp Mail — Disposable Temporary Email:
    This is a very useful tool. It provides you temporary mail for a certain time which you can use if you don’t want your email to be in any newsletter

These are the 10 most essential productivity tools. These tools I mentioned are very useful and are time savers.

I am @anjalbinayak. Thanks for reading my article

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