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10 NoCode Tools to Help You Build Your MVP 🚀 by@anjalbinayak

10 NoCode Tools to Help You Build Your MVP 🚀

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Anjal Binayak

Writing Online & Writing Softwares

I am about to provide you with 10 FREE NoCode Tools for building, marketing & shipping your tech startup/SaaS.

10 Free NoCode Tools for Your Startup

  1. Bubble:
    Bubble is a NoCode tool for building web apps without any coding skills. It is free for most of the features, and it will only start costing you money if you want more advanced features.
  1. Webflow:
    Webflow is a WebApp creating tool too. It allows you to create custom website without coding. You can create websites with drag and drop.
    You can start from scratch or from any prebuilt template

  2. Carrd:
    Carrd is a NoCode tool for creating landing pages. Carrd allows you to build responsive landing pages with smooth and attractive designs. There are already tons of beautiful UI templates which you can customize to your needs.

    Note: In terms of complex development Bubble > Webflow > Carrd

  1. Extensions.Dev:
    This is a NoCode tool for creating extensions instantly. It allows you to create browsers extensions in the matter of seconds. It has pre-built templates. This is the best tool I’ve used in 2022. You must check this tool ⭐.
  1. BuildFire:
    This is a NoCode tool for developing Android & IOS apps. It has a 14-dayFREE trial with No CREDIT CARD.

  2. DevDojo/Tails:
    This is a TailwindCSS Page creator. It has 20+ components which allow you to buildHigh-Conversion Landing Pages Instantly with a drag and drop tool. You don’t want to not miss it if you are trying to build Landing Page.

  3. TypeForm:
    This is a NoCode form creator. It allows you to create interactive & functional forms. You can easily create survey forms with TypeForm.

  4. NoCodeAPI:
    This is a NoCode API Tool. It allows you to connect with APIs without a backend. This is a very useful tool for creating an app that integrates with other apps. However, its free version provides very few API calls (300/mo).

  5. Airtable:
    Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid tool. It have all the features of database but applied to spreadsheet. It is a phenomenal tool. In 2022, many SaaS will have airtable as their database 📡

  6. Splitbee:
    Splitbee is a all-in-one free Analytics tool. It allows you to create multiple A/B Testing but the free plan only allows one A/B testing to be active at a time. This is a very useful analytics tool.

These tool I mentioned are used by thousands of developers/startup founders. Using the right NoCode tool can allow you to build your MVP in less than 7 days. I’ve used them all. And I will again use it If I have any new SaaS idea.

Using NoCode allows us to build faster, ship faster & iterate faster 🚀.