The Best 3 Video Streaming Solutions Comparison

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Video streaming is the 21st-century revolution of the all-embracing technology territories. But what makes it bigger than ever is the fact that video streaming can be used beyond entertainment to reach the relevant audience in no-time. If you’re a business seeking for the best options to start your video streaming business, we have comprised a detailed study on the best 3 video streaming solutions and what parameters you should look in for finding your most befitting streaming platform.
Factors to Be Considered While Choosing the Best Video Streaming Solution:
Be definitive in what you’re looking for. Each business has a different set of needs. Video streaming is now a platform that benefits education, media, corporates, religious events and even political parties. The uses are therefore endless. Below are the basic factors to look for in a white-label solution on which you are going to build your service on.
1. Customisation
The first and foremost factor any industry requires in video streaming is customization. The solution should build you a platform with all your requirements and should also be open to tag along with the upgraded versions of the functionalities in the future. This would flourish your growing business and help you keep up with the current trends in technicalities and ultimately increases usability. Integrations are also a main factor to be considered in customization. Integrating your existing website or app or adding on additional required features cross-platform increases usability high up the race.
2. Reliability
For this, it is important to get an understanding of the technical stacks used by the solution providers. The technology used for building a video streaming or video-on-demand platform comprises of a basic set of technologies.
Encoder — Transforms video files from one form to another for security and storage purposes.
Transcoder — Transcoding is the process of encoding the video files back to make the content viewable on all devices and platforms
Streaming engines — Streaming engines are the skeletal structure for streaming live or on-demand videos online over IP networks on all devices. The most prominent streaming engine used for video streaming is wowza.

Streaming media protocol — ensures your content gets streamed in various operating systems. Each OS requires their own media streaming protocol to be embodied for viewership on their respective platforms such as android (HLS) iOS (mpeg DASH) or Microsoft (smooth streaming) devices.
Storage — Where your data gets stored matters. Cloud storage is the present sovereign of the storage tenure as it is highly secure and gives unlimited data storage space.
3. Pricing
Choose a solution that fits well within your budget. But, while buying a solution that is probably the future of your business model needs to be given its fair share of investment. There are package solutions that come with a predefined set of features, solutions with one-time payment and solutions that provides customizable solutions.
4. Delivery time
Predefined packages are the fastest to be delivered but they might not tick all your boxes. If they do, it is the best option to go after. In most other cases, customizable solutions that have a history of delivering on-date, highly effective, performance-oriented added features are the ones to opt for.

Video Streaming Solutions : A Comparative Analysis

Once you’ve interpreted the above factors of video streaming solution providers, it is decisive to dive further into the secondary factors to look in enterprise video streaming solutions to find which of them would fulfill your obligations the best. Set a definitive faction of goals that you would need to accomplish your streaming objectives. This would make your search more formulated. To make your hunt a tad bit simpler, we have put forth a side-by-side comparison analysis of the top video streaming platforms in the market. A pre-existing customer of the below mentioned white label video streaming platform? This analysis would assist you in finding if your solution gets you all your needs.


Vplayed is a leading video on demand and live streaming solution which helps broadcasters, movie streamers, Youtubers, Online tutors and others to build their own video streaming platform with 100% customization. Their in-built CMS, HLS enabled player and other advanced features provide buffer-free streaming across devices.
They offer six-steps monetization option which includes subscription, advertisement, pay per view, server side insertion, third party ad integration, and sponsorship allows video creators to generate money from videos.


Kaltura follows to any type of use case. This series of Saas products are best known for their modular and integration capabilities.

Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay is one of the top video streaming solution at the current market. The security framework and freedom to customise the app/ website being built on it makes Contus Vplay the most preferred solution provider among many top-label brands globally.
Contus vplay is facilitated with own transcoding engine which cut-down the transcoding cost. HLS player, recommendation engine, flexible hosting, social media integration, in-built marketing suit and etc are the highlights of Contus Vplay.


Brightcove is another video streaming platform that performs best among user requirements. The video transcoding and integration features are quick to better up the requirements of the users

The Determinate Step in Finalizing your Video Streaming Solution

Check for security — If you’re planning to monetize your videos, they should be secured from piracy hacks. Scan through the security schemes of the solution providers and their storage arrangements. This brings us to the options provided for monetization. A well-structured revenue design brings out the best out of live and video streaming.
Customization goes all the way. Customizing the streaming service to your needs crosses the final hurdle to achieve your ROI plan.
Payments are the best when done in a single turn. This would prevent you from paying additional charges in the future.Choosing a multi-platform solution that delivers to all the needs prove to be more fruitful as music/entertainment oriented streaming services would not be able to pitch in all your necessities.
While considering all the above factors stated, Contus Vplay, among the 3 top video streaming platforms considered in the analysis demonstrates a high likability to meet all the criterias. With its 3 tier security structure, 6 step monetisation options, one-time fee payment and 100% flexible customisation hits the nail on the head.



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