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Top 8 Best Video Streaming Solutions Comparison in 2022

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Last Updated — August 24, 2022

Have you been thinking about starting a video streaming business? We will share and explore the list of top video streaming platforms to stream & monetize video content worldwide

So, Video streaming or video-on-demand services is your prime business, then you are in the right place. Discovering an ideal video streaming platform for your business can be a complex process since there are so many factors to consider before choosing one for your organization or business.

You want the best video streaming solution that can scale and grow your streaming needs. On top of it, the market is overflowing with a wide range of live video streaming service providers, a clear video streaming platform comparison would be a bonus that shrinks your workload as well.

To help you with the video streaming market as much as we can, we’ve come up with certain factors you need to consider (such as features, functionalities, security, and budget) before choosing a reliable video streaming platform for your business.

The Prime Factors To Consider Before Creating a Video Streaming Platform


So, if you’re using the video streaming platform for your business communication such as training, Virtual events or any other industry-related streaming, ensuring that your live content or recorded content is safe is a significant factor here.

Make sure that the chosen live video streaming platform ticks all your features and security protocols needed to leverage your business.

Since there are many video streaming providers in the market, ensuring certain factors like privacy, customization, pricing, and flexible integration options are the key factors you’ll have to look into a video streaming solution.

Privacy & Security:

Businesses looking to brand their content or business communication purpose, ensuring a safe streaming environment with critical features like AES Encryption, Multi-DRM, Dynamic Watermarks and other authorization shields is a must in a video streaming platform.


The video streaming platform is capable of customizing right from your designing platform, feature inclusion and essential functionalities based on business needs. The customization part helps businesses to scale video streaming to maximize user base.


Accessing a video streaming platform that covers all kinds of features you need under your organization’s budget is a triple bonus. What’s more to cap it all, is white labeling your services entirely gives you a complete deal instead of relying on a monthly-based business model.

On Cloud/ On Premise: 

Acquire platform integration options to cordially implement either on the cloud or through your own servers on-premise. In order to have a highly-tuned programmed architecture, you can choose this feature which helps you to streamline business processes at a reduced cost.


Partnering with video streaming platform providers is a great idea where technology delivered by them is trustworthy. There are many service providers in the market, hence quality streaming operability added with various revenue-generating opportunities decide the factor.

Progressive Web Applications: 

Now with the layering of add-on technologies like progressive web app enhancement can help you to provide best UX to users who engage on web & native apps. Allow users to directly access their favourite content of web app screens in their mobile’s home page. 

100% White-Label Platform:

Get to own your online streaming services by white-labeling them under your brand name, logo, theme, functionalities, etc.  With the help of industry experts you can launch your customized platform and regulate it forever.   

Encoding & Transcoding:

Rendering swift uploads with 50x faster encoding speeds helps you to deliver HQ videos under low-bandwidth conditions. This automates your bitrate ladder optimizing the best resolution pair all for transcoding purposes. 

Powerful Monetization Models: 

Grab some of the unique ways of monetizing your own online video streaming content in the platform that comprises SVOD, TVOD, PVOD, AVOD, CatchUp TV, Coupons & Promotions, etc. Expand your collective imagination on ways to make revenue in any industry. 

Streaming media protocol :

 Ensures your content gets streamed through standardized streaming protocols. Some of the leading media protocols that guarantee qualitative content delivery at an unparalleled speed are Apple low latency HLS, CMAF for DASH, HTTP & more.

Delivery Time:

You can have the fastest means to start your video streaming business in less than a month from VPlayed. In other words, you can have a taylor-made platform according to your suitable needs swiftly for you to earn profitability at its peak. 

Dynamic HLS Video Player: 

Increase the quality of your streaming videos in HD, 4K or even Ultra HD for that matter over millions of devices, having best compatibility. Advanced HLS player can easily break audio/video into chunks making it easy to stream cohesively in multiple segments. 

Content Management System: 

Until then CMS has been a great resolver to upload, manage & stream any type of content, this process has never been easier before. You can have a centralized searchable library that is friendly to use, make it compatible to boost engagement rates & have effective ROI.  

With all of these above-listed features, you can now quickly start strengthening your video streaming business infrastructure quickly..

Now let’s see..

How Real Time Video Streaming Service Can Benefit Your Business

1. Instant Views In Zillionth Second 

Deliver instant access to any type of content, like movies, music videos, etc which can be accessed anytime even on road by your users. With platform monthly viewing fee, you can grant access to an entire set of programming and provide best customer service. 

2. Protection Halted Against Piracy 

Protect your digital content copyrights in your video platform against unauthorized visits and thefts with best security protocols such as Multi-DRM support, Login Protection, AES Encryption, SSL Certification and much more. 

3. Availability in flexible formats

Subscribers in your OVP platform will be able to view content easily across any screen, with absolutely zero restrictions. All you need to do is to upload and stream content in different combinations. 

4. Deliver Content In Variety

Limitlessly provide content in any field that your video streaming platform specializes into, in the form of live streams, pre-recorded videos, movies, web series, tv shows, etc to grab the attention of every audience you target. 

5. Zero Time To Download 

Video streaming platforms have now made it simpler for viewers to watch their desired content having zero worry of downloading time at the back of their mind. The key thing that needs a check will be about stable internet connection to watch an entire show. 

6. No Worries about Memory Space

There is no need to worry about running out of disk or memory space since no system downloads are involved. Thanks to cloud technology, because of which all kinds of your content assets can be stored in an online library that you can own.  

7. Fast Playback Enhances UX

The fastest playback experience can be delivered efficiently even while ads are running simultaneously using an advanced HLS video player. The best part is that your content stays latent-free and stream without any kind of buffers in between.  

8. Screen-Mirroring to Any Device

Upgrade video streaming solution with adaptable viewing experience by casting live streams, on request content from other devices. For example you can allow users to watch movies from Mobile to Smart TV, Tablet, and so on. 

9. Clarity of Sound and Picturization 

Not at all like information infiltration websites, carry stereotypical high video quality and acoustic sound nature. However, you will be one of those streaming providers who would broadcast web-based recordings in HD.

While there is an increasing tendency for variety of content amongst target audiences, there’s also an ever-raising competition for more eye-glued views. So it’s essential to know some of the most predominant players in the market..

Here, we’ve listed some of the top 8 best online video streaming platform providers in the market for content owners like you to leverage their business within a jiffy!

Table of Content:

8 Best Online Video Streaming Platforms For 2022

1. VPlayed

2. Contus VPlay

3. Brightcove

4. IBM Video Cloud

5. Kaltura

6.  Muvi 

7. FlowPlayer 

8. Dacast 

Comparison of 8 Best Engaging Video Streaming Platforms For 2022

Once you’ve interpreted the above factors of online video streaming platform providers, it is decisive to dive further into the secondary factors to look into video streaming solutions and find which of them would fulfill your motive at its best.

Set a definitive faction of goals that you would need to accomplish your streaming objectives. 

That’s the reason why we try making your search more formulated. To make your hunt a tad bit simpler, we have put forth a side-by-side comparative analysis of the top video streaming platforms in the market.

Okay folks.. Let’s reveal them at once!!

1. VPlayed - Online Video Streaming Solution


VPlayed is a bespoke video streaming solution for content owners, organizations to build a video streaming platform and stream educational, live events & entertaining media to global audiences. You can acquire flexible platform integration options like on-cloud or on-premise. 

The video streaming solution comes with a reliable content delivery system to manage and store content in a central video library. VPlayed offers Live to VOD feature to pre-record any video streaming event and broadcast as on-demand content.

Moreover, the solution equips you with a real-time analytics feature to track viewer’s preferences based on demographics, device location, & many more within one dashboard. Unlike other streaming providers like IBM and Brightcove, VPlayed completely delivers a one-time licensed solution for your entire platform irrespective of any kind of feature inclusion and functionality customizations.

Highlighted Features of VPlayed:

  • 100% Whitelabel Platform
  • Multiple Monetization Models
  • Global Content Delivery
  • Simulcasting
  • All Device Player
  • Multi-platform DRM Support

2. CONTUS VPlay - A Leading Online Video Platform


CONTUS VPlay is a video streaming solution that offers streaming capabilities to a wide range of use cases and industries right from Education, Sports, Fitness, Government, Event Streaming and much more. This solution is powered with analytical tools, cloud transcoding, and adaptive bitrate streaming for seamless content delivery across platforms.

Unlike other streaming platforms, CONTUS VPlay is configured with encryption, DRM, SSL and other privacy tools to safeguard the content. Nonetheless, your video streaming software can be built with monetization models such as Subscription, Transactional, Advertising-based models etc. 

Highlighted Features of CONTUS VPlay:

  • White label Platform
  • Inbuilt Video CMS platform
  • Cloud Transcoding
  • Customizable Video Player
  • Six Revenue Models
  • Access Control and Security
  • MultiScreen with language Support

3. Brightcove - Reliable Video Streaming Platform


Unlike the above video streaming providers, Brightcove is a SaaS-based platform designed with an intuitive interface and high-definition picture quality for live event streaming.

The platform is optimized with cloud architecture to manage and track the distribution of video streaming content geographically within a dashboard. On top of the video streaming features, Brightcove is equipped with Live to VOD workflow for later playback of live-streamed content. 

Brightcove is integrated with social channels and API-based integration on websites with interactivity to maximize organic reach and improve video streaming experience. The video streaming platform is configured with bypass ad blocker and server-side ad insertion (SSAI) for a glitch-free and safe live event streaming.

Highlighted Features of Brightcove:    

  • Live DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Server Side Ad Insertion
  • Live Stream to Social
  • Video Marketing Suite
  • Developer Friendly API

4. IBM Video Cloud - Streaming Video Platform


IBM video streaming is a corporate streaming platform that helps content creators to stream live content to massive audiences over an embedded player.

The video streaming product is equipped with a real-time analytics tool to monitor each viewer and track the Video streaming performance across devices and geographical areas.

Unlike other platforms, IBM video cloud products use multiple CDNs to deliver live content geographically to reach larger audiences. For interactive streaming, the IBM Cloud is integrated with Live polling feature and password protection to increase the reliability of the video streaming product.

Highlighted Features of IBM Cloud Video:    

  • Webcasting
  • Enterprise CDN
  • Content Management System
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Single Sign On & Password Protection

5. Kaltura - Video Streaming & Delivery Software


Kaltura is another leading provider of video streaming platforms for corporate, events and education live content. The video streaming platform offers video streaming potentiality for town-halls, international conferences, departmental meetings and event streaming of any sizes. Apart from video streaming services, they also offer on-demand video broadcasting and end-to-end solutions for all broadcasting needs.

Kaltura uses flexible delivery networks such as eCDN, P2P and dual-delivery to scale the streaming reach right from 1000 to 100,000 viewers. The platform is featured with advanced real-time analytics to track, analyze both engagement and quality of service in one place - analytical dashboard.

Highlighted Features of Kaltura: 

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Live to VOD
  • Multi-screen Support
  • Robust Security
  • Content Delivery Network

6. Muvi - White label Online Video Platform 


Being an expected forerunner in the online streaming business sector, Muvi gives a comprehensive streaming framework, live streaming, also audio streaming. Muvi which is universally perceived as a promising video streaming platform provides its clients with HTML5 based video player transfers and considerably smooth streaming content delivery.

The top online video platform of yours is built in a customizable way by ‘Muvi’. They make sure you have everything that you’ll need end-to-end that is all controlled in a single platform. Muvi can be your go-to next partner where zero coding is needed to start monetizing your best video streaming services. 

Highlighted Features of Muvi: 

  • Complete white label website
  • Native apps for all screens 
  • Transcoding solution 
  • Metadata Management 
  • Multiple Payment Gateways

7. Flowplayer - Flexible Video Streaming Solution 


Flowplayer is one of the secure online video platforms that facilitate with a  full-stack solution to niche businesses like publishers, broadcasters, media owners, etc. They work with some of the leading brands worldwide and create a difference in millions of lives every day. 

Their team comprises people who collectively carry different backgrounds and contribute their share of work from 12+ countries remotely. The Flowplayer is said to be well-known for live broadcasting and provides an advanced player with minimalist design and clarity. 

Highlighted Features of Flowplayer: 

  • Analytical central dashboard
  • Varied monetization solution
  • HTML 5 video player 
  • Live streaming 
  • Multiple compatibility in devices

8. Dacast - Scalable online video platform


Dacast’s online video platform assists you with the content delivery in pristine quality and has the largest top-tier CDNs around the globe. They initially launched their live streaming & hosting platform in the year 2010. 

 In order to offer world-class quality streaming services Dacast makes sure to take your business to the next level resulting in plenty of profitable revenue.  Now you can build professional video workflows with several innovative options like video transcoding, all-device player, real-time stream recording, etc. 

Highlighted Features of Dacast: 

  • White label solution
  • Private video hosting 
  • Secure video monetization 
  • Creation of new apps with APIs
  • Cost-competitive pricing 

Wrapping up

Choosing the best video streaming platforms to scale and grow your business depends on the kind of options you look into. What’s great about them is, they would be given a deep comparison based on price, reliability, customization, security and other prime features that match your business needs. Before choosing one, a clear video streaming provider comparison is a must to achieve your streaming goals, and analyze what they really mean for the futuristic landscape of your content to outreach millions of audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How to choose the best video streaming solution?

When planning to choose the right video streaming solution you can follow some of the best practices for better clarity. You can conduct a competitive benchmark analysis, pick features that are suitable to business hosting requirements, identify disqualifiers of your listed features, decide on pricing after a market survey and have an entire platform that is completely white labeled forever for best ROIs.

2. How to Build a Video Streaming platform?

A simple streamlined process of shaping a video streaming platform depends on assessing several factors & after that you can build it accordingly with determined business goals. Some of them are: customization at any length, platform integration flexibility, complete DRM support, stunning monetization models, options to self host with zero coding, etc.

3. What is White-label video streaming?

To simply put it, when videos are streamed from youtube will have its logo on the player, where you come to know who the service providers are. Now get to know the video streaming meaning where you can also whitelabel your video content services with self-branding & let people engage with your business to remain associated with you.

4. How much Does it cost to have an online video streaming platform?

Every customer brings their own fresh ideas to the table when it comes to building and monetizing their best online video platforms. Every client is invited to implement bespoke solutions that differ according to their needs. Get in contact with our sales and customer service team right away if you need additional estimating inputs for your business.

5. What are the revenue models in online video streaming?

As video platform providers, expand your total online streaming business with the most striking top revenue flow models including SVOD or Subscription-based model, AVOD or Advertising On Demand model, TVOD(Transactional) or Pay-Per-View model, Coupons & Promotions, CatchUp TV, and many more to come.


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