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Top 5 Best Video Streaming Solutions Compared & Rated For 2021

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Last Updated — September 03, 2021

Have you been thinking about starting a video streaming business? We will share and explore the list of top video streaming platforms to stream & monetize video content worldwide

So, Video streaming or video-on-demand services is your prime business, then you are in the right place. Discovering an ideal video streaming platform for your business can be a complex process since there are so many factors to consider before choosing one for your organization or business.

You want the best video streaming solution that can scale and grow your streaming needs. On top of it, the market is overflowing with a wide range of live video streaming service providers, a clear video streaming platform comparison would be a bonus that shrinks your workload as well.

To help you with the video streaming market as much as we can, we’ve come up with certain factors you need to consider (such as features, functionalities, security, and budget) before choosing a reliable video streaming platform for your business.

The Prime Factors You Need To Consider Before Choosing a Video Streaming Platform For Your Business


So, if you’re using the video streaming platform for your business communication such as training, Virtual events or any other industry-related streaming, ensuring that your live content or recorded content is safe is a significant factor here.

Make sure that the chosen live video streaming platform ticks all your features and security protocols needed to leverage your business.

Since, there are many video streaming providers in the market, ensuring certain factors like privacy, customization, pricing, and security are the key factors you’ll have to look at in a video streaming solution.

Privacy & Security :

Businesses looking to brand their content or business communication purpose, ensuring Security and privacy features like Encryption, DRM, Dynamic watermarks and Authentications is a must in a video streaming platform.

Customization :

The video streaming platform is capable of customizing the design, layout, features and functionalities based on business needs. The Customization part helps businesses in leveraging and scaling the video streaming to reach maximum user base.

Pricing :

Accessing a video streaming platform that has all the features you want and comes under your organizations’ budget is a triple bonus. An unlimited live video streaming solution prices for the entire package of features and functionalities is an ultimate deal instead of subscription-based modules.

Reliability :

Partnering with an enterprise video streaming platform provider is a great idea where the technology used by the provider is reliable. There are many video streaming service providers in the market, choosing one reliable is a difficult part of picking up a pair of perfect shoes on an eCommerce site.  

Though there are many free video streaming platforms in the market, they’re built and intended for consumer purposes and not for businesses. So we’ve listed some top 5 best online video streaming platform providers in the market for organizations to leverage their business.

Encoder — Transforms video files from one form to another for security and storage purposes.

Transcoder — Transcoding is the process of encoding the video files back to make the content viewable on all devices and platforms

Streaming engines — Streaming engines are the skeletal structure for streaming live or on-demand videos online over IP networks on all devices. The most prominent streaming engine used for video streaming is wowza.

Streaming media protocol — ensures your content gets streamed in various operating systems. Each OS requires their own media streaming protocol to be embodied for viewership on their respective platforms such as android (HLS) iOS (mpeg DASH) or Microsoft (smooth streaming) devices.

Storage — Where your data gets stored matters. Cloud storage is the present sovereign of the storage tenure as it is highly secure and gives unlimited data storage space.

Delivery Time :

Predefined packages are the fastest to be delivered but they might not tick all your boxes. If they do, it is the best option to go after. In most other cases, customizable solutions that have a history of delivering on-date, highly effective, performance-oriented added features are the ones to opt for.

Table of Content:

5 Best Enterprise Video Streaming Platforms For 2021

1. VPlayed

2. Contus VPlay

3. Brightcove

4. IBM Video Cloud

5. Kaltura

Comparison of 5 Best Enterprise Video Streaming Platforms For 2021

Once you’ve interpreted the above factors of online video streaming platform providers, it is decisive to dive further into the secondary factors to look in enterprise video streaming solutions to find which of them would fulfill your obligations the best.

Set a definitive faction of goals that you would need to accomplish your streaming objectives. 

This would make your search more formulated. To make your hunt a tad bit simpler, we have put forth a side-by-side comparison analysis of the top video streaming platforms in the market.

A pre-existing customer of the below mentioned white label video streaming platform? This analysis would assist you in finding if your solution gets you all your needs.

1. VPlayed - Online Video Streaming Solution


VPlayed is an enterprise video streaming solution for content owners, organizations to build a video streaming platform to stream educational, event and entertainment content to global audiences. The video streaming solution is a customizable platform where the organization or Content owners can customize the design, layout, features and other functionalities.

The enterprise video streaming solution comes with a reliable content delivery system to manage and store content seamlessly. Vplayed offers Live to VOD feature to pre-record the video streaming event and broadcast as on-demand content.

The solution is equipped with a real-time analytics feature to track the online streaming viewers based on geographical areas within one dashboard. Unlike other streaming providers like IBM and Brightcove, VPlayed is completely a one-time payment for the entire platform regardless of features and functionality customizations.

Highlighted Features of VPlayed:

  • 100% Customizable Platform
  • Live to VOD
  • Multiple Monetization Models
  • Global Content Delivery
  • Simulcasting
  • All Device Player
  • Multi-platform DRM Support

2. Contus VPlay - A Leading Online Video Platform


Contus Vplay is a video streaming solution that offers streaming capabilities to a wide range of use cases and industries right from Education, Sports, Government, Event streaming and much more. The solution is equipped with analytical tools, Cloud transcoding, and adaptive bitrate streaming for seamless streaming of content across platforms.

Unlike other streaming platforms, Contus Vplay is configured with encryption, DRM, SSL and other privacy tools to safeguard the video streaming of content. The video streaming solution is enriched with monetization models such as subscription, Advertising, etc.,

Highlighted Features of Contus Vplay:

  • Whitelabel Platform
  • Inbuilt Video CMS
  • Cloud Transcoding
  • Customizable Video Player
  • Six Revenue Models
  • Access Control and Security

3. Brightcove - Reliable Video Streaming Platform


Unlike the above video streaming providers, Brightcove is a SaaS-based platform designed with an intuitive interface and high-definition picture quality for live event streaming.

The platform is optimized with cloud architecture to manage and track the distribution of video streaming content geographically within a dashboard. On top of the video streaming features, Brightcove is equipped with Live to VOD workflow for later playback of live-streamed content. 

Brightcove is integrated with social channels and API-based integration on websites with interactivity to maximize organic reach and improve video streaming experience. The video streaming platform is configured with bypass ad blocker and server-side ad insertion (SSAI) for a glitch-free and safe live event streaming.

Highlighted Features of Brightcove:    

  • Live DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Server Side Ad Insertion
  • Live Stream to Social
  • Video Marketing Suite
  • Developer Friendly API

4. IBM Video Cloud - Streaming Video Platform


IBM video streaming is a corporate streaming platform that helps content creators to stream live content to massive audiences over an embedded player.

The video streaming product is equipped with a real-time analytics tool to monitor each viewer and track the Video streaming performance across devices and geographical areas.

Unlike other platforms, IBM video cloud products use multiple CDNs to deliver live content geographically to reach larger audiences. For interactive streaming, the IBM Cloud is integrated with Live polling feature and password protection to increase the reliability of the video streaming product.

Highlighted Features of IBM Cloud Video:    

  • Webcasting
  • Enterprise CDN
  • Content Management System
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Single Sign On & Password Protection

5. Kaltura - Video Streaming & Delivery Software


Kaltura is another leading provider of video streaming platforms for corporate, events and education live content. The video streaming platform offers video streaming potentiality for town-halls, international conferences, departmental meetings and event streaming of any sizes. Apart from video streaming services, they also offer on-demand video broadcasting and end-to-end solutions for all broadcasting needs.

Kaltura uses flexible delivery networks such as eCDN, P2P and dual-delivery to scale the streaming reach right from 1000 to 100,000 viewers. The platform is featured with advanced real-time analytics to track, analyze both engagement and quality of service in one place - analytical dashboard.

Highlighted Features of Kaltura: 

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Live to VOD
  • Multi-screen Support
  • Robust Security
  • Content Delivery Network

Wrapping up

Choose the Best Video Streaming Platform To Scale And Grow Your Business. Whichever the video streaming platform you have chosen, undergo a deep comparison based on price, reliability, customization, security and other prime features that match your business needs. Before choosing one, a clear video streaming provider comparison is a must to achieve your streaming goals, and reach a wide range of audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How to choose the best video streaming solution?

When planning to choose the right video streaming solution you can follow some of the best practices for better clarity. You can conduct a competitive benchmark analysis, pick features that are suitable to business hosting requirements, identify disqualifiers of your listed features, decide on pricing after a market survey and have an entire platform that is completely whitelablled forever for best ROIs.

2. How to Build a Video Streaming platform?

A simple streamlined process of shaping a video streaming platform depends on assessing several factors & after that you can build it accordingly with determined business goals. Some of them are: customization at any length, platform integration flexibility, complete DRM support, stunning monetization models, options to self host with zero coding, etc.

3. What is White-label video streaming?

To simply put it, when videos are streamed from youtube will have its logo on the player, where you come to know who the service providers are. Now build a video streaming platform where you can also whitelabel your video content services with self-branding & let people engage with your business to remain associated with you.

4. How much Does it cost to have an online video streaming platform?

Every customer brings their own fresh ideas to the table when it comes to building and monetizing their online video streaming platform. Every client is invited to implement bespoke solutions that differ according to their needs. Get in contact with our sales and customer service team right away if you need additional estimating inputs for your business.

5. What are the revenue models in online video streaming?

As video platform providers, expand your total online streaming business with the most striking top revenue flow models including SVOD or Subscription-based model, AVOD or Advertising On Demand model, TVOD(Transactional) or Pay-Per-View model, Coupons & Promotions, CatchUp TV, and many more to come.


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