Thinking of Creating an Online Radio Station App for Android & iOS? by@sujanpatel623

Thinking of Creating an Online Radio Station App for Android & iOS?

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Online radios are gaining grounds in recent years. In fact, radios never went out of style since the late 1800s — the time since it was invented. It was the medium in which it has been connecting through kept shifting.

Thus, building an online radio station app would not only prove to be a successful strategy for entertainment and businesses, but it would also mean that you are investing in an avenue that has exhibited audience magnetism standing as a testimonial in the changing times.

Why You Should Develop a Radio Station App?

Online radio is reachable to anyone with an internet connection. A person who is interested in listening to radio does not have to invest in buying a new equipment or subscribe to expensive satellite services in order to enjoy the service. This attracts more audience at a faster rate.

Radio as a medium does not consume high investment for the people who start it. There are successful online radio podcasts that function from garages. music app is a medium that seeks importance to the quality of content rather than the extravagance, unlike usual media outlets.

Online radio channels you to demographics and audiences that the traditional radio couldn’t seep through. This serves as an advantage for content up-selling and creating brand awareness to the audience that is relevant to your brand.

With the internet to your aid, radio station applications can also fetch you an insight on how your content is performing and what kind of audience does every type of content inclines to. With such valuable data that would be non-existent in your traditional radio, online radio has very fewer chances to not be favorable.

It has been estimated that about 65.85 million Americans have inscribed to online radio services as of 2017. The menial time spent listening to these radios /podcasts are 14 hours 39 minutes every week. It is also suggested that 68.4 % of the U.S. internet users in the US are said to listen to at least one such online radio service by the end of 2018.

Build an App for your Radio Station in Minutes


Now that it is more than evident that radio tends to have more marketing and socializing elements than we would generally think of, let’s look at what are the basic factors you should look for to build it.

Choose a template — Navigating through a web app or a native app, however, critically important the information it holds to you would make you quit the website. A quick responsive mobile and desktop website with a template that spreads key features at prime points of attraction is the first factor you should invest in.

Brand your app — A business to run successfully, needs to be recognized for its quality in the first place. With visibility and consumer trust, any product or service hits a blow in terms of prosperity.

Make it your own — Individuality makes your product unbeatable and stand out among the world of replicas. Invest enough time and skills to make the most out of your radio.

Make your app live — With live streaming creating a stir in the digital world, make sure your app/website equipped with live and on-demand podcasting.

How To Make a Radio App for Android/iOS That Users Love


Quality of sound — Sound is the primary factor of the radio transmitting system. Don’t opt for anything less than HD streaming, given the existing competition.

Be global and stay local — The advantage of starting a new online radio station service is that you can connect to a global audience with the same set of pop-cultural references, an ode to the meme-age. Get in tune with the pulse of your audience and connect with them through your content.

Different User Engagement Options — Some might want instant information/entertainment, while others can’t afford to be available at your time frame. The main reason why old channels of mass communications are picking up on the internet is that they can provide their audience with options of convenience. Utilize them to the fullest.

Special On-Demand Content — There needs to be an added bonus to people who come in search of your content and to make people who stumble upon your channel to stay. Special on-demand content gives you the platform to keep your audience on the edge of their chair out of curiosity.

Get Social — We believe in people’s emotions than algorithms. This comes in handy when you can create dialogues with your listener base to tap in and retain your reach.

Push Notifications — To gain a larger audience, it is essential to make your existence visible. Remind the user base of your presence even if they are not on your site through this feature.

Should You Go Cross-Platform? — what better way to show how much you love your audience than to give them the choice of their OS and devices? Get your hands in the latest technology to bring the best out of your content.

Building a website that is going to have all the about required features in a usable version is going to take years of skilled labor to build. It might also blow a hole in your pocket.
Fret not!

This is where VPlayed comes to your rescue. VPlayed is a customizable audio streaming platform is equipped with adaptive bitrate streaming and cloud transcoding, that not only your features are bound to look high-end but would also be protected in an exorbitant style.

Features for Profitable Radio Stations App

Audio Streaming — VPlayed audio streaming framework delivers real-time audio files through networking. The solution has been engined with high-end microprocessors to meet the power of ultra-modern devices.

Request Form — Get the primary set of required information and get them instantly stored in a secure cloud ecosystem.

Add Your Schedule — Scheduling plays a vital role in the consequence of your radio’s performance. This feature lets you to add your recorded files in the CMS and schedule it to play in a time when you might not able to be live with the system.

Push Notifications — VPlayed push notification algorithm tracks user behaviour to notify users in activities they are often invested in, rather than spamming their personal time with notification strom.

Messaging Centre — There might pop up a 1000 chat apps to connect smartphones and even send alerts to feature phones. But SMS is the primary nerve to hold on to if you would like to connect with your audience through a full-on spectrum.

RSS Feed — Make your content stand out among others’ junk through VPlayed business-friendly RSS Feed algorithm.

Advanced Customization — Your product a striking element among 1000s of online radios scattered on the world-wide-web with components of quirks

Track search — Get insights on what works best in your site with this feature. Track your user behaviors and potential to persuade them to navigate through your intended content.

Polls — Conduct polls and get a tune-in with your listeners nevers while also adding fun to your engagement strategies.

The Monetization Modules that Contus Vplay Offers to Trigger Your Revenue

Monetization is a major factor to consider while creating an online radio station app. A system sustains in itself when it can fund its needs. VPlayed has considered these factors and has created a detailed structure through which businesses can earn money using the app built.

In-app advertising — Advertise within your app through banners placed craftly in attention-grabbing positions.

Subscriptions — Subscribing to quality content for a few bucks would not bother major population base. Get your hands on it.

Freemium upsells — Give the best of your content to subscribed premium listeners and tease the non-paying listeners to persuade to subscribe your content.

In-app purchases (digital or physical) — In-app purchases can also be the start of an online shopping haul.

Sponsorships or Incentivized Advertising — Get sponsored and earn through incentives through endorsing brands.

Affiliate marketing and CPI Networks — Earn for every install for the apps that get advertised in your ads banners.


The future is here and it is bright with communication through online radios. Grab your chance to make it big in this platform, and just like how YouTubers became celebs and celebs started YouTube channels, online radio station app might set you on a journey to stardom.

If you are a business owner, radio app is a platform to bridge the communication gap between you and your consumers and take your selling to the next level.