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10 Best Platforms To Build a Live Video Streaming Website, App or Service in 2021

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Last Updated — October 09, 2021

Whether you’re an enterprise business professional, Individual or content creators, a live streaming platform can be a double-edged sword, it all depends on which platform you prefer to use for your streaming business.

Do you know that 95% of companies consider live video as their prime source of delivering information such as meetings, webinars and much more.

The trend of live streaming caught on like wildfire that social networking websites like Facebook and Instagram launched live streaming features in their app.

On the other hand, video accounts for 82% of total internet traffic by 2022.

It’s pretty huge right! 

Yeah, Video is accessible, personal and foremost interesting! 

Since there are a handful of enterprise video streaming solutions available in the market, understanding the actual need increases the performance and value of your live streaming business. 

To reduce the consumption of time taken in finding the right live video streaming platform for your business, I have drafted top streaming platforms available in the market based on their technology used, features, content delivery management and scalability to build your powerful live streaming application on Web, iOS or Android.

They have invested in live streaming extensively, that at present, Instagram is the number 1 platform on which highest no. of live streaming takes place. Not to mention the bandwagon of other social circles that are already providing users with incessant live video broadcasting and recorded feed broadcast.

Let’s come to terms with reality. Live broadcasting services have picked up a snowball like momentum. There is nothing stopping them unless we all stop watching video streams.

Now let’s look at this phenomenon from an entrepreneurial perspective. The growing need for live video streaming solution for enterprise and private use is definitely a market worth couple of diamond mines.

There are a handful of enterprise video streaming solutions available in the market today that allow anyone to build a live streaming or video on demand streaming platform effortlessly.

10 Best Live Streaming Platforms Compared & Reviewed For 2021

#1 VPlayed — An Enterprise Live Streaming Solution


VPlayed, one among the leading live streaming solution providers for businesses to build a streaming platform with customizable features. Their solution is capable of streaming live content to more than a million users with a scalable CMS and reliable content delivery networks. 

Their enterprise streaming solution is configured with robust digital management systems, multiple copyrights policies and much more to stream live content across devices & platforms (TV, Smartphone, Android, iOS, FireTV & so on) in a secure environment. On the other hand, the solution provides a variety of monetization models such as Pay-per-view, Subscription, and so on to reap benefits with each content you stream.

VPlayed Live Streaming Solution Boasts of Multiple Business-Building Features Like:

  1. Branding & complete ownership
  2. In-house development team
  3. Reliable video hosting
  4. Simulcast Streaming
  5. HLS Video player

#2 Contus Vplay — A Powerful Live Video Streaming Solution


Being in the market for a decade, Contus Vplay ensures to stand out in the streaming market with its customizable features, functionalities and so on. Contus Vplay offers live streaming technology for a couple of use cases such as Education, Sports, Corporate, Entertainment and so on to build a video streaming platform on the concerned industrial niche.  

Their streaming solution is backed by a powerful encoder to stream live content in glitch-free across multiple platforms and devices. Contus Vplay is equipped with an analytical dashboard to track each live content across geographical areas.

Highlight Features of Contus Vplay Ready made Live Streaming Solution Includes:

  1. 100% Customizable solution
  2. On Cloud/ On-Premise
  3. Social media integrations
  4. In-app dialogs
  5. Deeper engagement and actionable insights, etc

#3 Brightcove —A Reliable Live Event Streaming Platform


Brightcove is one of the major live streaming provider in the market that provides video hosting platforms to stream live content. Their platform also offers reliable cloud-based solutions for individuals to stream live events at a high scale.

Brightcove is optimized for better performance and delivery of high-quality content across devices. To protect the live streaming content, Brightcove is equipped with certain security technology like bypass ad-blocker and access control. On top of it, the live event streaming platform provides monetization models like ad-support over live streaming content.

Brightcove's Streaming Platform Feature Ensure Live Video Distribution Easier:

  1. Live to VOD workflow
  2. Robust Viewer Experience
  3. Live Video Advertising
  4. Social Integration

#4 Kaltura - Powering Live Video Experience


Kaltura offers a typical live streaming platform for businesses and industries to capture, encode and deliver HQ live content to users. With after broadcast opportunity, Kaltura ensures to automatically convert live streaming content into VoD content that enables users to watch over again and again.

Their live streaming platform comes with a real-time analytical dashboard to have a clear on the count of live watching users, scheduled content and geographical users to scale your live streaming capability.

Live Stream Directly On Your Website with the help of Kaltura Features:

  1. Live to VOD
  2. Real-time Analytical Dashboard
  3. Q&A, Live Polls
  4. Video Marketing

#5 Dacast — Streaming Services for businesses


This live streaming provider wins a place in this list for its flexible pricing plans; be it for video streaming as well as event streaming. The live video broadcast happens on real-time and comes with several utilities and professional tools that amplify the potential of video content delivery.

The unified and professional solution offers Live TV streaming to grow organization’s communication and live stream content through all-device HTML5 player. Dacast provides secure live video streaming along with multiple video monetization models to generate profitable revenue.

Highlight's Of Dacast Live Streaming & Video Hosting Platform Includes:

  1. Facebook Streaming
  2. White label Service
  3. Live Video Monetization
  4. Advanced Analytical Tools

#6 UScreen - Smooth & Secure Live Streaming Platform


Uscreen is yet another powerful live streaming solution in the market that offers absolute viewing experience to audiences with HD live streaming. Their live streaming platform is powered with unparalleled CDN to deliver live content across countries irrespective of bandwidth.

With multi-bitrate adaptive streaming, Uscreen ensures to deliver high-quality live content across multiple platforms (such as Android, iOS, Web, Tablet & much more) with engaging features and player.

Uscreen Video on Demand Service Boasts of Multiple Business-Building Features Like:

  1. Monetization models (Subscription & PPV)
  2. Powered CDN To Scale live Audience
  3. Geo-live Notifications
  4. Cloud Transcoding

#7 IBM Cloud - Live Video Broadcasting Tools


With the highly scalable infrastructure, IBM cloud’ live streaming platform enables content owners to stream live events to a massive audience. IBM is equipped with multiple content delivery networks to reach diverse audiences and able to control the content with intelligent traffic management to access.

IBM’s streaming software simplifies the live streaming of live events and webcasting with a robust cloud transcoder for a faster reach. With virtually real-time analytics, they offer the opportunity to track individuals’ behavior within your platform to make decisions on increasing the performance of live content reach.

Features of Your IBM Cloud Live Streaming Platform Before Committing:

  1. HD Streaming
  2. Analytics and Insights to track
  3. Content Management & Password protection
  4. Multiple Revenue Models

#8 Wowza - Live Video Streaming for Individuals & Business


Wowza is yet another professional live video streaming software in the market specifically meant for business-critical applications. Wowza streaming service offers an interactive streaming experience to the entire business to increase streaming engagement.

The Wowza streaming platform is configured with a cost-effective live event stream and playback experience on multiple devices. On the other hand, Wowza provides third-party integration of applications to build customizable ones that rebuild the streaming workflow. Their CDN has the potential to scale maximum streaming possibilities with faster encoders of content.

Interactive Live Streaming Solutions Features of Wowza:

  1. Live Event Streaming
  2. Mobile Streaming
  3. Transcoding
  4. Access Control and Security

#9 Panopto - Secure Live Webcasting & Streaming Platform


Panopto is a secure live broadcasting platform for organizations to go live at any time. It's completely a Saas-based product that helps to stream events, lectures, webinars and much more in an HD quality. Their professional live streaming platform delivers buffer-free webcasting with recording features.

To secure the live streaming content, Panopto integrated with Single Sign-on ID management system, Active Directory for access control and numbers of LMS Authentications for both mobile applications and web users. To make the live stream more engaging, the live broadcast platform is enriched with a couple of engagement tools like Q&A, live polls and much more.

Panopto Professional Streaming Service equipped features:

  1. Fully Customizable player
  2. Geo blocking
  3. Reliability
  4. Video Monetization

#10 Vidizmo — Streaming Media Solution


Vidizmo’s content management system is equipped with highly commendable all-in-one solution in live streaming technology. Vidizmo embodies video streaming for multiple purposes including corporate communication, training, learning and compliance, education and entertainment.

Vidizmo is also specialized in delivering scalable enterprise video streaming solutions such as organization meetings, webinars and much more. Their solution is integrated with analytical dashboard to track each live live streaming content

Vidizmo Features To Ensure Live Video Stream for business:

  1. Highest Quality Playback
  2. Secured & Encrypted Video Delivery
  3. Video Monitoring
  4. Content Management System

Time To Take Decisions

As we’ve discussed, out of all these live streaming platforms, many more solutions available in the market. Finding that right one completely depends on your business needs. As being said by global live streaming experts, choosing an enterprise live streaming solution has potential to strengthen your live streaming business irrespective of use cases and industries. On top of all these, a comparison of the live streaming solutions might help you in a better way to make ideal decisions which will result in a decent live streaming business opportunity.


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