10 Best Platforms To Build a Live Video Streaming Website, App or Service in 2022by@sujanpatel623
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10 Best Platforms To Build a Live Video Streaming Website, App or Service in 2022

by sujanpatel623September 14th, 2018
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Whether you’re an enterprise business professional, Individual or content creators, a live streaming platform can be a double-edged sword, it all depends on which platform you prefer to use for your streaming business.

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A decade ago, Netflix introduced us to the concept of entertainment on demand and changed the way we consumed entertainment once and for all. In the process, it opened a whole new industry for video on demand and live streaming providers.

The trend caught on like wildfire that social networking websites like Facebook and Instagram launched live streaming feature in their app. They have invested in live streaming extensively, that at present, Instagram is the number 1 platform on which highest no.of live streaming takes place. Not to mention the bandwagon of other social circles that are already providing users with incessant live video broadcasting and recorded feed broadcast.

Let’s come to terms with reality. Live broadcasting services have picked up a snowball like momentum. There is nothing stopping them unless we all stop watching video streams.

Now let’s look at this phenomenon from an entrepreneurial perspective. The growing need for live video streaming solution for enterprise and private use is definitely a market worth couple of diamond mines. There are a handful of enterprise video streaming solutions available in the market today that allow anyone to build a live streaming or video on demand streaming platform effortlessly.

#1 Contus Vplay — Live Video Streaming Solutions

Engineered with an eye for novelty, Contus Vplay provides live streaming solution that can grip all varieties of video broadcasting demands for video publishers, television channels and media companies. Built with a vision to effectuate on cloud, the solution has been embedded with state-of-the-art video content management cum security provisions, thus, aiding to maximize the returns and reach of owned video content.

The Best

  • 100% Customizable Solution
  • One-time Fee
  • Cloud Transcoding
  • Social Media Integrations
  • In-app Dialogs
  • Deeper Engagement and Actionable Insights, etc

#2 Brightcove — Live Video Streaming

Brightcove is a readily made live stream broadcasting software package that is designed to run on the cloud. It allows media owners to make iterations to their video assets for future use. Live DVR, advertising, analytics, adaptive Bitrate live streaming and quality monitoring are some of the add ons that Brightcove offer.

The Best

  • Live to VOD workflow
  • Robust Viewer Experience
  • Live Video Advertising

#3 Vplayed — Highly Proactive Live Streaming Solution

Vplayed is a full-fledged live streaming solution that concentrates on providing customised projects for businesses. Built with HTML5 player that deliver error-free videos over web and mobile, the adaptive automated transcoding helps its users to transcode every bandwidth in a real-time to escalate the merits of the streaming. Moreover, the solution also grants monetization options in multiple formats that enlarge your revenue map.

The Best:

  • Flexible Video Monetization Solution
  • Reliable Video Hosting
  • End-to-end Video Encryption
  • Multi-screen Compatible Video Player
  • Branding & Video Ownership

#4 Ooyala — Streaming Video Services

Ooyala’s video streaming products simplify the streaming services off meticulous tasks of producing live streaming high definition videos across confined bandwidth to several mediums. Ooyala video streaming solution renders live event streaming, live TV streaming, video management , monetization through VOD revenue models like AVOD, SVOD and pay per view.

The Best

  • Transcoding & repackaging
  • Maximizing Revenue

#5 Dacast — Streaming Services

This live streaming provider wins a place in this list for its flexible pricing plans; be it for video streaming as well as event streaming. The live video broadcast happens on real-time and comes with several utilities and professional tools that amplify the potential of video content delivery.

The Best

  • Facebook Streaming
  • Whitelabel Service
  • Live Video Monetization

#6 Cleeng — Live SVOD Services

Cleeng offers an innate and simplified solution to broadcast video live from events. Live PPV, SVOD, live portal, video capture are some of the extended capabilities of Cleeng. The pricing plans of Cleeng is also customized to fit the needs of the customers and also to organize and manage video streaming from pre-booking of event until delivery and post-show billing or video integration.

The Best

  • Automated Content Delivery
  • Multiple Content Categories
  • Pay-per-view

#7 Ustream — Live Streaming Platform

Ustream enables entrepreneurs to harness the power of live video streaming and broadcast on demand videos to their viewers across any medium. The live tv online software is scalable, engaging and renders a reliable platform all with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

The Best

  • Reliable Live Streaming
  • Password Protection
  • Auto Archiving

#8 Vidizmo — Streaming Media Solution

Vidizmo’s content management system is equipped with highly commendable all-in-one solution in live streaming technology. Vidizmo embodies video streaming for multiple purposes including corporate communication, training, learning and compliance, education and entertainment. Digital asset management, virtual education, digital evidence management are other extended capabilities of Vidizmo.

The Best

  1. Highest Quality Playback
  2. Secured & Encrypted Video Delivery
  3. Video Monitoring

#9 Streamsolution — Streaming Service Provider

Stream solution allows streaming of audio, video, live events and mobile to diverse platforms and users. Streamsolution’s high connectivity solutions shelters the consistent quality flow in video performance to engage the audience and amplify subscription rates. Other services of the live streaming company include pay per view model, video encoding software, transcoding, real-time statistics, etc.

The Best

  • Live Event Streaming
  • Mobile Streaming

#10 Stream Monkey — Streaming Solutions

Stream Monkey aces the competition when it comes to providing professional live streaming services. Additionally, their multi-site management, on-demand video streaming and event broadcasting are intricately developed to suit the market needs. Stream Monkey also provides 360-degree grab and turn video streaming along with 4k UHD video clarity.

The Best

  • Fully Customizable player
  • Geoblocking
  • Reliability

These are the best live streaming solutions that can stream any kind of video of any length and quality to your target customers. Most of them run on the cloud, giving you complete flexibility to upsize or downsize requirements. Real-time analytics also add to their efficacy.

Which is your pick to stream your video content?