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Seven Reasons Why You Should Invest in Namahe

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Disclosure: Namahe, the Blockchain-based Supply Chain, has previously sponsored Hacker Noon.

Namahe is an ambitious project that aims to be the first ethical supply chain solution based on blockchain. The main goal of the platform is to bring transparency to value chains, enable a new system where ethical business practices can flourish, allow the biggest brands to ensure ethical sourcing, save millions on audit costs and provide a secure marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade using the Namahe Platform.

With our token sale, you have the opportunity to be part of a revolution in supply chain management. Here are 7 compelling reasons to join the adventure;

1. Huge Potential in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is plagued by controversies arising from poor business decisions, often intended to cut costs or increase production. Several big fashion companies have come under fire for accepting or even causing slave labour type conditions for their workers, often at the lower ends of the supply chain. For example, Zara — one of the most successful clothing retailers in the world, controls much of its supply chain, and yet has been repeatedly blasted for violating human rights in Brazil, and sourcing materials from factories that devastate the environment, with unpaid labourers leaving desperate notes telling of the harsh conditions they endure.

Zara, H&M and other huge fashion retailers have repeatedly come under fire for unethical business practices.

The Namahe platform will work to ensure retailers, merchants and suppliers have access to a broad amount of information about potential supply chain partners, allowing only those that meet ethical business thresholds to participate on the platform. Our system will revolutionize the fashion industry, by forcing underperforming, or inhumane supply chain partners to change, or risk losing their business contracts.

Due to the large value of global procurement, fashion brands often employ big social auditing teams and spend millions on operations to manage social responsibility within their supply chains. Namahe has the potential to massively reduce this auditing cost, an estimated breakdown is as follows;

  • Global fashion industry worth USD 3 trillion globally
  • ~USD 1 billion spent on social auditing per annum
  • Namahe can reduce this by cost by ~70%
  • Companies would be willing to invest 50% of these savings to pay for our platform, creating a USD 350 million market within the fashion industry
  • Namahe can generate a yearly revenue of USD 87 million, by achieving a market share of 25% of this total.

2. The Blockchain Revolution

One of the major benefits of Namahe is its blockchain technology. The integration of blockchain with the supply chain will likely be one of, if not the greatest revolutions in supply chain management. With Namahe spearheading this revolution we plan to create a platform that allows for truly immutable recording of supply chain interactions, ensuring the transparency and authenticity of transactions.

The implementation of a public decentralized ledger ensures maximum visibility for suppliers, and prevents formal and informal workers from being exploited. Blockchain also enables users of Namahe to track key performance indicators including number of hours worked, and the amount of work performed to ensure the correct wages are paid.

Suppliers, merchants, retailers and other platform users will be able to easily record asset transfers, integrate with warehouse management systems to curb fraud, and improve data sharing between different supply layers, leading to increased scalability. In time, the data added and shared to the Namahe platform will massively improve efficiency, by cutting down effort duplication and providing workers with the tools they need to better manage their roles.

3. Support an Ethical Project

Incomplete transparency in the supply chain can lead to exploitation and human rights violations, including child labour, poor working conditions and improper wage payments. This should not be allowed to continue any longer, and is one of the key problems Namahe is designed to stop. Namahe will work to ensure that workers are paid a fair minimum wage, improving the quality of their lives, and respecting their human rights.

Ethical supply chains also make sense from a business perspective, they are not simply a cost, but instead a business investment. Customer loyalty is correlated with sustainable business practices, with over 30% of online shoppers expressing concern with the origin of the goods they purchase.

Companies with excellent sustainability credentials tend to outperform their competitors, and customers are often willing to pay a premium for ethically produced goods.

4. The Disruptive Namahe Marketplace

The blockchain technology behind Namahe is disruptive. By allowing all tiers of the supply chain to interact on a single transparent platform, new potential business partners can be identified and researched easily. Independent workers and suppliers will have detailed profiles containing information about their work history allowing upper level supply chain partners access to an ever growing work force.

Namahe also allows different tiers of the supply chain to assess their own and each others effectiveness, leading to a gradual improvement in supply chain efficiency, and a competitive advantage in sourcing new suppliers and manufactures based on these performance statistics.

The Namahe marketplace will promote ethical business practices through the use of blockchain technology.

5. A.I. Technology and IBM Hyperledger

You are investing in the development of technology that stands to benefit all of us, but most of all those working in the supply chain. By using machine learning libraries to develop a predictive, responsive and adaptive artificial intelligence layer, the Namahe platform aims to produce an automated decision making system that can make adjustments to the supply chain based on its confidence levels.

This system will be able to assimilate input from all levels of the supply chain, e.g. stock data, delays and fraud, and integrate it with external data including weather forecasts and demand to automatically implement corrective measures.

As the knowledge base of the system increases, the Namahe A.I. will be capable of producing predictors for future markets, reducing waste and improving productivity.

Using IBM’s hyperledger as our technology partner, Namahe will be built on a secure distributed ledger allowing all the different parts of the supply chain to connect in a transparent way. This greatly improves auditability and traceability of the provenance and history of an asset, reducing potential costs.

6. The Broad Benefits

All levels of the supply chain will benefit from Namahe, as it enables a never before reached level of cross-talk between supply chain components, enabling opportunities including;

  • Consumers: Discover interesting statistics about products and interact with provenance data shared by their favourite brands.
  • Brands: Ability to track provenance in the supply chain, and Interact with the select parties in the chain, e.g. artisans, brands and NGOs.
  • Suppliers and Manufacturers: Track KPIs relating to ethical, sustainable labour, and generate performance metrics and reports.
  • Contractors/sub-contractors: Bid for upcoming work, build a reputation, and track and respond to A.I generated alerts.
  • Workers, Artisans & Csraftsmen: Build work profile and performance indicators, rate contractors/sub-contractors and validate ethical working conditions. Worker empowerment via blockchain.
  • NGOs: Enable NGOs to support workers operating within their catchment area using smart-contract and AI technology.
  • Early NMH Investors: Benefit from success of the Namahe platform, leading to an exponential increase in NMH value.

7. Low Investment Risk, High Potential Gains

By offering a maximum of 20% bonus to early investors, and capping the maximum investment to 200 ETH, large or institutional investors will be unable to manipulate the token value once it is listed on exchanges. We also aim to reduce the risk of a token dump occurring, by avoiding Whale bonuses, skipping private sales, and forgoing a bounty, protecting the value of the NMH token.

Instead, Namahe will inspire organic growth of the NMH token value by virtue of its limited supply and genuine utility, rather than distributing millions of tokens to bounty participants, which tends to cause a crash after exchange listing.

At Namahe, we truly believe that blockchain has the power to revolutionize the supply chain industry. Namahe is designed to benefit all stake holders, and to maximize uptake of the tools and services our ecosystem provides to capture as much of the supply industry as possible under our platform. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the supply chain revolution.

Get whitelisted now for our token sale!

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