Revolutionizing Web3 Infrastructure: The Zeeve and Cherry Servers Collaborationby@zeeve

Revolutionizing Web3 Infrastructure: The Zeeve and Cherry Servers Collaboration

by Zeeve Inc.October 13th, 2023
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Zeeve and Cherry Servers team up for advanced Web3 infrastructure, accelerating blockchain development and empowering developers globally.
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Zeeve, a leading provider of managed blockchain infrastructure, has unveiled a strategic integration with Cherry Servers, a comprehensive private cloud infrastructure provider. This collaborative effort not only enriches the Zeeve platform, benefitting its 27,000+ users with expanded cloud options, but also empowers Cherry Servers to offer Web3 services to its global clientele.

Empowering Developers with Cherry Servers

Cherry Servers, boasting over two decades of experience, has established itself as a preferred choice among developers by offering top-tier performance, unwavering machine quality, and dedicated support, all at competitive price points. The partnership with Zeeve augments Cherry Servers’ existing offerings, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for their growth. It also addresses NodeOps concerns related to uptime, request volume, and security.

A Synergistic Collaboration

Dr. Ravi Chamria, co-founder and CEO of Zeeve, described this collaboration as a fusion of infrastructural and Web3 expertise with the goal of elevating Web3 infrastructure to new heights. This integration enables Cherry Servers to seamlessly transition to a Web3-ready status, harnessing the robust capabilities that Zeeve brings to the table. The partnership empowers Cherry Servers to offer its customers access to the boundless possibilities of Web3, backed by Zeeve’s unwavering support and advanced Web3 engine. Together, they aim to redefine Web3 infrastructure by embedding enterprise-grade capabilities within Cherry Servers for blockchain nodes, networks, and infrastructure.

Accelerating Blockchain Development

The integration between Zeeve and Cherry Servers will expedite blockchain development and the deployment of enterprise-grade solutions. It achieves this by combining Cherry Servers’ cloud technology with Zeeve’s no-code infrastructure and extensive Web3 experience. Zeeve’s one-click deployment platform simplifies the process for enterprise IT professionals to deploy and manage blockchain nodes and networks. This ensures a seamless transition from MVP to Production with minimal turnaround time. By alleviating deployment challenges and costs, this collaboration empowers developers and system integrators to swiftly enter the market and enhance ROI on production use cases.

Optimal Web3 Capabilities

According to Ghan Vashishtha, Co-Founder and CTO of Zeeve, unlocking the full potential of Web3 necessitates alignment with the right cloud infrastructure. Cherry Servers’ systems are meticulously configured to meet the unique requirements of Web3, featuring best-in-class microprocessors, bare-metal cloud servers, and globally distributed data centers that significantly boost IOPS operations. This results in optimal performance, superior bandwidth, and minimal global latency. Coupled with Zeeve’s distinctive value-add, this collaboration paves the way for a streamlined and efficient Web3 ecosystem. It enhances reliability and fosters the development of innovative solutions.

A Strategic Alliance

As numerous cloud providers explore or launch Web3 services, a process that demands substantial investment and dedicated teams, the partnership between Cherry Servers and Zeeve holds immense significance. It provides Cherry Servers with a seamless pathway to blockchain readiness, enabling enhancements to its existing cloud offerings. Zeeve contributes trust, compliance, and expert support to ensure the resilience and robustness of Web3 nodes and networks. This strategic move elevates both partners, delivering superior infrastructure quality, advanced network automation, enterprise-level security, and unmatched support for blockchain initiatives.

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