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Reasons Why You Should Choose the Microverse Coding Course As Beginner

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- 5 years of experience in Banking; - Microverse student; - future Full-stack web/software developer

Hello World! I’m Sayyod and I’m a financier. I have almost 5 years of experience in banking. From my childhood, I loved to work on the computer and play video games. At the same time, this love led me to create programs and games such as that. This desire never left me even during study time at the university and also in working time. My mind always thought about it. My whole free time I spent searching how to learn coding from 0. If you surf the internet with patience like me, you can find too many sites and courses which teach you online and promise to become a great developer. Here I will tell you shortly about my search results. I would like to divide them into 2 types: payable and free.

1. Payable — They look great and real. For study in these courses, you will be expected to pay such a noticeable amount of money. Approximately between 18–25 thousand US dollars for the whole curriculum.

Pros: They will supply you with teachers, professional staff, hardware, and software.

Cons: Unfortunately, most of them are not online. And it is too expensive that most beginners can’t afford

2. Free. In turn, these sites are also divided into 2:

  • The whole curriculum is free;
  • Some parts of the curriculum are free.
  • But you are not guaranteed to become a Web/software developer. They give a few instructions and examples that are not enough.

    Pros: You don’t have to pay for learning;

    Cons: There are no teachers, no full guidelines, a lack of materials.

    I’ve tried with free ones. It doesn’t take too much time to get stuck)))

    That time I had only 2 questions. First: What is the meaning of these elements? Second: How these elements are working? I didn’t understand what was doing totally. I learned some things but I didn’t know when and how to use them. I realized that I was only wasting my time.

    I frustrated and stopped.

    Some times past. in November 2019 on Facebook, I saw a Microverse ad. I can not remember full details of the ad but it fulfilled its task: achieved success to take my attention. I interested in it and clicked to the ad. Then boooom or wooooow.

    I have no words on how to express my feeling then. I found exactly what I wanted.

    Microverse teaches you from 0 to full stack developer. Yeah, not for free but no fees until you don’t get any job. This is amazing. and with these offers, they dominated all the sites I have ever seen. I went to their official site, studied thoroughly articles about curriculum, terms, and conditions, checked reviews about the Microverse from other sites. As a result, I satisfied with it absolutely. And quickly started the process. Before starting the full-time course Microverse tests the applicants.

    Appliers should demonstrate their skills by doing coding challenges and collaborative work. when you aware of coding it may be not difficult, But how do you pass the tests if you are a beginner? in these cases, Microverse offers Pre-course work. Microverse provides you with useful materials. these materials best fit for 0 level beginners. You can find the answers to your questions: what is the internet, working principles of the internet, etc. This pre-course work played an important role.

    Here I was introduced with the command line, front-end, back-end, HTML, CSS, javascript. I started to understand my actions. My imagination was getting clear from the abstract. I felt that I’m in the right way to my aim. I finished Pre-course work quickly and applied to the full-time course. After the tests, I have been received to the course.

    Now I’m a student of Microverse and want to say main differences with other sites I’ve tried:

    1. First of all, what I like in Microverse: They provide us enough materials to do a project and after that require real-life projects while other sites give only examples. In the past 6 weeks, I have created clones of popular sites, such as the Youtube page, Apple homepage, Mint sign-up page, NewYorkTimes, etc.

    When you are a beginner and do clones of such popular sites which are done by professionals it gives you motivation. It helps you understand what you learned and do practice once after study. Doing practice after study is the best way to remember them forever.

    2. Collaborative work. It is one of the best experiments in the world to achieve success. In the full-time course, we always do projects with a partner. During the project implementation, we learn together and teach each other. Two heads are better than one. I knew a code, my partner knew a code together both of us will know two codes.

    That’s the aim of Microverse. in Other sites you have to learn alone. If you are alone sometimes it gets boring which can lead to slow, and even to stop.

    3. Others offer only teach coding. Not anything additional. Microverse not only teaches you coding, but it trains your soft skills also. What are soft skills? Teamwork, Integrity, Good communication skills, Reliability and Organization are good examples of soft skills.

    Microverse wants to develop these skills also. They approach their work professionally. I appreciate this approach.

    4. Tuition fee. Did you get stuck with options? Which one to choose? Payable courses with high costs vs free courses which you don’t completely satisfy with? Then choose Microverse. It aggregates all features of 2 types.

    It gives you full-time courses for free until you get a job with a salary of at least 1.000 US dollars. You don’t lose anything. Why not try?

    5. DD-Dominant Difference. Finding a job. Microverse helps you to find a remote job after finishing the course. Microverse has career coaches and they prepare students for the interviews. I haven’t seen offers like this in other sites. that is the privilege of Microverse. I want to tell you about one situation with a Microverse student. He said that he had an interview with the hiring manager organized by the help of Microverse.

    After the interview, he realized that the hiring manager was a Senior web developer of Netlify. I have never heard about Netlify and searched about it. And I would like to recommend you too. Just Google “Netlify salaries”. You’ll find interesting numbers.

    Does Microverse have any cons?

    Yes, Microverse doesn’t give you teachers. Sometimes I get stuck I need help. An explanation of codes; why some codes working in my teammates project, but not working in a mine; any recommendations to solve the issues — that’s why you need a teacher. The absence of a teacher might be a drawback of the Course, but Microverse changed this disadvantage into an advantage. How? in this case you solve your problem with helping hands: your partner, your teammates, Microverse full-time student community. You may ask any questions from them and they are always ready to help.

    In conclusion, I strongly recommend Microverse to other people who want to learn to code. Never doubt, be sure to select Microverse. Microverse helps you to become from this

    to that

    Don’t miss your chance of becoming a great web/software developer.

    Happy coding!

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    - 5 years of experience in Banking; - Microverse student; - future Full-stack web/software developer


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