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Python Programming: A Beginner’s Guide

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Python is an interpreted, high-level, powerful general-purpose programming language. You may ask, Python’s a snake right? and Why is this programming language named after it? Well, you are in the right place to discover the answer! and I’ll also answer the why, what, and how regarding Python programming.

Why do we need to know about Python?

People prefer Python over French (What 😮)

According to a recent survey, in the UK, Python overtook French to be the most popular language taught in primary schools. (OMG!) 6 of 10 parents preferred their children to learn Python over French.

The survey by Ocado group

So hurry up🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️(or these kids will for sure)! Get ready to learn it! Because there’s a possibility of you being hired in one of the companies mentioned below!!!

Big Companies🏢 are Using Python

NASA, Google, Nokia, IBM, Yahoo!,Google Maps, edX, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Facebook, Netflix, Expedia, Reddit, Quora, MIT, Disqus, Hike, Spotify, Udemy, Shutterstock, Uber, Amazon, Mozilla, Dropbox, Pinterest, YouTube and many more…

Applications of Python in the real world🗺

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Web Development
  • Automation/Testing
  • Scripting
  • Web Scraping
  • and many more…

What is Python?

Some History and Why the name ‘Python’?

Let’s start wit a flashback tale (trust me it’s interesting😉). Python is created by a guy named Guido van Rossum. This guy who’s right down there👇.

Guido Van Rossum was looking for a hobby project to keep him occupied in the week around Christmas. He chose to call it Python, coz Guido himself is a big fan of Monty Python’s Flying Circus ( Popular British comedy troupe). So rather being in an irrelevant mood he named the project ‘Python’.

Hence the name Python was adopted. Well, this resulted in you reading my blog. But here’s a fact (Are you ready to be stunned?)

Python influenced Javascript and 8 other languages to be designed,
-> C, Java, Perl, AWK, HyperTalk, Lua, Scheme and Self.

😮Yes, you read it right!!, Python has influenced all these languages to be either designed or updated after it.

What do you need to know about Python?

Well, now you may wonder Python is something worthwhile to know isn’t!

👇Here’s Bite-sized page to offer you on basic points on the features of Python programming language. (Apologies for my Handwriting!😅).

How & Where Should you start learning?

Certification Courses:

Udemy — Complete Python Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery

I have been learning Python this year from an awesome Instructor, Andrei Neagoie. He has created an academy Zero to Mastery, it’s a platform with courses touching the topics like Web Development, Machine Learning, JavaScript, Deno and much more so check it out if you’re interested.

Coursera — Crash course on Python

It is the first course of 6 part course series from Professional Certification course — Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate, offered by Google. You can audit the courses to try out for free.

Free to Use:

Python Official Documentation

You can always learn from and refer to, the Official documentation of Python, it’s always free.

Python Tutorial for Beginners

Check out this YouTube tutorial on Python for Beginners by the Telusko Channel.


It’s a good website which provides lots of resources on Python Tutorials.

Python Ecosystem

Python is a favorite choice for programming when it comes to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or even Web Development. The ecosystem grows a lot day by day with libraries and frameworks. Some of the most used ones are mentioned in this sketch right down below 👇.

Let me list these out with their functionalities:

Machine Learning/Data Science: Pandas(Data Analysis), NumPy, SciPy (Mathematical and scientific computation), matplotlib (Plotting), Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch(Machine Learning/Deep Learning libraries).

Jupyter Notebook: Developer Environment

Web Development: Flask(Micro Web Framework), Django(Multi-level Web Framework).

Keep Learning

Now, I guess this is where I say GoodBye👋. But, Hey it’s time for you to start learning with your newfound Knowledge(Power)👨‍💻👩‍💻. Good Job that you made this far and thank you so much for reading my blog🙂. And stay tuned by following my page for updates.

Bonus Section

To learn more about Python (right now), check out this Playlist👇 by Andrei Neagoie on — ‘Become a Python Developer’.

Are you interested to know more about Python in-depth? Do you want to become a Python Developer and work on real-life applications? Check out this YouTube video ‘The Real Python Developer Roadmap’👇. It’s a long video but hang in there. It’s a really great video about what to learn in Python Programming and careers options. (Trust me on this too😉)

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