Hackernoon logoProduct Manager of the Year: Hacker Noon Awards 2019 | #Noonies by@natasha

Product Manager of the Year: Hacker Noon Awards 2019 | #Noonies

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@natashaNatasha Nel

👋 I'm the VP of Editorial Strategy here at Hacker Noon. I also make podcasts and write stories.


WINNER - 🥇Vindhya C

2ND PLACE - 🥈Timoté Geimer

3RD PLACE -🥉Marija Cvjetkovic

Hacker Noon—where hackers start their afternoons, has partnered with Stream to present the inaugural Noonies 2019: The Tech Industry's Greenest Awards. You can help Hacker Noon declare the best and worst of this year’s tech scene by voting every day from today until August 16th!

Product Manager of the Year Award // #Noonies 2019

“Ship it!” - Your PM, probably

And the nominees are...

* Timoté Geimer

* Marija Cvjetkovic

* Momčilo Dakić

* Lenny Rachitsky

* Pramod Chandrayan

* John Cutler

* Marc Santosusso

* Nancy Wang

* Abhishek Sharma

* Josh Ben-David

* Nikita Skitev

* Hiten Shah

* Antonio van der Weel

* Josh Elman

* Felix Gerlach

* Dan Fedirko

* Alex Mitchell

* Suketu Patel

* Vindhya C

* Daniel Raffel

* Claudio Cossio

* Sam Dub


The Noonies are made possible by Stream. Stream’s simple, powerful APIs for scalable feeds and chat are used by some of the largest and most popular apps. Voting is open from today until August 16th, 2019, and Hacker Noon’s #Noonies award winners will be announced on August 21st, 2019. << VOTE NOW >>


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