Advancing Women in Product Launches New Chapters in London, Paris and Berlin by@nancyzwang

Advancing Women in Product Launches New Chapters in London, Paris and Berlin

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  • AWIP has surpassed 4,000 members in 2018
  • Strong demand for equality and professional opportunities for female product leaders across Europe
  • London chapter kickoff event co-hosted with European Python community

LONDON — December 13, 2018 — Advancing Women in Product (AWIP), the organization empowering high-potential female product and tech leaders around the globe through equality of opportunity, announced its international expansion to three major European cities: London, Paris and Berlin.

“Strong collaboration between product leaders across geographical backgrounds is key to addressing equal educational and professional opportunities for females in the industry,” said Nancy Wang, CEO and co-founder of AWIP. “By expanding our community into Europe, AWIP hopes to drive change for women in tech around the globe.”

Founded in 2017, AWIP has grown to 4,000 members with communities distributed across the U.S. and Europe. AWIP has experienced significant growth this year with the inaugural Executive Summit and partnerships with the Wharton School of Business, Yelp, Greylock Partners, Redpoint Ventures and many others.

Based in San Francisco, AWIP’s network recently expanded to Seattle and Silicon Valley to further the organization’s mission to create career and advancement opportunities for women and underrepresented groups through a connected network offering skill-based training programs and mentorships.

To commemorate the launch of the London chapter, AWIP will co-host an event and pitch contest with the European Python community. At the event, featured speaker Jaron Collis, co-founder and CTO of Plural AI, will explore how he built a software business during his presentation: How 2 Strangers Can Build a £1m AI-startup in 12 Months. The pitch contest will feature startups Bullet Train, Heterogeneous and Teebly, as they compete for an opportunity to attend Startup Row at PyCon U.S. 2019 in May.

The AWIP chapter in Europe will host skill-based workshops and provide mentoring opportunities for technical women pursuing B2B and enterprise PM roles. For more information visit:

About AWIP

Co-founded by two Google and Amazon PMs, Advancing Women in Product (AWIP) empowers tech leaders through equality of opportunity in career advancement for both men and women. AWIP believes in the power of equal opportunity to propel the technology industry forward. To learn more and to join AWIP, visit, @theAWIP on Twitter, and @AdvancingWomenInProduct on Facebook.

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