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Package by features, not layers

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César Ferreira

Lead Android Engineer

“Splitting packages by layers is just like splitting co-workers by profession instead of splitting them into organization teams.”

Imagine this ridiculous situation:

Managers company, Programmers company, Human Resources company and Marketing company, where the Programmers company will only have programmers and no managers, marketeers or human resources;

Packaging stuff together by what it is, and not by what it does, will only make you jump 10 times to the place you are looking for.

Gains and Benefits

  • By looking at the structure you can already tell what the app is all about (figure 1);
  • Higher modularity;
  • Easier code navigation;
  • Higher level of abstraction;
  • Separates both features and layers;
  • More readable and maintainable structure;
  • More cohesion;
  • Much easier to scale;
  • Less chance to accidentally modify unrelated classes or files;
  • Much easier to add or remove application features;
  • And much more reusable modules.

Do you concur? What is your approach?

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