NFTs are More Than Street Cred, DAMNIT! My Frick'n HOUSE is On-Chain! by@alyzesam

NFTs are More Than Street Cred, DAMNIT! My Frick'n HOUSE is On-Chain!

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Not many can fathom the real-world usefulness of NFT technology. That is until we realize our homes are non-fungible assets and digital record-keeping technology isn't going away…. Happy Birthday, john!
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Alyze Sam, #WomenInBlockchain

A smiling survivor serving in ethical tech Termed Stablecoin Queen & “the heart of social impact blockchain”

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In the notable Forbes article “NFTs Are Experiences, Not Things” by John Koetsier, John states, “The entire story of non-fungible tokens to date has been a kind of Keystone Cops combination of Amazing New Possibility and Dumbest Thing Ever. Opposites attract, apparently…. Why the craze? Because maybe, just maybe, the experience is more than the thing.”

Ouch. I mean, maybe. Though, many technologists, including myself, saw much more than merely an experience from NFTs, Johnny boy. 

Do you guys remember back in 2014, the first NFT minting in New York City? If you were there, you'd remember Anil Dash and Kevin Mcoy hanging their heads low and shifting their feet to the exit after an audience laughed them off the stage for their presentation on immortalizing art and coding metadata as proof of ownership on the blockchain. It took several years for people to jump on this volatile bandwagon of revolutionary ideas and use cases in Web 3, which, frankly, people absolutely love or completely despise. (Just like the internet back in 1995)

    Photo Source: Newsweek article, 1995.

As an early investor in DeFi and retaining a passion for the future of blockchain and IPFS technologies, I feel much of the general population's disdain for introductory technologies arrives in two forms;

  • Lack of understanding/ education or;
  • relevant and easy-to-use solutions in everyday life.

Few understood Bitcoin or blockchain in 2014. Further, no one could envision blockchain spawning non-fungible tokens; and how NFTs would take over the financial world, news and media, and global entertainment industries. Even in John's more recent, well-researched Forbes article, you can see that not many can fathom the real-world usefulness of NFT technology.

That is until we realize our homes are non-fungible assets and digital record-keeping technology isn't going away….

Caught Crying About The Crypto Crash? Grow up! Obtain Real Acquisitions! 

Since exchanges cut off trades, crypto crashed, the NFT Bubble burst, and stablecoin(s) who shall remain nameless; cough-cough, one was LUNA, totally RETK everyone- many crypto bro-bros are, in fact, applying at McDonald's.

Photo Source: Reddit

Still, according to CNBC, "Here's how the ultra-wealthy are investing in 2022." 2022 was said to be the year to build inflation-resistant portfolios. TIGER 21 members are convinced inflation will be permanent, not transitory. 65% expect inflation to accelerate in the next year. They advise allocating money to real estate (industrial properties, apartment buildings) and cryptocurrencies. Source

Since half of my crypto career has been in stablecoins and NFTs, I've done my fair share of speeches on volatility and cautious investing, especially in the realm of digital technology, as it's still in its infancy. CNBC, in my opinion, is correct, financial technology is the future (and now and the last eight years of my life), but with the market, it would be nice to have some real estate as the world falls apart. 

If you were anything like me, the Bitcoin Family, (shout out to Didi and ladies!) and others, many of us left our traditional family homes in the spirit of Satoshi's dream. We fled or sold our homes to build technology or share a decentralized life and education with the planet. 

So, now that #DeFi is once again dominant, TIGER 21 (aka; already rich people) tell me to buy a house... now? in this market? With my $BTC way undervalued? Well, it could be wise- but is it affordable? 

If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering, why hasn't anyone devised a tokenomics model to stabilize digital assets using real estate? It would be a solution to TIGER 21 and CNBC's recommendation by diversifying investments in your portfolio within one digital asset. 

NFTs Are Mostly Garbage & You Know It

Amid the NFT trash being uselessly minted by money-hungry crowds merely riding the next trendy wave, I've been globally sharing the damage we are doing to the world and how we are procuring a poor illustration of this technology. 

During a "Crypto Karen" trip (stop hashtagging me #CryptoKaren-why you do that? Rude)- On my way to lecture everyone, I accidentally fell upon an exciting solution while speaking at conferences in Florida, USA, at Bitcoin Miami week. Among being not impressed by the gobs of newbs in the flooding in fintech, I left impressed by one thing-

Why was I impressed? I've been preaching on minting real-world assets into the metaverse and giving NFTs utility. I've educated on the history and the real-world use cases, crying, asking people to stop minting stupid stuff, making fintech geeks look dumb, and please stop killing the planet---- 

You're welcome, @HackerNoon, Co-founder, Jay, I'm with you & I support your facebook posts even though I'm in FB jail atm. lol. <3

Then I discovered the reNFT and I got a little less sad. Cuz, dude, they seemed unusally interesting and beneficial during this economic nightmare we've all waken up to.

What is a reNFT? 

The creators of this technology, Balcony DAO, noted that a reNFT is the digital analog of traditional real estate. reNFTs represent equity ownership in a real-world, income-producing asset. 

reNFTs store all property estate-related data on the blockchain, streamlining due diligence and business transaction processes.

Government organizations will migrate official record keeping onto private and public blockchains to recognize digital deeds and titles as proof of ownership. Migration of data on chain is helpful; however, not necessary for fractionalized real estate. 

What is Balcony DAO?

Balcony DAO unites real estate and financial technology to create web 3.0 enhanced assets. As a prospective Web 3.0 investment bank, Balcony DAO delivers digital financing resolutions for real-world assets.

Balcony DAO is constructing a marketplace that aims to be the Opensea for trading real-world assets.

Balcony DAOs Mission Statement is to democratize access to wealth by permitting significant real estate investments to every household. They aim to use blockchain technology and real estate to provide your family with security and endless investment opportunities by creating a new NFT protocol that fractionalizes real-world assets. 

How is Balcony DAO Different?

Balcony aims to democratize access to investment-level income-producing NFT securities directly tied to real-world equity in real estate.

Balcony DAO claims they are initial movers in the real estate tokenization space by creating an entirely new NFT protocol, the reNFT, which is an NFT that efficiently houses large amounts of metadata associated with real estate properties. Balcony feels this metadata needs to be minted on the blockchain to authenticate physical assets while bringing provenance to their investments.    

“Provenance”, pffff. 

Yes, provenance can be a snobby word; some say the rich use it to get richer. 

For a lot of the world, the reality is: it's the middle of a pandemic, inflation is over 9% (admitted, not accurate, IMO), we are in an economic crisis, a global famine is approaching, wars are taking place, and unemployment is on the rise. 

Hence, you "provenance peeps," listen up! 

Fewer people have money for real estate, crypto, NFTs, gas, and everyday needs. Sadly, even the most giant whales have some shrimpy wallets in this dip atm. 

Interestingly enough, Balcony DAO founders have been on the front line of the housing market since their youth. These eager and tech-savvy real estate professionals saw a need for the everyday consumer to have accessibility to corporate investment properties, especially during what numerous individuals reference as an impending recession. Massive real estate success has historically peaked during times of economic turmoil. Knowing this, Balcony DAO derived a technical solution that allows fractionalized investing in prominent properties for all of us… because you know we all deserve to throw around fancy investment words. 

Appreciations, Balcony DAO! 

Fractionalization Foremen

Dan Silverman, Co-Founder of Balcony DAO, claims their project is "the first group to allow individual fractionalized corporation-level real estate investments using NFTs instead of dealing with complicated partners, not-so-transparent lawyers, possibly shady real estate agents, crooked businessmen, and untraceable inflated fiat. In addition to defeating all the 'real estate boogiemen' out there, our professional pipeline and resumes are extensive with transformative, unique, attractive deals and people." 

The Balconanites (community ambassadors) believe Balcony DAO can change the primitive practice of real estate dealings, which it's not only virtuous to democratize real estate ownership allowing access to individuals who lack the opportunity; it'll improve and unite communities. 

REAL ESTATE Makes REAL Money, But It’s REALLLLY Old...

"Real estate is the world's biggest store of wealth," according to "It's estimated the global value of real estate reached $326.5 trillion USD Q4 in 2020, making real estate more valuable than all global equities and debt securities combined and almost four times the size of global GDP. By comparison, the value of all gold ever mined is USD12.1 trillion USD, just 4% of the value of the global property. It's no wonder that real estate has become a significant investment asset class for investors around the world."

Alexander McGee and Michael Reichel claim that current real estate commerce is archaic; Balcony DAO believes web 3.0 and blockchain integrations can evolve the most significant and necessary industries worldwide. Image: All property data and custody exchanges are recorded on an unalterable ledger, bringing more transparency and liquidity to this acquisition class, and eliminating countless fears the industry retains. 

John Belitsky adds that the Balcony DAO co-founders are a unique subset of people with a deep understanding and impressive background in startups, real estate, and financial technology, so they jumped on a unique opportunity to be the initial entrepreneurs in the space. 

To Conclude

The volatility of the market cycles and how rapidly the world is evolving has worried many of us. As a fellow co-founder of blockchain technology solutions, It’s been refreshing to see projects arising offering everyday consumers something we all have longed for. These are the types of projects we need to invest time and resources into, as they will bring mass adoption to all our blockchain solutions. 

- Fin-

Thank you to my new friends at Balcony DAO for being so rad- inviting me to your fantastic gatherings; we both fill the room with highly influential entities and a lot of brillant and magical ideas grew from some of your events in FL. <3

I’ve invited Balcony Dao to the ihollywood film fest and NFT awards in September, praying we see you ALL there. Reach out to me for a personal invitation. The Balcony boys will also be at the Bisnow conference Aug 2. (Since I can't be there, pics or it didn't count! lol!)


Alyze Sam is a refreshing blockchain strategist, a novel educator, multi-award-winning author, serial co-founder, and a vehemently driven advocate. Don Tapscott published Sam's eight years of stablecoin research at The Blockchain Research Institute in 2021. The Bad Crypto Podcast developed a Blockchain Hero NFT inspired by her work: Mz. Stability. Sam has been ranked top 50 in Blockchain & Top 5 Woman in NFTs (Hacker Noon, 2022) and released The ABCs of NFTs with the world's youngest author, her 4-year-old son! 

Sam’s five published books have been awarded best sellers and best releases in over 14 science, business, education, and technical categories. Order Sam's latest #1 new release with Alex Tapscott on Amazon now: Digital Asset Revolution and her #1 in Computer Science & Financial Education: Stablecoin Evolution


Contact me & my besties where we write white papers, grants and launch complicated tech solutions in an ethically sustainable manner: |

Balcony DAO Contact & Community


Mint a Balcony Deed. The deed grants access to a waitlist for Balcony’s first reNFT offering, a 30% discount off Balcony Assets Club, and access to online & IRL pre-launch events.

Twitter Discord. Telegram.

To John! Happy Birthday to Balcony DAO's Co-Founder, John! May you bring more love and kindness to the world for many more years to come! <3, Sam

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