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New Way for Business Optimisation is Out Now: Rake System and Their Success Story by@anastasiia-kyryliuk

New Way for Business Optimisation is Out Now: Rake System and Their Success Story

Anastasiia Kyryliuk HackerNoon profile picture

Anastasiia Kyryliuk

Digital Marketing Specialist at Chatbots.Studio

The Rake system understands and manages client requests related to company services. Regardless of the requests: text, voice - Rake’s chatbots understand and process all of them using artificial intelligence. The chatbot has been designed for W5Golf, and is the company that provides customer experience optimisation solutions and helps develop customer experience strategies that deliver results. The company’s solution helps to strengthen relationships with your customers by providing a system that optimises relevant engagements and improved services.

. . .


In just a handful of months, Chatbots.Studio was able to develop a beta version of a complex system for hosting many chatbots related to company services and live agent management. Now Alfa version 2.0 is available with improved architecture.  

Also, the system provides bot hosting and live agent connections. One of the efficient features implemented recently is the opportunity to save conversation histories and always return to the right step in case of need. 

So what are the channels of communication for such a system? Clients can engage with your representatives via 

1. Facebook Messenger ( the system automatically adds new - - FacebookApplication configurations and gets inbound messages from Facebook page he/she is signed;

2. SMS Twilio – the service that provides clients and live agent communication via SMS and provides notification mailing for appropriate clients.

3. Drumroll, please… We created our own web-widget to place on any website. Users get access to the bot via the mentioned web widget and messages history.

Chatbots.Studio software engineers are creating their own platform for live agent communication called RakeUserApp.


Let’s delve deeper into the benefits for businesses of system implementation! 

The Rake system is developed for small and middle businesses.  The main goal is collecting all possible channels of ‘live agent-client’ communication together. This allows providing automation answers on users’ requests and connection to live agents in case of chatbot can’t provide the answer. 

One of the values and major features is the ability to connect the chatbot to the system and build its behavior by yourself. Such customisation sounds pretty amazing, right?

Learn more about Rake as Platform for live agents connection and chatbots hosting in our case study description.


Our client said:

“We have an ongoing project with the Chatbots team. Everyone on the team is committed to quality, very reliable and timeline focused. That's why we really feel like they are a true partner on this project.”

A trustworthy, technical partner, plus the client’s idea allows the Rake system to totally transformed the customer experience and business processes management.