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The Most Popular Chatbot Frameworks For Building Intelligent Business Bots

Chatbots are becoming a very viable customer support solution that allows automated interactions in real time. Bots are in trends with business practices that have become one of the attractive platforms in today’s time.

There are many Startups with their own framework and functional that are offerings chatbots to interact, engage and even handle the users. Big Giants like Facebook and Microsoft have already released extensive bot frameworks. With demand, there are many chatbots being developed on Facebook Messenger. Likewise, many mobile app developers have signed up for the Facebook Bot Engine to integrate with their own model.

What are Bot Frameworks?

Bot Framework is where bots are built. Here bots are defined with behavior according to the usage. Talking about Chatbot Developer they develop messaging platforms and SDKs for Chatbot development. The Bot development framework comprises the Bot Connector, Bot Directory, Developer Portal, and Bot Builder SDK. These frameworks are software frameworks that reduces much of the manual work that is involved in building chatbots.

Some Bot Frameworks are:

Facebook Bot Engine:

Having Messenger platform and ownership of WhatsApp, Facebook is the leading player in messaging services. This is the reason why it has invested so heavily in communication bots. Facebook Bot Engine is based on technology.

Talking about it runs from its own server in the cloud. And the Bot Engine is a wrapper built to deploy the bots in Facebook Messenger platform.

Facebook’s is all about the number of the users connected to it. Due to the power of the social media network, Facebook doesn’t need any other Bot development platform.

In simple words, we can say that Facebook Messenger itself is a humongous space on its own.

Facebook is trying to adopt new strategies with the Facebook Bot Engine hence Facebook Messenger users are going to get a variety of specialized chatbots experience.

The Facebook Bot Engine is dependent on Machine Learning which provides power to handle many different replies to the same questions. The potential of offers certain options to developers that could improve their chatbots.

Microsoft Bot Framework:

Microsoft bot has the same popularity as Facebook, it was declared at the same time when Facebook bot Engine came into the market.

Microsoft had a different philosophy with the approach and it offers Microsoft’s SDK that can be viewed as two independent components: Bot Connector and is the natural language understanding component and Bot Connector is the integration Framework.

The best part of these components is remarkable. Moreover, the Microsoft Bot Framework’s integration component can be integrated with Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Web chat, SMS, email and Skype.

Microsoft Bot Framework offers features to build and deploy good quality of chatbots for users. The focus is to make the user interact naturally wherever they are chatting to other platforms.

Microsoft Bot Framework offers what we need to build, connect, manage and enjoy our favorite conversation experiences. The user can easily connect with different platforms like Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Kik, etc. is another web-based bot development framework that is popular for building conversational interfaces. It offers pre-built Agents that developer can import to project and customize depending on needs.

If your Chatbot is supposed to be fully unique you don’t need most of the extra agents due to the pre-built Agents. However, you can still import a few modules with common topics like “hello,” “goodbye,” “emotions,” or “courtesy,” and make your bot interactive.

Apart from that provides some of the SDKs and libraries for bot development such as Android, iOS, Webkit HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, etc.

Highlights about as follows:

Agents: Agents match up according to the applications. Once an agent is trained and tested it can be integrated with app or device.

Entities: It signifies the concepts that are often specific to a domain. It helps in mapping NLP (Natural Language Processing) phrases to approved phrases that catch their meaning.

Intents: It is all about the coordination between what a user says and what action should your internal software takes.

Actions: Actions correspond to the steps that your application will take when intents are triggered by user inputs.

Contexts: Contexts are strings that are useful for differentiating phrases. clarifies the current context of the user expression that might be confusing and have different meaning depending on what was spoken previously.

It is well-organized and possesses a friendly user interface. Due to the pre-built agents, it is really easy to start building a chatbot. Moreover, it’s a good engine to develop a simple or a middle-level chatbot. The best part is that it fits many platforms at once.

Aspect CXP and Aspect NLU

Aspect CXP and Aspect NLU are two blends of an interface that offer human-like conversational whenever user chats with them. Talking about Aspect Customer Experience Platform (CXP), it is a platform for designing, implementing, and deploying multichannel customer service applications. And Aspect NLU is a component which gives the sense of human language while having the chat.

Aspect CXP helps to design, implement and deploy customer service applications effortlessly. When we talk about Multiple communication channels like text, voice, mobile web, social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc. can be easily processed using Aspect CXP.

Whereas, Aspect NLU allows scaling through automation, with a robotic feel of chatbots. Apart from that, it offers the human-like conversational tone to self-service dialogues on Facebook Messenger. It tries to engage the user without distracting the continuous conversation.

Wrapping Up…

Chatbots have created a very wide range of services that help users to interact with a computer using a simple chat-like interface. There are many platforms and frameworks offering services to assist users if anyone is having trouble in anyways. Above we discussed some of the Bot frameworks available in the market for developers to build bots according to the customer utilities.

There are many bot frameworks provide an opportunity for developers to deploy code anywhere. With the integration of artificial intelligence, these chatbots provide an advanced experience. Chatbots are engaging customer in every manner. As a result, it has drastically changed many business processes and strategies. There are many App development companies in the industry that are offering Chatbot featured service to their client.

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