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Marketing Your Crypto/NFT Tokens

The first impression your crypto marketing campaigns make is the first impression that the general public will leave with for a long time. Listing your coin on CoinMarketCap, Exchanges, and CoinGecko is the most important step to market your crypto project. Establish a relationship with a journalist who has an affinity for your project and an audience of people interested in the crypto gaming ecosystem. List your coins before marketing before marketing your crypto-related projects. List the legitimacy of your coins and make sure you have provided proof of legitimacy.
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Crypto public relations campaigns are the real deal for crypto-related businesses and projects. It does not matter if these businesses are startups or have been in the crypto space for some time, the moment their public relations campaign is successful, it will be the beginning of a successful token sale.

The cryptocurrency industry has a lot of companies that are in different stages. There are startups, micro, medium and macro companies in the cryptocurrency industry. One of the things a very good marketing campaign will do for a startup, micro, and medium company is this; the campaigns will get them on the relationship page of the global or macro brands in the crypto industry.

However, you must know that launching a successful marketing campaign for your project is not all about content and strategies. The strategies and content must be the basic foundation for the campaign, but should not be bland. The marketing campaigns should have strategies and content must have a creative font, trendy and should be able to make the headlines in the news.  These qualities and characteristics will ensure the success of the project.

No matter what the project is, it should be a project that is selling the company's brand name to the public. Any crypto project that a business launch determines the kind of feeling that the general public will have about the name of the company. So, embedded in the crypto projects that companies take on is the real message of the brand.

Therefore, the way companies market their crypto project should be taken very seriously.  Again, you see that it is not just having trendy, creative, and strategic crypto marketing campaigns. The campaigns must be done in such a way that the brand name and the message will be clear. So, the 'what' is important, but the ‘how’ is more important.

Marketing campaigns will either break or make the company’s brand name. You do not have a second opportunity to make a first impression in your crypto marketing campaigns. The first impression your crypto marketing campaigns make is the first impression that the general public will leave with for a long time. Therefore, your how of crypto marketing strategy is as important, if not even more important than the ‘what’ of market strategy.

In this article, we will be looking at 11 very important tips every business that wants to launch a crypto project should know if it will have a successful campaign. Applying these marketing strategies will boost every crypto-related campaign and get the business tremendous results.

The beautiful thing about these tips is that they go beyond crypto-related campaigns. Anyone in the marketing or public relation field can use them to achieve effective marketing. Below are the 10 marketing requirements you need to meet before marketing your crypto projects.

1. List Your Coin on CoinMarketCap, Exchanges, and CoinGecko


This step has to be the first step when before going on to start marketing your cryptocurrencies. You will not want to send the impression that your coin is a scam, so you have to list it. It is not as though some coins listed on CMC, CoinGecko and other crypto exchanges are not fake, but listed coins are more credible than coins that are not listed.

To list your coins, you must have passed through all the checks mandated by these platforms. Most of these checks are to verify the validity of your coins. Passing these checks will make people believe your crypto marketing campaign more. Therefore before marketing, make sure you have provided proof of legitimacy by listing your coins.

2. Stay on Target all the Time

There is a popular saying within the cryptocurrency community DYOR (Do Your Own Research). The truth is that this rule is not just applicable in the cryptocurrency industry only, it applies in every industry where marketing is done. Anytime you get a journalist to pitch a press release for your project, get an experienced journalist. An experienced journalist is someone who has written a considerable number of articles related to your cryptocurrency project.

On social media, the person should have talked about a related project, topic, or niche at least. It might be through a post or tweet. Somehow, the journalist should have mentioned a related project or niche like your crypto project. If the journalist you want to get on board for your pitch writes or talks on gaming, you can give the person your crypto gaming projects. People will listen to the journalist pitch your project and buy into it. The journalist already has an audience of people interested in the crypto gaming ecosystem.

People will only listen to the pitches of journalists when they are sure that these pitches are from professionals. The way people know professionals is by their statements, publications, press releases, posts, tweets, and articles.

A journalist who has an affinity for your kind of project will personalize your project pitch, and with that, people will most likely pick up your project.

3. Establish a Relationship

Now you have gotten a journalist that will pitch your crypto project, one thing you should do is go a little bit beyond your work relationship. It was work that brought you together, but to get the best, you have to go a bit closer.

You can establish this kind of relationship by following the person on social media. Follow the journalist on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and subscribe to the journalist’s YouTube channels, and email lists. The most effective social media platform through which you can follow the journalist you are contracting for your pitch is Twitter.

Furthermore, do not just follow them and keep mute. Building relationships hinges on communication. Get talking with them through these social media channels. You should chat them up and discuss related or even similar projects, topics, and interests. People like to know that they are working with real people, the working relationship gets better when people feel the person they are working with.

Create a bond and human connection with them by chatting them up as often as possible. Discuss their feelings and yours about the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and what they find interesting in the space. If you can get them highly opinionated and to take your project personal. The project will succeed in its campaigns.

4. Stay Transparent in the Relationship

One way to show your project journalist that you are interested in them is by connecting your project to posts, publications, quotes, and press releases they have made before. If your journalist is a busy person, remember that the person will have a lot of spam messages. Your message must be unique if you want the journalist to notice you. One way to do this is to send emails with timely and relevant notices. Something detailed enough for preparing a press release.

Furthermore, to make your messages stay unique, use brand storytelling techniques. This method will go beyond being enough for a press release, it will pass across the message and values of your brand effectively.

5. Study Your Audience


This requirement is very important. Marketing is for and to people in every industry, you cannot be marketing to people you do not understand. You should know those you are marketing to so you can speak their language and relate to their pain points.

Knowing your audience will mean that you know where to find them first. Different classes of people have their preferred media. For example, you will meet more traders on CoinDesk, and if your project is finance-related, you will find your audience on Bloomberg. Investment and finance enthusiasts are more on Bloomberg. For those interested in technology, you will find them on HackerNoon.

Therefore, you must know the medium through which you will relate with your audience. Any medium you select is what your preferred journalists will use for putting out your press release. Also, you should communicate with the journalist on the tone of conversation you want to use in the press release. You have to know how your audience speaks and in what language they communicate. If your press release is in a language that your audience can understand, they will be interested in your project.

6. Add a CTA (Call to Action)

In your media, make sure you tell your journalist to act on whatever you have shared. Ask them to check for additional details and other press releases. Also, you can write to them to take on the responsibility of sharing your articles on your project. When requesting that they share your articles, make them feel the urgency of sharing your articles. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is moving very fast, so whatever you are doing about marketing your project must be urgent.

7. Make the Title of Your Marketing Press Release Attractive

People will read beyond your heading when you have a heading that keeps them glued to your press release. The heading is the audience’s first meet-up. If your heading is not attractive enough, journalists and the general audience will not pay attention to your project article.

You may choose not to keep the titles and subtitles seriously. Playing around with these elements will make your press release appealing to a lot of Gen Z's audience. Many people in the cryptocurrency industry are Gen Z. Use a cryptocurrency hook that will get the reader’s attention when they take a glance at your press release.

8. Get Enough Information About Your Project

There is nothing more important than knowing so much about your project. Before people will begin to talk about your project, they should have heard a lot from you. No one wants to deal with someone who is a novice or ignorant. As much as possible, get information about the project from every available source.

Look for daily news, websites, and channels of your competitions in the niche and stalk them. Find social media pages and people that give premium information about your project and follow them. Stay up to date with the events and happenings in that space.

The cryptocurrency world is a very volatile one, if you stay out of current info for one minute, you might lose everyone you want to reach.

9. Ensure Your Journalist Fully Understands your Project

This requirement is a must for you and your project. It is not enough to know about the project yourself. Your journalist needs to know about YOUR PROJECT.

What is your project all about? How does it work? One way to do this is to get them involved or absorb them into your ecosystem. Allow them to feel the project that they will be marketing. Let them use the products and services associated with your projects. If they get confident about the project by experiencing its features firsthand, they will be able to market the project properly.

When they test the products and services, they will tailor your press release to suit the experiences that the projects gave them. If there is a need for improvements and enhancements of some features, they will use their experience to communicate them properly through their press releases.

10.  Answer the Question “Why is the Importance of this Project?”


People do not just buy products or buy into projects. You have to meet their needs by addressing their greed. People want to know “what is in here for me?” So you should ask yourself “why should people care about this project?” This is the best question you should be answering when you want to promote your crypto project.

To answer this question, you should look for the problems in that crypto niche where your project exists, and look for ways your crypto project will provide solutions. Your crypto project should be creating value and solving problems.

11. Don’t Beat Around the Bush

We are not in the Shakespearean age, people do not have the time to waste on the information. Just get straight to the point in your marketing statements or articles for your crypto project.

Make sure that the press release is full of relevant information and short. Know that you do not have all their attention yet, keep it simple. Let the marketing press release be things that they can relate with.

The marketing campaign statements and articles can contain the juice. The other details can come later. Save them for other publications about the crypto project. In addition, mentions ways through which your crypto project will make the general cryptocurrency ecosystem better.

Furthermore, our press release statement should have relevant quotes to spice it up. These quotes will make the press release exceptional, engaging, and unique.

Finally, if you keep these 10 requirements in mind and meet all of them, you should have a successful crypto marketing campaign for your project. The point is that the task is not an easy one, you will need a lot of study, commitment, and hard work.

A successful campaign is worth it because it can change the projections of your business for good. As a new company, do not forget that your first impression will be through marketing campaigns. You have to do all you can to sell the right brand message to your audience because, in the long run, you are investing in the brand name and perceived value.

Do not be in a hurry, take your time. Get all aspects and steps of your campaign strategy right. No matter the kind of crypto project you want to launch; these requirements will give your crypto project marketing campaign the kind of foundation it needs for success.


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