2021 Crypto-Marketing Trends From A Bitcoin Ad Networkby@bitmedia_io
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2021 Crypto-Marketing Trends From A Bitcoin Ad Network

by BitmediaJanuary 23rd, 2021
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Global and crypto 2021 marketing trends, the winning strategies and an altered audience mentality. Stay ahead of the competition by implementing these trends.
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Keeping a close eye on marketing trends has always been an incremental part behind successful business growth.

Nowadays though, the notion of an ever-changing marketing landscape is taken to another level.

The pandemic has changed humanity’ habits like never before and resulted in a global marketing overhaul, drastically accelerating its development and shifting the consumer preferences across all mediums of audience-brand interaction. 

Put simply, the 2021 marketing trends in crypto carry an altered mentality and its adoption is what will dictate the growth of blockchain / crypto projects and companies from this year onwards.

This is why we have decided to take a closer look at the global and crypto marketing trends and outline the winning strategies that must be taken on board in order to adjust to the new world we now live in.

Moreover, we will also highlight the changes that your organisation must adopt to succeed in your 2021 crypto marketing campaigns as they become integral to the campaign performance.

In this 2021 marketing trends report you will find out:

  • The shift in audience mentality 
  • Current global and blockchain marketing trends and tools
  • The winners of tomorrow - 2021 trends
  • Deloitte, Gartner and Bitmedia research
  • Applying new crypto advertising trends 

The Shift in Audience Mentality in 2021

It is hard not to notice how Covid-19 has affected the business world and crypto. It is foolish to think that it hasn’t affected marketing trends. The pandemic has altered the way we all think, behave and even our habits.

There are no more gatherings and blockchain fairs. Everything moved online and it is the online space that had to make up for the human interaction the public got cut out from. 

Jennifer Veenstra, CMO, Deloitte, 2021

This shift completely overhauls foundations that companies built their marketing campaign strategies on prior to 2020 and requires a new code of conduct that adjusts to the newly acquired audiences’ values.

According to Bitmedia analysis of the change in conversions and Deloitte findings, below are the new foundations that form the 2021 marketing trends with commentary from Bitmedia CEO:

Purpose - A company must have a clearly defined purpose. The more straightforward it is, the easier it becomes for the audience to associate their values with what the company stands for. Being a purpose-driven company means that WHY is at the forefront of everything that you do, which attracts audiences that are stimulated by the same quest.

Adaptability - Outlined by the agility trait, this change in marketing trend stipulates being able to quickly respond to the market conditions and audience’s demands.

Forecasting these changes, quickly becomes the game-changing advantage and sets foundations for the Internet of Behaviours (IoB). As an example, Bitmedia continuously registers global audience behaviour which eliminates our clients from hurdles of guessing how to set their crypto marketing campaigns. 

The year 2020 has prompted the global audience not only to migrate to the online space but to also become the crypto market participants. Supported by governments’ stimulus programmes, a certain share of the public finally got an opportunity to own cryptocurrency, whilst others, spending more time at home, flocked and gave a substantial boost to blockchain-based entertainment, including online games and much more. 

Matvii Diadkov, CEO, Bitmedia

Human Experience - Given that the level of human interaction has been drastically decreased, people turned to the online world and it had to make up for it. Blockchain conferences and fairs moved to virtual and customer communication has shifted to bots that mimic communication with a real person. We cannot say how successful the bot technology currently is, but it is definitely a trend that will not cease to evolve in growth. 

Value and participation - Digitalisation of human experience is supported by the value that companies carry and their purpose. Outlining values and connecting with audiences based on the common values is now becoming a pillar of 2021 marketing in crypto. Participation is all about involving the audience you attract and creating a community. It is closely tied to human experience and outlines that in order to conquer the market, a brand must not only attract but retain the public through its values and purpose. 

As we all know online marketing is a very broad domain that exists within but is not limited to digital/banner, social media, content, email and video marketing mediums. Whilst all of these are important, a good CMO must always take into account the stage his/her company is at and decide on the right marketing strategy accordingly. The main marketing strategy competencies that have been coming to fruition over the past year can be outlined in 4 simple words:

Attract - Educate - Involve - Connect

In fact, these pillars have been around for years but it is now that they are becoming as ever important in their own stand-alone ways. Although it may seem that we can all pack up and go now, it is really the tools behind these words that unveil the 2021 crypto marketing trends and the steps one has to adopt in order not to lose in the brand exposure game. 

Digital marketing acts as the primary tool used to attract new audiences. It implies working with a bitcoin ad platform like Bitmedia, that pushes your banners across heavy traffic publications, delivering initial and continuous exposure to your brand. According to Gartner, global digital marketing trends are moving from automation to hyper-automation, turning the medium into a split-second decision making and budget readjusting system. This trend is triggered by the fast paced changes that the year 2020 has been soaked in, prompting companies to learn how to quickly react to changing conditions and priorities. Since digital marketing in crypto is a slightly more complicated beast compared to the non-crypto domain, it is hard to say that automation has been broadly introduced by any of the marketing industry players. This though makes us overly proud regarding the advances that Bitmedia has been making in this field. 

Most crypto and blockchain industry participants have matured greatly and acquired a professional attitude towards their marketing strategies in 2020. Those projects and companies that follow the real purpose, now opt for long-term marketing strategies, investing in exposure that is technological and agile. In response to the IoB trends, we became the only company in the industry that offers its clients programmatic and real-time buying and will soon integrate new ad formats capable of translating the WHY that our clients are all about. 

Matvii Diadkov, CEO, Bitmedia

Content marketing is the second stage of a marketing campaign that educates, involves and connects with the audience. It implies social media, blog and email marketing, providing audience engagement at all stages of organizational growth. The pandemic has prompted email marketing to experience a hype like growth in 2020, but it then bounced back as the market got flooded with irrelevant newsletters and alike email communication. Nevertheless, it remains and will continue to be an important way of talking to your audience, as long as it is your existing user base. Blog content is as ever important, if not taking the centre stage of a marketing campaign that has it. Once your crypto company is discovered, blogs outline your company’ voice, purpose and values, drawing an emotional link with the audience. 

Having identified the current marketing trends and knowing the incremental affecting factors, allows us to outline the 2021 marketing trends and learn how to apply them to remain successful in audience acquisition and retention. 

Trend 1: Humanification of Digital Interactions

In the age when the public is limited to physical communication, the digital world has no option but to constitute such interactions. This move sees wide-scale adoption of communication bots, personalisation of digital ads, communities and an added level of involvement that brands now need to provide. 

Trend 2: Automation of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising in the form of banner ads remains at the forefront of brand exposure but now turns to hyper-automation. This ensures that the brand stays resilient to external market factors that affect audience behaviour.

Trend 3: Growing Importance of Having a Strong Identity for Projects and Companies

Companies must be clear and direct about the purpose that they bring to the world, why they do what they do and the ideology they follow. Becoming intimate with your audience is what will not only attract them in 2021 but keep them involved and turn into an active community. The public needs to feel part of a movement and be absolutely sure what the brands they support stands for.

Trend 4: Omnichannel Marketing (Publications, Social Media, Video Content, Blog Content, UGC)

In a worldwide shift to the online, brand exposure now relies on being everywhere your prospective user base is. After you get discovered, your brand must be seen across all mediums of information supply, which in turn provides for strong credibility and reputation. 

Trend 5: Search Becomes Voice Governed and The Rise of Quick Queries

With the continuously decreasing attention span of the population, people turn to quick everything. A fast query must return a fast reward and marketing must adapt accordingly. By directing your strategy towards the provision of quick answers to the queries, you increase your chances in retaining the traffic that digital advertising brings to the online pages of your organisation. 

The world is a very different place from what it used to be a year ago. Along with the development of technological progress, the global population has moved to online and digital interactions became the primary source of communication.

Audience availability in blockchain has been drastically increased simply due to the changed work and life environments, prompting shifts in all aspects of running an organisation.

Marketing trends in crypto are becoming personal and whilst basic tools remain as ever important, it is now the trust and value-based conversions that start to create influxes of traffic.

Finally, it is the agility of marketing strategies, omnichannel distribution and implementation of RTB and IoB, that will turn your organisation into the leader of the blockchain world in 2021.