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Libra Investment Token: Crazy ROI

The main focus on Libra so far was the stablecoin - a digital currency pegged to a basket of underlying assets. If the pegging mechanism works as intended, Libra coin won't undergo any crazy crypto pumps & dumps. Holders of Libra coin probably won't face any bigger risk than holding cash.
This of course also means they won't make any money on the coin.
But there is money to be made on Libra. Huge amounts of money. Not on the Libra coin itself, but on the second digital asset introduced - Libra Investment Token.
Libra coin will be backed by assets held in the Libra Reserve. This Reserve will be managed by the Libra Association - in order to become part of the Association, applicants have to buy at least $10M of Libra Investment Tokens. These tokens will produce dividends for the holders; dividends generated by the yield of assets held in the Reserve.
The most ingenious part of the plan is that the assets will mostly be supplied by external actors - Libra coin users and merchants. The whole Libra Reserve is set up as an investment vehicle where only the managers capture the yield.
For better orientation in the Libra structure, money flows and possible ROI of Libra Investment Tokens, we at TopMonks Blockchain Studio prepared an infographics (below). In short, if the market cap of Libra coin touches Bitcoin, holders of the investment tokens will have a cool 100 %+ yearly dividend. Good deal, if you can be part of it.
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