Introducing LensAI: Our Hearts Demand Changes by@lensai

Introducing LensAI: Our Hearts Demand Changes

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AI-powered contextual computer vision ad platform that monetizes any visual content

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Our hearts demand changes,

Our eyes demand changes,

The voice in our laughter, in our tears, and the pulse in our veins cry:

"Changes! We are waiting for changes."

Band: KINO

Song: (aka "Changes")

Besides telling you about my Russian roots, these lines are a pure expression of upcoming inevitable changes and revolution. For ages, the song has been lifting my spirit in the toughest times, and the LensAI part of my life is no exception! So yeah, come hell or high water, LensAI is going to make it work! 💪

We are coming close to our "It's a wrap!" moment and waiting with bated breath when LensAI goes live to disturb an old-school cookie-friendly advertising era. With LensAI, there will be no tracking users and eroding their trust but only relevant contextual advertising! It's a long-awaited change that every stakeholder of the digital advertising ecosystem deserves!

While tirelessly working on the product development, we made a decision to slow the pace on all external communications to invest that energy into creating a new website. It took us months, but it was a must, as being judged by the cover is still a thing!

We enjoy sharing every side of LensAI and what our tireless team had accomplished during these last three months but (there is always a "BUT") not this time. Even though there is a final draft of a very piquant story ready to be posted, the Hacker Noon world will never see it: I got a soft no-no from our advisors, who are the top industry players by the day.

"It is a quite questionable way to build a unicorn and make it history," they said. (Yep, these are our ambitions!)

Anyway, I could not leave my people with no peek behind a curtain, so I am giving you a hint or two about the article that was scheduled to be posted today instead of this one. Firstly, try to recall where digital advertising took its roots. (We all kinda came to this world that way.) If it does not help, go back to the header image and look closely. That's the most you can get from me. #sorrynotsorry

It's time to drum up some excitement about LensAI, so we are unveiling two short but informative videos for you to watch! Meet our LensAI spokesperson! She tells an easy-to-digest story on what kind of a product we are building here.

Here's another one that expands on how LensAI technology turns any pics (and videos, of course) into shoppable ones within a second.

To sum it up (for those who don't have time to watch it),

LensAI is an AI-powered contextual computer vision ad solution that monetizes any visual content and fine-tunes targeting through identifying objects, logos, actions, and context and matching them with relevant ads.

LensAI automatically embeds relevant ads straight into visual content as an overlay snippet with direct reference to the object or entire scene. The ad embedding process is instant and happening while the user is browsing the content.

Those who want to dive into a cookie-less world of contextually relevant advertising, visit our new website! Come closer to a novel advertising format.

What else is there to add? Maybe, some juicy details? We are happy there is zero indifference when talking about LensAI: you either love us or hate us! 😈 So, here are the top-five quotes regarding LensAI from top industry players:

  • "A go-to website to educate yourself on contextual advertising!" 
  • "Expect copycatting of your technology from big and small fishes!"
  • "The LensAI Era is #MoneyDots all over the Internet!"
  • "I would pay a premium to stop seeing it! Bad for my wallet, but so much $ for publishers!"

"I do not know about others, but this particular group of users will hate you a lot!" (That's coming from the person who knows more about our internal stuff than anyone else, and we kind of agree with this statement. Another hint for all those who stayed till the end of my monologue: the title of that never-to-be-released article would be "Oopsie... The Ad at That Very Moment." It tells it all, doesn't it?! 😉)

PS If you are a newbie in the LensAI community, I welcome you! Here are the links to my previous stories for your convenience.

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