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52 Stories To Learn About Digital Advertising

by Learn RepoJune 26th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Digital Advertising via these 52 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Digital Advertising via these 52 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Privacy Alert: How Far Personalization in Advertising Can Go

Over the past decade, the public has heard it a thousand times:

2. Walled Gardens Transparency and the Cost of Obscurity: Will 2021 Be Different?

The walled gardens situation is on everyone's lips, as it pushes ad-tech peers on both buying and selling sides to fight over the scraps remaining after the industry titans saved the best ad budget slices for themselves.

3. Topics to Replace Cohorts: How Do Businesses React to Topics API

Let's find out the effects of Topics API replacing Cohorts on business.

4. 5 Reasons to Build a White Label Programmatic DOOH Advertising Platform

With white-label solutions, you can effortlessly create an ad tech platform that will satisfy the needs of a unique DOOH advertising niche.

5. Why Running Online Ads isn't Effective Anymore

Online advertising is considered to be one of the most effective ways to rise brand awareness and reach goals, but it's crucial to understand how it works.

6. This College Prep Software Is Selling Advertising Access to Your Kids

Naviance, a college prep software, is selling advertising access to high school students.

7. How to Maximize Digital Marketing Impact on a Tight Budget

A few thoughts on emphasizing immediate impact, while keeping an eye on long-term success.

8. Browser Hijacking Software on CNN Election Site is Reason for Concern

An ad redirecting users to browser hijacking software was recently spotted on CNN's election tracking site. Ahead of election season, it's reason for concern

9. 4 Tips for Operating a Successful Digital Showroom

If you want to increase brand awareness and sell more cars, embrace these best practices for virtual selling.

10. Fraudulent Ads Exploit COVID-19 Fears on Disney's ESPN.Com

Scam advertisements across major media outlets originate from DoubleClick and Xandr/AppNexus

11. Treat for the Eyes: 6 Types of Visuals to Use in Marketing

Find out what types of visuals are worth to be integrated into your marketing strategy to make your content stand out.

12. How Come So Many Nonprofit Websites Have Ad Trackers?

While health data is governed by HIPAA, and FERPA regulates educational records, there are no federal laws governing how websites track their visitors.

13. How to Monetize Your Mobile Gaming App

In this article, I will tell you which ways of monetizing apps with advertising can be the most profitable.

14. Social Media Advertising: How to Get Started in 2021

In today's digital age, business are using social media to advertise their products this is why social media advertising is top marketing trend in coming year

15. Introducing LensAI: Our Hearts Demand Changes

LensAI is an AI-powered contextual computer vision ad solution that monetizes any visual content and fine-tunes targeting through identifying objects, and logos

16. The Best Facebook Ads Formats for Leads and Sales

Facebook Ads Offer Some Great Formats For Lead Generation And Sales. Discover More In This Article How You Can Scale Your Leads Acquisition And Online Sales.

17. Startup Interview with Pavel Shkliaev, CEO Of LensAI

An interview with Pavel Shkliaev, CEO of LensAI, who discusses the vision behind the founding of his company and how he measures the company's success.

18. Diving Deep Into The Murky World Of Click Farms

Click farms have grown into a huge industry. Pay to click sites, botnets and a world of low paid clickers is causing havoc among the digital marketing industry.

19. The Real Reason Why You Don't See iPhones in Hollywood Films

Why exactly do villains not use iPhones? What's the point of this? This is not a boycotted conspiracy theory, all because of a clause set by Apple.

20. Common Misconceptions in Direct Marketing

There are lot of ways how to do marketing. You cannot say that one is wrong and other is right. But you can say that one is efficient, and the other one is not.

21. Why Demand Side Platforms Are Essential For Your Advertising Campaign

A demand-side platform is the advancement of the digital marketing era. If you are investing $$$ to market your brand, you must be aware of DSPs!

22. 4 Tips to Write an Excellent Google Ads Copy

Want to write an amazing Google ad copy that gets more eyeballs? Here are 4 tips to do it with ease.

23. Stop Compromising Your UX for Display Ad Revenue: It's Not Worth It

Banner ads can make website visitors uncomfortable, but they are a big source of revenue. This article covers how to balance your user's experience & your ads.

24. Digital Marketing And Design: How The Quest for Success is Damaging Advertising Design

Digital Ads are everywhere. And at times it gets very hard for startups & new brands to standout in the crowd.

25. Digital Marketing in Africa: Everything You Need to Know

Businesses in the continent take pride in running tv campaigns. Television is the holy grail of advertisement in Africa.

26. Google Pronounced The End Of The Cookies' Era And It Will Change Advertising As We Know It

Web cookies have always been instrumental in achieving the goal of digital marketing. Cookies help advertisers to reach their targeted audience, and also to better understand which part of the marketing campaign that probably needs total reworking. Usually, a cookie is a piece of a snippet that gets integrated into users’ browsers over a period.

27. 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid to Achieve Sustainable Digital Success

Explore the full potential of your marketing campaigns by avoiding these common digital marketing mistakes. Read the blog to learn how.

28. Twitter Will Share Ad Revenue with Creators

Twitter will now be sharing ad revenue with content creators for advertisements that appear in their reply threads.

29. CTV Highlights How Advertisers Can Survive the Post-Cookie World

So the cookie is going the way of the dodo, it shall cease to be and will push up the metaphorical daisies – and that’s actually a good thing.

30. Could There Eventually Be a Ban on Behavioral Advertising?

Could behavioral advertising be on its way out?

31. Data-Driven Advertising and Its Impact On Our Privacy-Driven World

Do we actually need so much data to do effective marketing?

32. How To Know If Your New Facebook Ad Campaign Is A Dud In 3 Days Or Less

Here are the key things to identify to know whether a Facebook Ad Campaign will produce a good Return On Investment.

[33. What Is a Reasonable Digital Advertising Budget for a Small

Business?]( Have you started a small business, or are you planning to do it? You’ve probably started wondering exactly how much you should be spending on advertising. Advertising is a critical component in selling. So how much is the right amount? The truth is there is a lot of debate about this.

34. Google Ads Algo Game – Seven Ways to Stop It From Blowing Your Money

A lot of advertisers follow the suggestions made by Google algo and loose money. Here are seven ways to prevent Google ads algo blowing your money.

35. 6 Marketing Problems Of 2021 And How To Fix Them

The internet has changed the world. Most would say for the better, especially those of us running an online business. When it comes to business, marketing has never been so easy as it is today - with access to a plethora of digital marketing channels.

36. LensAI: Associative Advertising as An Inevitable Evil

"Association in psychology refers to a mental connection between concepts, events, or mental states that usually stems from specific experiences." [1] Once the associative link between events A and B has been built, the appearance of event A naturally entails the appearance of event B. [2]

37. How to Promote Indie Games: A Grain of Truth on Survival in Competition

The indie spirit lies in moving away from the comfort zone, making leftfield decisions, and experimenting. Experimenting with form, filling, user interaction techniques, and other processes. Stepping into the unknown is always hard yet fascinating. The same goes for promoting indie games.

38. Crypto Advertising is Technology Driven with a Focus on Targeted Products

Jim Walsh is the founder of, a startup that helps micro-target web 3.0 innovations to people that are interested in it on Web 2.0.

39. Making Promotional Videos for Crypto Startups: Types, Strategies, Expectations, and Costs

40. iOS 14 Privacy Features: It's Time to Rethink Advertising & Marketing Strategies

Two of the world’s most powerful tech titans are on course for a collision.

41. How Big Data Reshapes the Future of Digital Advertising - 3 Examples

These days, big data is truly omnipresent. According to revenue forecasts, by 2026, big data volumes are expected to reach a whopping $92 billion. What August 2019 CMO Survey goes on to say is that the majority of ad tech and martech leaders agree - big data and innovative technologies are two pillars on which their marketing strategies are based. Businesses use big data in order to develop a detailed portrait of each segment of their customer base and apply these marketing strategies properly.

42. Startup Interview with Itamar, CEO,

Operating across mobile, PC, and console platforms, Anzu blends real-world brand ads directly into video games, esports tournaments, and live streams.

43. How To Use Google Search Privacy Settings

we will discuss a few methods to get rid of (to disable) the “Google’s Search activity, Search settings, disable Your data on Search”.

44. Unlocking Interactivity for CTV and The Future Of iCTV

Interactive CTV is the next big step for the Connected TV industry. It opens up room for creative solutions, personalization, and enhanced engagement.

45. DeFi Applications Will Determine the Future of Financial Markets

This article talks about referral-based blockchain-based protocol and how building infrastructure for Web3 applications is critical for society.

46. Exploring the Technical Integration of OpenRTB with a Crypto-Native Advertising Platform

Explore blockchain's potential in digital advertising with OpenRTB integration, on-chain smart contracts, and innovative publisher solutions.

47. Connected TVs are the Future of Hyper-Casual Games

CTV is great for many reasons, and here is one more: it's perfect for hyper-casual gamers

48. How we built the largest payment channel network on Ethereum

With over 9 million transactions AdEx Network is currently the largest payment channel network on Ethereum. Here's how we did it

49. How to Get the Identifier For Advertisers (IDFA) in iOS14

If the title of this article means something to you, then you are probably aware of the earthquake caused by iOS14.

50. Brand Safety and the Challenges of Digital Advertising

It is estimated that in 2019, digital advertising spending in the world amounted to a staggering $333 billion. This means that almost 50% of the total advertising budget worldwide was spent on digital advertising. As businesses realize the value of digital advertising, there is an increasing need to also understand the challenges that it brings.

51. LensAI: Cookie-Busting Ads, Statistics, & Case Studies

A discussion on LensAI case studies and contextual targeting.

52. Re-thinking Digital Advertising in a User-First World

In order to start making money, user data started being used to serve ads. It was used to predict our future behaviors in order to predict which ads to serve.

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