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KFC Partners with Cooler Master to Launch Gaming Console with Chicken Warmer

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A new collaboration between fast-food chain giants KFC, Intel and Cooler Master has birthed the perfect gaming console for the chicken lover.

The KFConsole is a bold new concept, spicing up the gaming market. Gamers will never have to pick between gaming and chicken again.

Intel powers the console, and although it is a new concept, purely produced for viral marketing, Intel claims that it is a fully functioning product that could be a real future contender.  

Cooler Master originally specialises in products that offer high-end cooling systems, and they have been the brains behind this unique piece of technology. Products that are produced by Cooler Master are usually focused on dispersing or absorbing heat.

TimePlay, a Swedish Hardwear modder has designed the product. It works by redirecting heat from the console's CPU into a specially designed chamber that will hold the chicken. The console is powered by Intel NUC 9 which can be found in mini-PC's and are reasonably powerful. 

Assuming that the KFConsole will be a real product that can be launched, it will have the capabilities to handle most modern AAA titles. However, one of the biggest questions will be how much will consumers be willing to pay for it? Or is it just an elaborate marketing joke that won't actually materialise?

Gaming in 2021

One of the biggest and most lucrative markets that is certainly hard to ignore is the gaming industry. It consists of players of all ages, but it also consists of players on different hardware. Even if you think you're not a gamer, the Candy Crush level you can't get past on your smartphone tells us otherwise.

An industry worth $159.3 billion is most definitely one to watch out for and, as evident from the image above, the largest portion size of this market is being used through smart devices with smartphones generating a colossal $77.2 billion for the market overall.

Tech giants have taken the market to new heights with new games and new hardware that have revolutionised gaming.

There are many new games to look forward to this year. There are an array of different consoles and devices that gamers can now enjoy games on and, with another year of lockdowns, although we're hoping for a different kind of year to 2020, there are some great titles to get excited about.

Here's a look at some new games in 2021 for PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

1. Hitman 3

January 20, 2021

Available on- PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC & Xbox One

Getting stuck back into his assassination contracts, agent 47 is returning in the popular Hitman series in Hitman 3. This game is set to be a dramatic conclusion (yes it the end, unfortunately) in the trilogy that is World of Assassination. The game allows players to career out assassination missions taking them around the globe in different sandbox locations. The last in the trilogy will see agent 47 carry out the most intimate and professional contract of his career, with a rumour that the first part of his mission begins in Dubai. 

2. Returnal

March 19 2021

Available on - PS5

Returnal is the first major PS5 title of the year with a Housemarque exclusive. In the game, the player plays as Selene. Selen is an astronaut stuck in a hellish Groundhog Day of sorts. The game is based on her endlessly attempting to fight her way out of a recurring death cycle. 

3. Halo Infinite

Autumn 2021

Available on- Xbox Series X, PC & Xbox One

The new halo will bear a new curious sub-header and will be running on a new game engine known as Slipspace. The new game's first trailer suggests that Master Chief's next adventure will have some MMO qualities to it. The well-known armour also teases a potential technological download in the new version. Halo Infinite could well be the Halo comeback we have all been eagerly waiting for.

4. Prince of Persia- The Sands of Time remake

March 18 2021

Available on- Xbox One, PC, PS4

Back by popular demand, Ubisoft has decided to bring back what is thought to be the past Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox's most memorable title but with a new face and a fresh remake. Although it may sound surprising that the game is being brought back by the studio, it is a subtle mark of Ubisoft's very first full-fledged remake. The new version of the game gives honour to the old but with modern gameplay and graphics.

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