How VR Technology is Changing the Gaming and Entertainment Sectors by@yasmita-kumar

How VR Technology is Changing the Gaming and Entertainment Sectors

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The entertainment sector is enormous and lucrative. Consumers spend vast amounts of money on entertainment such as video games, amusement parks, sporting games, social networks, cinema and music concerts. With thanks to innovative technologies, the entertainment sector has seen an increase in VR based entertainment.

Although VR does not have the ability to replace all aspects of entertainment completely, it has made the industry more inclusive and immersive for consumers.Β 

VR technology has made its way into our homes thanks to technology giants Samsung. With the release of their new phones, they brought out Samsung Gear VR. The Gear VR works seamlessly with Samsung smartphones and brings the world of virtual reality to a broad consumer market at affordable prices.

Over the past few years, using VR in entertainment has been experimental. However, we now have a better understanding of how best to use technology.

Because of this, we have successfully managed to incorporated it into commercial settings, creating unique user experiences and boasting profitable VR projects to boost the economy.Β 

What is VR?

VR is the use of computer-generated imagery to create a virtual environment that immerses the user through the use of a headset. It has the ability to create 3D images along with tracking technology to track the user's motions.Β 

Although VR in entertainment as mention above is still a relatively new concept, here's a look at some of the various VR options currently available. This new way of incorporating VR is transforming traditional types of entertainment and taking them into new dimensions.


VR technology has the ability to transform the cinema. The film industry, like the smartphone industry, is always looking for new ways of re-inventing the wheel, and VR technology offers it that potential. As it is one of the most significant parts of the entertainment industry, the film industry can be quite influential.

With lots of users and people interested in the watching movies, large production filmmakers like Marvel's Studios and Warner Brothers have the potential to change the cinema platform.

The concept reaches out to VR enthusiasts who are eager to try cutting-edge technology. The use of these headsets also helps to attract an audience as VR uses technology that can not be used at home.Β Β 

The popularity in multidimensional cinema indicates that consumers are hungry for a more immersive cinematic experience, almost as if they are a part of the movie. Due to a demand in the market, there will need to be further developed. This may be in the form of a new way of storytelling which involves the viewer more.Β 

Amusement parks- Derren Browns VR Ghost Train

The great joy of an amusement park is that it is specifically designed to give consumers an unusual experience. The rides are made for entertaining, and exciting, which why many thrill-seekers love them.

The combination of rides with VR headsets pulls away from traditional amusement. Famous magician Derren Browns VR Ghost Train at London Thorpe Park does precisely that.

The ride Combines VR holograms and live-action to terrify ride goers.Β 

The VR mimics the user's surroundings in a virtual world but with a ghostly green glow once they place the VR sets on their heads. Through the VR headset users are introduced to a specific storyline and new characters all designed to tease and scare.

Using VR in this setting creates a different experience for users. It also works out financial friendly for organisations as they do not have to spend much money on trying to create an atmosphere with props and design.Β Β 

Gaming- VR Mario Kart

VR technology in the gaming sector has always been popular. It has taken gaming to new heights allowing users to feel fully immersed into the game they are playing.

Usually, the hard wear consists of a VR headset along with accessories which are needed to play the game.

VR does well at replicating older beloved games and allowing users to play those games like never before.Β 

An excellent example of this is Japanese gaming company Bandai Namco, who launched a Mario Kart VR experience. Each player gets a VR headset, headphones and a pair of hand trackers while sitting in a dummy go-kart as players play the game, the combination of VR headset and dummy go-kart that shakes beneath players creating a truly immersive experience for the player. Raising their hands with the trackers helps the player pick up a virtual object in the game.Β