Is it really worth ‘buying’ followers?

If it’s for business, the short answer would be an absolute yes! If you are doing so for the promotion of a product, or of your skills, it is absolutely great if you spare some money to buy followers. As we humans are highly biased when it comes to popularity, buying a threshold number of followers would result in a lesser effort on marketing than starting from the absolute bottom.

But, if you want to buy them to boost your ego, then it would create a domino effect ruining your life with rest of it being accompanied by anxiety and depression.

100 thousand followers could set a notion in the mind of a visitor of you being a celebrity (maybe that’s an exaggeration) or an important person. The truth is that everyone loves big numbers and the probability of a person opening your profile to see posts increases by 500% if you have anywhere over a 200 thousand follower count.

The increase in organic follower’s conversion, however, isn’t much affected by buying fake followers, you have to maintain composure in your posts to get another 100k after buying the first 100k’s. The probability of a person following you upon seeing a 100k likes merely increases by a 50% if you got ‘bad’ recent posts, but you can skyrocket those numbers to an 800% increase if you work upon posts displayed on the top of your page.

The science behind the need to buy followers comes from a simple interpretation of how populated the scene of social media actually is. It’s absolutely worth if you can skip 95% of your competition by buying 100k followers for 400–500$.

Before buying followers you must realize a few things:

1. It’s a debt investment.
The number of followers you buy will decrease over-time, apart from that, fake followers wouldn’t actually engage with your posts, so you need elaborate new followers and can’t overly depend on your fake numbers. As discussed before you would need actually great posts to create a true fan following.

2. If you aren’t good at it, nothing can truly help you before you work on self-improvement.
Buying followers is great for someone who knows what they are doing and can manage posts accordingly. If someone who has no idea how to do these things and buys a million followers it will eventually end up leading to an absolute waste of both time and money.

3. There are loads of frauds selling fake followers.
There are a lot of people promising of millions of fake followers in a day’s time, think and you can easily spot the fake ones. When dealing in bigger numbers split the advance and after delivery payments with installments resonating with the number of followers rose.

4. There are two types of fake followers offered.
You must complete your research before heading into buying fake followers, it is almost certain that a number of fake followers are going to unfollow/unlike your page. Now, most websites offer two types of packages, one with 10–30days follower refill guarantee, second with a lifetime refill guarantee. Both packages differ a lot in prices, choose wisely.

5. The fake followers market is uncertain.
It’s only about time that social media websites put up new algorithms for defense against fake followers, don’t bet too big to handle in these types of schemes as it always involves a lot of unknown risks. Also, most companies offering fake followers shuts down after a short span of time, give this a thought while buying packages offering a lifetime refill guarantee.

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