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Is Instagram the key to Branding? Let’s see.

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Brand your products using the one and only social site which has crossed the bay of 700 million users terribly. You won’t believe around 70% of the Instagram users are clung to some brand somewhere across the platform. Instagram is not less than a magic spell to brand your product. The impact of a recent survey it is found that no other social site can match up with IG to turn up your passive shoppers.

But the fact you have to know the appropriate method of branding, which a majority of don’t have an idea. So to make your task easier as much as possible we have come up with the most effective ways that you can begin with ease. You can also refer to someone’s account who has similar requirements to that of yours. It will help you click better ideas and generating new leads. This suggestion is only for getting the faintest idea but not to implement the very concept. Users don’t prefer similar content everywhere, it will never let your website hook traffic. Be aware and do the best to target your audience.

1. An optimized business account is a must:

Since branding is the sole purpose, you must have a distinct business account for it. One cannot use its personal account for that purpose. Your personal account would have personal posts which will never hookup the users in any way or even fulfill your goal. Now let’s begin with the setup of your account and its Optimization. First and foremost you have to put a link right under your display name which must redirect to your desired web page.

Adding to its impact you can leave a mind-boggling bio, that can electrify the customers and bound them to visit the site. Concluding to this point, you must set a professionally recognizable profile picture which is again relatable to your business. Since it is the only thing that is going to be consistent throughout the website. It is evident that more than 80% of the consumers purchase a product under the influence of their fellow friends. So it is a good idea to form a group of ambassadors who can help you to reach out to the followers with your brand’s undivided attention.

2. The more the follower the easy will be the branding:

The second most important thing you should keep in mind is to have a plethora of followers. The more the count the easy your task becomes. No matter how good your product is until it is reachable to the followers it is of no use. So make sure your post could end up in an exponential growth in the count of followers.

You can also utilize the hashtag but wisely, as because if you casually end up choosing a generic keyword then there’s high hope of sinking in the devastating metadata of contents. Try to be as unique as possible with the hashtags that can always pull you up at the peak, also help to maintain that. Believe it or not but the Search Engine Optimization plays a key role among the factors affecting. So the ball is in your court, it is up to you if you can make use of the opportunity. Keep a mindset of branding your products with at most 5 alluring hashtags. Again here come real Instagram likes, using the tags in your comment does not dominate the beauty of your caption. This is how you can get rid of the problem maintaining the charisma as it is.

3. Channelise your posts as per users choice:

We all know the fact that images have far more impact than ordinary dull texts. Until the text is one-liners or two rarely it is read by someone completely. What if it is an image with the same message? Definitely, it will grab the attention 20 times faster. There is a psychological fact that our brain is created in such a manner that it is more delicate and tactful towards images rather than text messages. A major portion of your brands is reached to end users through their friends or relatives.

So just imagine the solid combo of the image at one end and your friend’s referral on the other end. The images posted will be a sign of genuine and trust that is very important in business. One has no scope of bragging out his product. It is evident from a recent survey that 73% of the products without images are never even browsed for once. Your professionally used photos of your products can easily convert the immense traffic of this social site to your potential customers. So this attention seeking images are all that makes your branding easier and effective with real Instagram likes as a bonus.

4. Try to be socially active as much as possible:

Now having done all the above three steps, it won’t be possible to solidify the branding. So what should be done next? You have to be engaging with your consumers. There has been a statistic incorporated parallelly with Twitter where it was found that 300 out of 10,000 followers on an average are instances of engagement. The key reason behind this massive engagement and interaction is not the customer but who the users are! No other social site can fill up the gap in between the consumer and seller as that of Instagram. It is guaranteed that 85% of the visitor’s turns to be loyal customers of any business organization or a business account. It would be suggested that instead of writing a boring caption that would lead to ending the conversation or thought of visiting, you should include a direct question to the users. There is a huge Hype of open conversation leads to potential consumers. So, make use of it at its fullest!


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