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5 Super Simple Tips to Rank YouTube Videos

2018 Video Marketing

YouTube is one of the largest platforms regarding catering audience, having the highest numbers of videos, channels, followers and subscribers. That is why if you are on YouTube, everyone and anyone can search for you. But since there are too many people around YouTube, the main question arise, who to reach more audience and followers.

The YouTube function simply! The more a video is viewed and searched, it comes on the top. Also, the like and share of a video play an essential role, where the algorithm of YouTube understand that this view is widespread among the audience and trending. Once people search it, YouTube brings it on the top and when the numbers way too big, YouTube listed it on the trending list which is a big achievement for any video.

How to get my video ranked on YouTube?

Now the second major question arises, how can my video get ranked on YouTube?

There are many methods where you can get more views, likes and Free YouTube subscribers on your video, which means your video will be ranked higher and more people can view it. There are a few authentic and easy methods which you can try to get a better ranking on your YouTube Videos in 2018, here are some for you to check out.

1. Work on your video content:

If we look at the top videos on YouTube, we will know that the most important element now is the content, in short, Content is a kind here. Search yourself and check the first few videos, they will have amazing content and catches the attention of the audience, get more likes, comments and shares and at the end of the day, the audience subscribes it for more and similar videos.

It is a cycle where your content leads to more audience and your audience leads to more views which encourage in generating better content. Here, you need to understand that good content is always beneficial in a long and short run. Also when the competition is high, the only thing which can help you survive and grow is the quality of your videos. Therefore either you are producing videos related to product reviews, makeup, game, humor or anything, work more on the script, flow, information, facts, interest factor as well as the quality of content and you will reach your target once you hit your audience.

2. Generate fresh idea:

Who wants to watch those boring videos which they have seen many times before?

One of the major mistakes we do as a YouTube channel or video maker that we follow the same idea and path which helped someone become famous. Yes, it worked for them, but it is defiantly don’t mean that it will work for you because maybe they are expert of this field and you don’t have any expertise in it while you are simply missing the chance of producing those videos which you are good at. On the other hand, if you make a same copy of the already existing videos, your audience will instantly know what you are doing, and they will never be attracted towards you.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t follow a particular niche, if many VBloggers have makeup related videos, you can also stat your makeup YouTube channel but make sure that you have the expertise of your niche, your own style and add a fresh element which will make you different from others.

3. Make short videos:

Nobody will watch your hour long video (but only if it is a movie!). 
Since people these days have very short time and according to research, people only watch the one-minute long video and goes to the next one within 60 seconds that is why you have very short time to make an impression. It is recommended to start with small videos and gradually increase the time when you achieve a target audience.

Also, try to make your videos content rich and avoid random thoughts as it will only distract your audience.

4. Work on your SEO:

SEO plays an essential role in bringing the search results on a tip; even it is video, website, blog or picture. That is why if you want to increase the rank if your videos, you need to upload the video according to the SEO standards. Make sure that you add the title, URL, description and tags according to the SEO, target keywords, etc. and help your videos reach on top organically.

5. Increase your subscribers:

Another good and easy way to increase the ranking of your video is to get Free YouTube subscribers on your channel. They will watch, like and share your videos which will bring it on the top. When your videos have more viewers, it will bring it on the top results. That is why try to invest your time on getting sufficient subscribers or buy YouTube subscriber to increase it and get the better ranking of your videos in 2018.

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