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IoIT, or Internet of Intelligent Things

by Aarif HabeebJune 16th, 2020
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The Internet of Intelligent Things (IoT) is the foundation for the Internet of intelligent Things. AI and IoT are closely related to each other, and hence people can imagine the functioning of IoIT as well, which can surely build future products awesome. IoIT brings more value to IoT than just crediting to AI rather than just the concept of AI. There are advantages for sure if anything new is created, and here, in the IoIT, where both the fundamental aspects of IoT and AI are being used, it surely has some mind-blowing advantages.

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The world is continuously moving towards intelligence, digitalization, and robotics. But what are the factors that are making these things possible?

For over a decade, people have been working on the concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and are trying to process amazing and phenomenal things whose central idea is AI. To a great extent, what we see right now in the markets about AI-based products like Alexa, HomePod, etc. are just the tip of the iceberg.

AI is claimed to create some fantastic products which cannot be imagined right now by any usual person—from the era of people watching Wall-E, trying to imagine what robots will look like in real life and how they will behave to now Samsung trying to make a similar product, Ball-E, which is considered to be a faithful companion with a mix of AI and Internet of Things(IoT).

Before analyzing the terms of AI and IoT, let us clarify about the ‘Internet of Intelligent Things’: The answer to this is pretty simple; anything based on the principle of IoT and backed up with proper AI functioning makes IoIT.

The essential operation of IoT devices is to gather user data and arrange them in such a way that it works like machine learning or language. At the same time, Artificial Intelligence expands these processes and help users accordingly through their data fed. These work together to produce the
functioning of the Internet of Intelligent Things.

Internet of Intelligent Things: The Basic Foundation

Devices based on the Internet of Things are backed up with Artificial Intelligence work of the base of sensors and the user data fed into the system. Both its software and hardware play a significant role in understanding the user's functioning and what might be his next step or need while using that particular software. IoT and AI are closely related to each other, and hence people can imagine the functioning of IoIT as well, which can surely build future products awesome.

When the data fed to the machine is combined with the user's learned behavior, the device ultimately organizes them and functions accordingly. When the output is made, it unquestionably meets the need of a user and gives the best possible result!

Internet of Intelligent Things can surely make some of the other products that will ease the human need and provide a face to a future with such companions. IoIT brings more value to IoT rather than just crediting to AI.

Advantages of IOIT

There are advantages for sure if anything new is created, and here, in the IoIT, where both the fundamental aspects IoT and AI are being used, it surely has some mind-blowing advantages.

·  Accuracy Rate

Try combining various sheets or documents on your computer manually. One will notice that after a while, it becomes a tedious job, and any person will start making mistakes. But with IoIT, these type of tedious works can be done successfully in a jiffy. As the machine performs these works on their own, it saves human effort, and IoIT ensures that no mistake is made. The data is combined and is processed without any issue.

· Prediction & Maintenance

IoT and AI are the base for the future towards predictive maintenance. Many people and companies use the support of IoT for reporting any issue in the working of their company or the failure of any system which cannot be predicted by a human eye or knowledge. But on using IoIT, any issue which may be likely to occur will be predicted in advance. This shows that IoIT is somewhat capable of detecting the future! Through this, any person will know the cause and amend it before any loss or failure.

· Efficiency

Predictions made are highly useful for anyone. This enhances the efficiency of people and reduces the rates of loss or issues. Through this, people can take necessary measures for their betterment, and for businesses, people can save their companies from damage or any failure. Insights through AI can save time, protect from loss, and can help with proper suggestions to modify their working, which altogether makes people and their working efficient.

Drawbacks of IoIT

With advancement, there come issues! And nothing in this world is so perfect that it can make the functioning of things without problems. Hence, similarly, IoIT also has its drawbacks, and some of them are listed below!

· Privacy

IoIT and concepts like IoT and AI can surely not function like humans. While they make works easier, they cannot make works and data private enough. Hackers and other people may try to steal your device's data, and IoIT cannot make people stay away from this. Moreover, who will keep track of the functioning of IoIT?

Eventually, people will be needed and hence can impose a threat of things like significant data loss or even stuff like Identity theft.

· Over-Reliance

It is the nature of humans to trust anything that seems to make their work easier. Within no time, people will be addicted to the functioning of IoIT and will start becoming lazy as IoT, and AI will do all the work.

· Less Human Need

As all the significant functions will be carried out through these devices, there will be less need for Human work. And in the world where the population is increasing at a high rate and the demand for employment is high as ever. Things like AI and IoT will increase unemployment as most of the work will be a mechanical drive that won't require humans. This can be the major drawback in the professional world and cause problems to a great extent.

Things like IoIT make work easier and appear to resolve all our problems, but when seen at a broad base, alongside all of the issues it solves, it invites other problems simultaneously.

But IoIT is considered to revolutionize the future and bring a new era altogether.

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Thanks & Regards, Aarif Habeeb.