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77 Stories To Learn About Ai Top Story

by Learn RepoJanuary 26th, 2024
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Learn everything you need to know about Ai Top Story via these 77 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Ai Top Story via these 77 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Deploying Deep Learning Models with Model Server

Learn how to deploy deep learning models with Model Server.

2. What AI Experts Are Watching in 2021

As we enter into 2021, industry leaders need to keep their ears to the ground on how the latest developments in those fields can affect their business.

3. A Deep Learning Overview: NLP vs CNN

Artificial Intelligence is a lot more than a tech buzzword these days. This technology has disrupted almost every industry within a decade. Every company wants to implement this cutting edge technology in its system to cut costs, save time, and make the overall process more efficient with automation.

4. AI: From ZERO to H...aving A Lot of Questions (Part I)

People are just like a Swiss Army Knife, but we are born with no tools on it. Everything we learn might become a new tool. With enough tools, we can accomplish everything. With the right tools, we can accomplish it faster, better and enjoy the endorphin rush.

5. How to Get Better Datasets for Your Computer Vision Task

Here are some tips to improve your dataset collection

6. Spotting Monster Shrines and Finding Lost Treasures: 5 Genuinely Cool AI Projects

Finally, we’ve invented the sci-fi technology of the future! And what do we do? Make tech support chatbots and check insurance claims…

7. AI in Warfare: Progress, Ethical Concerns, and The Future of Military Technology

Artificial intelligence technology will drastically increase military power, and these will likely shape the nature and dynamics of conflict in the coming years

8. Will Deepfakes Be Part of Our Lives?

I was receiving a particular forwarded meme of a famous Hollywood actor over WhatsApp from so many of my contacts since last a few days. This one might have gone viral. It superimposes the actor’s face on the body of Superhero Hulk and makes him do some nasty stuffs. Oh! Quite ridiculous but people are liking it. The video was made with extreme perfection and the finishing touch was superb. I came to know later on that it was made by an internet user only.

9. Corporate AI Transformation: How to Not Throw Mud Against the Wall

In order for existing organizations to undergo a successful AI transformation, companies must remember that they are creating human-machine teams.

10. The Media Bias Problem: How AI Is Here to Help

Bias has always been a factor in the way we interpret the world. Let’s look at how various AI techniques can help weed out media bias

11. Overview of AI Applications Assisting Us In The Fight Against Covid-19

Covid-19 coronavirus reports change daily and even hourly. The public health emergency has already swept the whole world: the virus threatens people's lives, affects business and interferes with travel.

12. Recommender Engines: AI on Steroids for E-commerce

When I start using any website offering content or goods, I check how well a recommender system works.  Do you?

13. Key Trends in AI-Driven Fintech: The New Paradigm

Technology is reshaping the operating-model of financial institutions fundamentally, and the attributes necessary to build a successful business.

14. Using ChatGPT to Recover Amounts Owed by Your Client

Read how a CEO used ChatGPT to generate a scary email to get $109,500 owed to his company.

15. Is AI Really Disrupting the Way We Live and Work?

As artificial intelligence becomes more and more integrated into our workplace and daily life, it will fundamentally disrupt the way we live and work. A recent survey of 5,700 Harvard Business School alumni found that even in the elite group, 52% believe that the number of employees in general companies will decrease in the three years from now.

16. Deepfakes: A Present Danger to Cybersecurity

Deepfakes are currently a concern, but over the next few of years, they're going to get worse.

17. ChatGPT’s Facebook-Like Rise: Don’t Get Hooked on Big Tech’s Bait Again

GPT-4, arguably the most powerful AI model ever, has just been released. Does it matter? Probably not as much as ChatGPT, probably not for the reasons you think

18. Computer Vision Is Solving Problems That Weren't Even On Our List

Replicating human interaction and behavior is what artificial intelligence has always been about. In recent times, the peak of technology has well and truly surpassed what was initially thought possible, with countless examples of the prolific nature of AI and other technologies solving problems around the world.

19. How to Aggregate Categorical Replies via Crowdsourcing (Demo from ICML 2021)

In this article, we will aggregate categorical responses with the help of two classical algorithms – Majority Vote and Dawid-Skene.

20. A Quick Introduction to Federated Learning of Cohorts [FloC]

Federated Learning is a relatively new machine learning technique that decentralizes the training of data from one central machine to multiple devices.

21. Automation on the High Seas: AI-driven Cargo Ships Are Here to Stay

With the world’s eyes set on automobile manufacturers like Elon Musk’s Tesla, it is easy to lose track of automation in other areas. Automated driving is set to revolutionize the way we move around within the next decade. This is certainly breaking news. The new form of transport promises to cut down traffic accidents and the number of fatalities on the road. It will get us from A to B in a safer, and in all likelihood, more timely manner.

22. How AI Can Help To Solve Issues In The Education System

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the Education sector can help bring revolutionary transformation.

23. IoIT, or Internet of Intelligent Things

The world is continuously moving towards intelligence, digitalization, and robotics. But what are the factors that are making these things possible?

24. The Era of AI and The Spatial Web: What It All Means - Part 1

“For the first time in history, starting now, we have the roadmap. AGI is now possible.” — Dan Mapes, President, and Co-Founder, VERSES Technologies, and Direct

25. What Will No-Code Job Titles Look Like in the Future?

The other day we were reached out to on Twitter about what titles, responsibilities, and skillsets are required for no-coders in the future?

26. Searching For the Unknown - The Curse of Eternity

After walking down the path of fire, captain Smith decided to visit the Earth realm and continue his exploration of the universe. The doorway he entered lead down a path that was seemingly endless.

27. Amazon QuickSight Q Review Vs. NLSQL: A Comparison

New Amazon QuickSight Q AI-powered product for Data Analytics Review and comparison with NLSQL competitors NLP to SQL API software (including pricing details)

28. Answering Whither Artificial Intelligence By Building A Bot

During one of our call with Yardy, discussing our next venture, we thought about implementing AI to streamline certain functions. Given that I had some experience with Machine Learning, our fund had a project aiming to evaluate ICOs & Coins on specific criteria.

29. The Current Reality and Future Possibilities of AI-Powered Coding

AI can support with coding but it doesn't always perform well.

30. AGI Is Inevitable and It's Coming Faster Than You Think

It's here - a clear roadmap and timeline to Artificial General Intelligence — the holy grail of AI.

31. The Role of AI and ML in Enhancing The Ability Of Multiplying Wealth

Landing a good job is generally considered the purpose of education today.

32. Avoiding Data-Tunnel-Vision and Achieving Human-Machine Symbiosis

We need to create human-machine teams that work together. The key to achieving that is recognizing that our we all suffer from data-tunnel-vision.

33. How AI and Blockchain Startups Are Contributing to The Fight Against #Coronavirus

The new decade began with an unprecedented number of natural disasters, including Puerto Rico Earthquakes, Yemen Humanitarian Crisis, Australian Bushfires, Floods in Indonesia, the outbreak of coronavirus, and others.

34. Does AI Need Superintelligence To Become A Godlike Bigot?

Automation is impacting many jobs traditionally done by humans. But bots replacing us is not my concern when it comes to artificial intelligence. Robots have been with us for a while, and while automation often displaces people, living organisms tend to move on to new tasks.

35. #Mythbusting 10 Artificial Intelligence Misconceptions

Today, misconceptions about AI are spreading like wildfire.

36. How AI Could Save the 3D Printing Industry and the Future of Machines

3D printing is a billion-dollar market with a variety of use cases- from healthcare, replicas to architecture, airplane parts.

37. 6 Effective Ways to Stay Ahead of Your Competition Using Social AI

MarketsandMarkets forecasts that by 2023, AI in the social media market will be worth $2,197.1 million.

38. ICDAR 2021 Competition: Detecting Tables Using Image Recognition

To participate go to:

39. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): An Overview

GAN or Generative Adversarial Network is one of the most fascinating inventions in the field of AI. All the amazing news articles we come across every day, related to machines achieving splendid human-like tasks, are mostly the work of GANs!

[40. Where Can Dreams Take You?

The Art of Teaching Associative Thinking to Machines]( The idea of LensAI was born last year sometime in May. If you've missed Part I of my story, you can read it here -> How We Taught Artificial Intelligence to Sell.

41. Tech Giants are in a Race to Dominate the AI Frontier

The evolution of AI is shaping up to be a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape, with a few large companies currently leading the way.

42. Beyond Artificial Intelligence: Providing Insights to Your Customers

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43. Adversarial Machine Learning and Its Role in Fooling AI

shortly after the launch of Face ID, researchers from Vietnam breached it by a 3D face mask. Such attacks against ML-based AI systems come under adversarial machine learning.

44. Building Machine Learning Algorithms That We Can Trust

How to Explain any machine learning model in minutes — with confidence and trust? Here's How:

45. Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) Have Transformed the Way We Interact With Computers

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have transformed the way we interact with computers.

46. Why Artificial Intelligence Projects Are Failing

The promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve real problems through automation, amplification and simplification is definitely achievable. Today, AI presents a technologist quite possibly one of the most glamorous projects to work on. We are tempted to jump on the bandwagon. But everything is not so great in AI Land. The truth is that – AI projects are failing.

47. AI Deployments To The Embedded Platform

This series of articles teach you step-by-step, how to deploy an AI model on the embedded platform, and here we take opensource RT-Thread IoTOS as an example.

48. Leverage Blockchain-based Data Sharing for AI-powered Networks [A How-To Guide]

Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms have powered network automation. Mobile Network Operators(MNOs) are now using AI-based modules to automate the network using data authorized in their rented/owned areas for network distribution.

49. Enlightened Machines, Super Intelligent AI, And Buddhism

I find the concept of superintelligence fascinating. Reading Nick Bolston’s Superintelligence made me think about the future of intelligence in ways that I never imagined. A lot of discussions about the perils of a super AI have been done in the last couple of years.

50. Deep Learning & Artificial Neural Networks: Solving The Black Box Mystery

I often hear people talking about neural networks as something as a black-box that you don’t understand what it does or what they mean. Actually many people can’t understand what they mean by that. If you understand how back-propagation works, then how is it a black-box?

51. Image Classification Model with Google AutoML [A How To Guide]

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a single label classification model in Google AutoML. We'll be using a dataset of AI-generated faces from We'll be training our algorithm to determine whether a face is male or female. After that, we'll deploy our model to the cloud AND create the web browser version of the algorithm.

52. How To Build Your First AI-Enabled App

Build your own mini AI application in just 15 minutes! Understand fundamental AI concepts and discover a variety of AI APIs that could speed up your AI solution

53. Can Artificial Intelligence Claim To Be the Future of Account-Based Marketing?

To be honest, I hate phrases like “harness the power of AI” or “use AI to revolutionize your sales”.

54. How to Use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Demand-Based Pricing in Retail

You can call yourself a guru of retail pricing if you can make the right pricing decisions for every one of your products, separately and combined, based on their demand elasticity at any given moment.

55. Reimagining Customer Behavior Through Machine Learning

Here what you need to know about Machine Learning in business market strategy

56. While We're All Super Into Conspiracy Theories: Let's Talk AI Ethics and Google

With more development and implementation of AI, many pundits and experts have been very vocal of its potential and have called for a standstill in development or at least some regulations. These calls of action have even penetrated the heavy armor that Big Tech hides behind. Imagine letting just a single company toying with such powerful technology

57. How AI Helps Rebuild Lives In War-torn Ukraine

This story highlights AI tech's power to assist in post-war rehabilitation of military amputees, people with PTSD, and visually impaired war veterans.

58. 5 Best AI Articles of the Month

Here are the five best articles related to artificial intelligence in May posted on Hackernoon.

59. "We Know About AI's Ability To Remember, But Forget About Its Ability To Forget." - Valeria Sadovykh

As our world approaches the time where artificial intelligence becomes as widespread as electricity, we sat down with Valeria Sadovykh, a leading expert in the decision making and decision intelligence aspects of AI. Valeria holds a Ph.D. from the University of Auckland Business School and has over 10 years of experience focusing her efforts on emerging technologies with PwC in New Zealand, Singapore, and the US.

60. To Google or Not to Google: What the Future Has In Store for Search

In the future, "to Google" may become outdated in light of breakthrough changes anticipating search engines in the months to come.

61. Human Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence? We Need Both.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has reached a tipping point, leveraging the massive pools of data gathered by every app, website, and device in our lives to make increasingly sophisticated decisions on our behalf. AI is at work in our inboxes sorting and blocking emails. It takes and processes our increasingly complex requests through voice assistants. It supplements customer support through chatbots, and heavily automates complex processes to reduce the workload for knowledge workers. Evidently, devices can adapt on the fly to human behavior.

62. Gain State-Of-The-Art Results on Tabular Data with Deep Learning & Embedding Layers [A How To Guide]

Tree-based models like Random Forest and XGBoost have become very popular in solving tabular(structured) data problems and gained a lot of tractions in Kaggle competitions lately. It has its very deserving reasons. However, in this article, I want to introduce a different approach from’s Tabular module leveraging.

63. iHack Alpha Inspires AI-Powered Solutions to Address Social Challenges

Discover AI-powered solutions that empower social challenges and disabled persons. This includes text-to-speech for the blind-deaf and virtual mentors.

64. The Magic of Feedback Loops: AI Takes Over

How did we let the algorithms take over our lives?

65. Hyperparameter Tuning on Any Python Script in 3 Easy Steps [A How-To Guide]

You wrote a Python script that trains and evaluates your machine learning model. Now, you would like to automatically tune hyperparameters to improve its performance?

66. How Big Data and AI Help People Make Smarter Investments

Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are some of the hottest technologies out there. Well, machine learning has existed since the late 1950s, and big data got first coined in 2005. However, it is only in the last decade, or so that computer engineers, scientists, and corporations have tried widespread implementations of these technologies.

67. No Such Thing As The Intelligent Edge

But it will be much bigger than the Internet.

68. How AI and Machine Learning Are Infiltrating the Media Industry

For the past few years now, the increasing digitalization of customer journeys and the exponential improvement of cloud technologies and computing capacities have invited media groups to rethink the way they do business. If it sounds like I’m using long words to say “digital disruption”, trust your instinct. Many of these disruptions have been centered around the mountains of data media groups have access to, and what Artificial Intelligence (AI) (and machine learning more specifically) could do with it. Indeed, while artificial intelligence has been fully embraced by a plethora of pure players (Spotify, Netflix, Buzzfeed, Disney…) traditional actors are still lagging, and now see the technology as a shortcut to a much-needed renewed growth.

69. Can Conversational AI Become The Face of Tomorrow's Business?

In recent times, conversational AI has become a tech buzzword in the global market. However, the aggressively growing popularity of AI is leaving many individuals in a great dilemma of whether they should be fear of losing jobs in the future or get excited to leverage the latest edition of the AI-driven applications in businesses.

70. Three Best Practices for Tackling AI Bias in Recruitment

The use of AI-powered recruitment software is an exciting trend, but then what steps have been placed to curb the emergence of bias? This article shares some.

71. Will Human Writing and AI Writing Become Indistinguishable?

This Essay Was Written by a Human, Not a Robot. Or Was It?

72. How Predictive RBPs with DL can help get a vaccine for Corona faster?

The entire world is engulfed into a corona pandemic attack. At present, there are 191127 positive cases of noble COVID-19 infection all over the world with total fatalities of 7807 according to a report by the World Health Organization(WHO).

73. Math GPT: Can AI Help Solve Unified Theory ?

What if we trained AI to complete equations instead of images of Cats?

74. How the Retail Industry is Implementing Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Stores are changing. We see it happening before our eyes, even if we don’t always realize it. Little by little, they are becoming just one extra step in an increasingly complex customer journey. Thanks to digitalisation and retail automation, the store is no longer an end in itself, but a mean of serving the needs of the brand at large. The quality of the experience, a feeling of belonging and recognition, the comfort of the purchase… all these parameters now matter as much as sales per square meter, and must therefore submit themselves to the optimizations prescribed by Data Science and its “intelligent algorithms” (aka artificial Intelligence in the form of machine learning and deep learning).

75. AI Created the Story and Artwork for a Spider-Man and Daredevil NFT Game

I used AI to create a story for an NFT game featuring Spider-man and Daredevil. The results were astonishing. Read this article to learn more.

76. Imagic: AI Image Editing from Text Commands

This week’s paper may just be your next favorite model to date.

77. AI is Not Something to Be Trusted or Not Trusted

Is A.I. a revolution or a war? A god or a pet? A hammer or a nail? Do we really need more metaphors to describe it? Nowadays, A.I dictates what information is presented to us on social media, which ads we see, and what prices we’re offered both on and offline. An algorithm can technically write and analyse books, beat humans at about every game conceivable, make movies, compose classical songs and help magicians perform better tricks. Beyond the arts, it also has the potential to encourage better decision-making, make medical diagnoses, and even solve some of humanity’s most pressing challenges. It’s intertwining with criminal justice, retail, education, recruiting, healthcare, banking, farming, transportation, warfare, insurance, media… the list goes on.

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