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Interviews with Machine Learning Heroes

by Sanyam BhutaniDecember 4th, 2018
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During the past few months, I’ve spent time interviewing great practitioners, researchers and kagglers.

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Meta Article with links to all the interviews with my Machine Learning Heroes: Practitioners, Researchers and Kagglers.

During the past few months, I’ve spent time interviewing great practitioners, researchers and kagglers.

This post serves as an index or Meta-Article with a link to all of the interviews that I’ve conducted. I’ll keep updating this post as the interviews happen.

About the Series:

I have very recently started making some progress with my Self-Taught Machine Learning Journey. But to be honest, it wouldn’t be possible at all without the amazing community online and the great people that have helped me.

In this Series of Blog Posts, I talk with People that have really inspired me and whom I look up to as my role-models.

The motivation behind doing this is, you might see some patterns and hopefully you’d be able to learn from the amazing people that I have had the chance of learning from.

Interviews in Alphabetical order:

Aakash Nain: Kaggle Kernels Expert

Dr. Adrian Rosebrock: Author of PyImageSearch and Computer Vision Practitioner

Andrew Trask: Deep Learning Researcher and Leader of OpenMined

Dr. Alexandre Cadrin-Chenevert: Radiologist, fellow, and Kaggle expert

Artur Kuzin: Kaggle Grandmaster, Head of Computer Vision at X5 Retail Group

Dr. Bojan Tunguz: Kaggle GrandMaster, Data Scientist

Christine McLeavey Payne: OpenAI Fellow

Dominic Monn: DL Practitioner

François Chollet: The Creator of Keras, AI Researcher

Dr. Ian Goodfellow: Deep Learning Researcher and The GANfather

Jason Antic: Creator of DeOldify, student

Dr. Jean-Francois Puget (CPMP): Twice Kaggle Grandmaster

Dr. Leslie Smith: Senior Research Scientist at the United States Naval Research Laboratory

Mamy André-Ratsimbazafy: Deep Learning freelance consultant and Blockchain dev

Dr. Marios Michailidis: Kaggle Competitions Grandmaster: KazAnova (Rank #3)

Mikel Bober-Irizar (anokas): The Youngest Kaggle Grandmaster

Dr. Rachael Tatman: Data Scientist at kaggle

Dr. Rachel Thomas: Co-Founder and Researcher at

Dr. Richard Socher: The Chief Scientist at Salesforce

Sebastian Ruder: Deep Learning and NLP Researcher

Sudalai Rajkumar: Twice Kaggle GrandMaster and Data Scientist at

Sylvain Gugger: Deep Learning Researcher at

Tuatini Godard: Deep Learning Freelancer

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