Launching my Company, A Scholarship and A Webinarby@init_27
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9,089 reads

Launching my Company, A Scholarship and A Webinar

by Sanyam BhutaniSeptember 8th, 2018
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Its been about three months since <a href="" target="_blank">I publically announced</a> that “I swear to take Machine Learning as my future career path.”

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A 3 Month update on my Machine Learning journey

Its been about three months since I publically announced that “I swear to take Machine Learning as my future career path.”

I promised to learn, do projects and blog about it regularly. This blog post marks a few huge achievements for me.

A public note of Gratitude

First thing first:

I’ve always been grateful to Hackernoon and David Smooke for supporting my blog. I get to share my learning path and career path of Machine Learning thanks to Hackernoon, Even this post.

Thanks to their support, My blog just crossed 120,000 views! It’s ridiculously crazy given that I just started writing about 6 months ago.

I really hope to continue bringing better tutorials and DL blogposts. The views aren’t a huge achievement, but a marker that I’ve been moving in the right direction.

Thank you Hackernoon!

The Company

I’ve started working as a DL, CV freelancer early this year. Even though I just started doing it full time after becoming the Youngest Flying Car Engineer (graduating from the Flying Car Nanodegree), the idea grew so fast that it led to me Co-Founding a company with Rishi:

It’s basically a Software Agency that will allow us to scale our projects better. We’re also building a few to-be-revealed ML service platforms. All of which will be powered by

And yes, we have worked on a few jobs. It’s not just an aimless idea. It was a better way for us to scale.

The Webinar

I was invited by PayPal India, Inc42 to do a Live webinar chat and discuss about my freelance missions.

I was honoured to talk with the Senior director of PayPal India and inc42. This was also the reveal of

If you’re interested, you can find the recorded webinar here:

The webinar has been streamed a humongous number of 72k times in just 14 days!


After completing the Flying Car Nanodegree, I had been awarded a scholarship for attending a 2 week AI Bootcamp at Asia University.

I even received a special award for my Final Project Presentation: “Lyric Generation using DL (FastAI lib)”. You can find the slides here

Graduating Computer Vision Nanodegree

I have just graduated Udacity’s Computer Vision Nanodegree. A great course, I’ve always been a fan of Udacity’s courseware CVND being no exception.

I will write a detailed follow up post of my Experience.

Right now, I’m still learning how to run a company and how different time zones work.

What’s next for me?

  • I want to kaggle.
  • I have failed on my goal of making it to top 30% for 2 competitions that I set early this year. I still have 3 months to complete it.
  • Continue with Our work via
  • Author a few posts on Deep NLP.
  • Author a few posts on OpenCV.
  • I will also release a series of interviews where I blog-interview a few people that have really inspired and helped me, people who are established ML, DL Engineers.

This is the story of a Machine Learning Freelancer, brought to you unfiltered via this blog.

If you found this interesting and would like to be a part of My Learning Path, you can find me on Twitter here.