Dear Hacker Noon,by@init_27
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Dear Hacker Noon,

by Sanyam BhutaniMarch 24th, 2018
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I started writing with my First Article in Fall ’17.

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I started writing with my First Article in Fall ’17.

I never had the courage to take up blogging seriously until I got into the Fast AI International Fellowship.

Thanks to the motivation from the amazing community. I decided to pick it up again.

Here’s my Story: I’m an undergrad from India, my chief interests and dreams lie in the domain of Deep Learning, Self Driving Cars and Flying Cars (Yes, I do like to dream at the cutting edge).

I’m lucky and grateful to be enrolled in one of the best universities of my nation. Still however, my curriculum gets to SVMs at best when it comes to the fields of my interests. To be honest, given my interests- no school offers such curriculum to undergrads.

I wanted to learn and share my ideas and story, so I went to the internet.

“Ok Google”

Even though I was a noob coder when during my Freshman year in 2015:A few internships, a Udacity Nanodegree, and countless Coursera and edX MOOCS, a few litres of coffee and graveyard shifts later I was confident enough to start guiding others in my university via the technical clubs and evening meetups.

But I wanted to reach out to more enthusiasts.

Be Great but Be Grateful

Later in 2017 I got exposed to the best course I had ever come across in my life: Fast AI.

Amongst the cutting edge and kickass Deep learning practises that they encourage, and a major one being: blogging.

Thanks to the community, I decided to re-start with my journey of sharing what I learn. I wanted to give to the community-what I had learnt so that anyone who might be stuck in the situation I was yesterday, can learn from the me of today.

I’m no expert, I still would call myself a noob if you would ask me, my only motivation is to help other learners by sharing whatever tiny bits of knowledge I gain as I go across my 5–9 daily journeys

(I’m still a full time 9AM–5PM university student and I’m a part time 5PM-9AM Deep Learning Nerd).

Of course there are much better experts sharing their experiences, my aspiration was to help fill the gaps and add to the amazing communities in any way that I could.

Early this year I started with my Self Driving Car Nanodegree and my article got accepted to Hacker Noon.

I was so excited, I had always been a fan of the publication and I’d daily binge read articles from it.

Obviously I submitted my article right away. My main motive had been to write quality articles and not to worry about readership since I wasn’t sure how my posts would get discovered.

My goal for 2018 was to get a few thousand total reads by the end and continue writing with focus on quality.

But this time I actually decided to pen down the impact of my article (Before submitting to Hacker Noon).

It was about a hundred reads. Not bad.

Hacker Noon as a platform — and even the editors of the publication and David Smooke specially has helped me so much during these few months.

As of March 24, 2018: I have crossed about 40k+ total hits on all of my articles. The article that was my first submission itself crossed a thousand reads!

The numbers are the only way I could explain what a change this has been for me.

I was able to reach out to a humungous audience.

Today, I hold the pride of being a Top Writer on Medium in Self Driving Cars.

Yes, Me. The plain writer who was almost going to quit blogging if I wasn’t pushed so hard by the Fast AI community.

Thank you Hacker Noon for helping me reach to readers from all around the world. For helping me put out my thoughts and my technical tutorials for anyone who might have found them helpful.

I’m grateful to this publication for accepting all of my articles and I promise I will continue writing here. And hopefully get better with every key stroke and every clap.

Today, I start my series of Flying Cars and I will continue writing about Self Driving Cars and Deep Learning.

Thank you Hacker Noon.

If you liked my story and would like to chat, you can find me on twitter here

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