Integrating ERP With Digital Assistant To Improve Businessby@oleksii_kh
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Integrating ERP With Digital Assistant To Improve Business

by Oleksii KharkovynaFebruary 25th, 2019
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<em>What exactly ERP is and why you require it for your business?</em> Typically dealing with Enterprise Resource Planning it can be used through such operation platforms, as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and more. These systems <strong><em>attach together and outline an abundance of business processes and enable the consistent flow of data between them</em></strong>.
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What exactly ERP is and why you require it for your business? Typically dealing with Enterprise Resource Planning it can be used through such operation platforms, as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and more. These systems attach together and outline an abundance of business processes and enable the consistent flow of data between them.

In ordinary terms, it is complex for monitoring, analyzing information and making decisions based on this data. The practical application of ERP is broad. Basically, this system is good for various realms like:

  • Financial Operations. It can facilitate and assess most accounting processes, conduct cost evaluations to in a more excellent manner to manage cash flow and forecast future growth.
  • Human Resources. ERP can track individual productivity and automate payroll processes, getting rid of the need for an extensive payroll department.
  • Production and Distribution. To properly conduct production control, process synchronization and quality evaluation. The automated system can modify delivery scheduling that frequently takes up valuable worker time.
  • Orders and Inventory. It helps to keep track of stock set appropriate price points and place items within the warehouse.

Many companies with grand ambitions in various stages of development eventually come to the ultimate conclusion they demand some kind of ERP system. But very few people think about how to go even further. Just now, I will demonstrate how to boost your business through an effective mixture of ERP and Digital Assistant.

ERP + Digital Assistant: How You Can Profit from It?

The rapid wave of artificial intelligence expansion laid the path to chatbots and digital assistants spreading in all possible directions. But, are they really good as an armature in the context of solving questions regarding B2B or B2C processes? The truth is, assistants are especially beneficial only in solving routine-questions and easy tasks on the current shape of their progress, and this is all. But, even though managing only this function, you can benefit tremendously.

When potential problems occur on the way of work, the only thing which customers can do is to typically address their specific queries to the IT service desk and then wait for the satisfactory answer. In general, such requests take 1–2 days of processing or even more (all depends on the task’s level), and so bring certain difficulties into the workflow. Actually, a lot of queries addressing to the IT service desk are similar, and they slow down the process of solving more complex and important things.

In point of fact, it is not just hollow words. According to real data, nearly 35% of all customers queries are simple and routine messages. For live support workers, such a request are undoubtedly remaining an object that reduces performance significantly.

And here are digital assistants come to play. Hundreds and thousands of ordinary and routine problems can be easily solved in a minute. What is more, running a digital assistant does not require large cash costs. Ultimately, it delivers an opportunity for IT service desk workers to devote appropriate time on innovation rather than conducting routine work.

The key reason for considering integrating virtual assistant into your business workflow is simple. Of course, for a specific application, delving more into the company’s processes is mandatory. But in general, you will promptly receive many advantages like:

  • Cost saving. With a virtual assistant, you are up to save money and profitably spend them on sustainable innovation instead of covering routine work.
  • Boosting productivity. Through helping internal business users clear up their apparent troubles in a much faster way, you can enhance user experience in working with the advanced interface of ERP and therefore improve productivity.
  • Growing efficiency. Through improving the productivity of business customers and stop spending time on ordinary tasks and more on transformations the general efficiency of the company will increase in weight tremendously.

Hence, a virtual assistant represents an outstanding choice for a business, which wants to improve its strategy for the best.

What Digital Assistant to Choose for All Purposes

The practical application of AI-powered platforms with digital assets is simple. All you require is typically to launch an account, perform integration, and set in motion the necessary facilities. But where to find a reliable and effective app?

Hala is one of the most competent digital assistants which I consider advisable to recommend. It carefully adjusts IT and standard procedures for companies that use platforms like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. Through resolving clients’ requests speedily, the app powerfully builds a conversation bridge between human and machines.

Why is Hala among the best apps? The main distinctive feature here is the opportunity to refer with your question directly to the software. The course of executing is comfortable and multifunctional. User can describe the problem to Hala in chat by using text, voice, or even photo (print screen with the potential error). In case Hala doesn’t know the answer, the app creates a new incident or delegates this issue to live support.

What Hala can do?

  • Perform any extensive modifications and settings in the system
  • Create a master data in various system modules
  • Help in creating incidents and classifying data
  • Amply providing any information from the SAP system
  • Visualizing data from SAP
  • Providing information to users grounded on the client’s knowledge base

You can work with the app on various platforms and all range of messengers. Especially, it is good for integrating with ERP. Besides, there is are occurrences control devices (ServiceNow, remedy) and any extra 3rd party software.

More specific, Hala is based on three rock-bottom features: NLP, context understanding and learning on historical data. The app properly takes care of routine incidents at the first level and partly at the second level of SAP support, which significantly reduces company costs and optimizes internal business processes. Subsequently, such a virtual assistant as Hala is a great way to spend time reasonably.

If you have any specific questions or want me to cover anything in the future, ask away in the comment below.

Thank you for reading!