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If you're a dev, come and get your own rockstar portfolio!

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@pedsmoreiraPedro Silva Moreira

Check out GitShowcase and create a rockstar portfolio with yourย GitHub.

Git noticed with a rockstar Portfolio with GitShowcase

If you don't feel like reading and just want to see how it works, just click here https://www.gitshowcase.com/

Hi there.

I've been working as a full stack developer for a while now, building websites, admin dashboards, apps, libraries, and like many developers, although I do this for a living, I never managed to get the time to build my own web portfolio.

"The shoemakerโ€™s son always goes barefoot."

Creating your own portfolio takes time. First you have to choose the technologies among the overwhelming amount of options we have. Am I going to go for React? Angular? PHP? Ruby? What about SEO? Should I try node? What them, where do I host? Once you decided and set everything up, youโ€™ve got to list all your projects manually, add the descriptions, links, images and decide on a design that shows your very best. Suddenly, the simple task of creating a pretty portfolio is overwhelming.

Two weeks ago I decided to change it. I always try to do quality work for my clients and contractors, building a good architecture, making things pretty and easy to use. This was the time to do it for myself! For all of us โค

I propose an alternative.

GitHub has been THE platform for developer to show off their own projects and I thought, what if I could fetch all the projects from my GitHub, extrapolate the information and build a pretty and professional portfolios?


With that in mind, I built an initial prototype and it worked!!!

I have a couple Open Source projects in my GitHub, like Premiere, Premiere Player, PokeMTS and GitShowcase itself, and most of them point to a website that have preview images (those you see on Facebook, Twitter when you paste a link), so the automatic portfolio generated when I logged was already ready to go.

I showed the prototype I built to a couple friends of mine, and one of them, Victor F. Santos, a Design an UI/UX master, found it a good ideia and decided to get on board. With Victor on board, besides doing the automation, the project has even better usability and โ—‡ shines bright like a diamond โ™ฆ

If youโ€™re a developer or use GitHub for your projects, I suggest you give GitShowcase a try. You can import your projects and use our dashboard to customize then as you wish. The results so far have been impressive. In the first they we reached the incredible number of 4000 projects imported and the user base keeps growing very quickly.

We want all of you to come on board and share the awesomeness with usย :)

We have many ideas of how we can move forward and improve our service and would love to hear from you too.

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You already have awesome projects, it's time the world hears about them!

Thanks to Raz Karmi for featuring us on Product Hunt


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