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10 Python Projects with 10 Lines of Code

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I faced a problem when I started learning programming. That problem was: I thought needed to have deep understanding in every field to do projects and make cool stuff. So I started learning coding seriously, but after a few week I lost my motivation, as it was not clear to me that how coding is going to help me make something that I'd like.

Solving some patterns is not my aim...

I figured out it's not necessary to have deep understanding to do some small projects, I can use the knowledge I have to create something cool. Which will give me:

  1. motivation to do something new
  2. knowledge of how programming solves real problem s

And it worked!

I created an online development and research club in collaboration with Mozilla Campus Club. In the first event, we'll develop 10 python projects in 10 lines of code.

10 Projects:

  1. Password Protech PDF
  2. Windows Notification
  3. Merge Multiple PDF
  4. Voice Recorder
  5. Random Password Generator(App)
  6. Audio Visualization Tool(GUI)
  7. Extract mp3 from mp4
  8. Link Shortener
  9. Terminal Tricks
  10. Birthday Reminder

Keynote Video:

GitHub org: https://github.com/qxresearch/qxresearch-event-1

Join #qxresearch:


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