How to Use ChatGPT to Sell Luxury Yachts: Real Use Casesby@notarseniy
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How to Use ChatGPT to Sell Luxury Yachts: Real Use Cases

by Arseniy MaximovMarch 2nd, 2023
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Arseniy Maximov explains how to use AI-based tech like OpenAI ChatGPT to innovate the conservative yachting industry. From building sales guide, then to analyzing chats with clients to personalized yacht recommendations — there's so many real use cases for boosting growth of your business.

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Previously, we’ve discussed a few ideas about how to innovate the conservative yachting industry. In this article, I want to elaborate on how exactly it can be done due to the application of modern AI-based tech like OpenAI ChatGPT to the yachting industry.

I am a tech entrepreneur by day and a software engineer by heart; therefore, I am constantly searching for new technological inventions to boost the products I’m working on. With the release of ChatGPT, I’ve started experimenting with it and with OpenAI GPT API to find innovative ways of applying them to boost growth of my product.

My name is Arseniy Maximov. I am building the products that change the way yachts are bought, and today, let’s discuss the GPT-3 algorithm by OpenAI, which became so popular recently, and how we can adapt it in selling luxury yachts.

Building Sales Guide & Emails Using ChatGPT

Currently, we are at the stage of active growth of the startup, and we are in the process of rebuilding our sales process. One of the ways we've tried using GPT-3 is to write our sales guide and emails for our yacht brokers. We asked ChatGPT to write emails and sales guide for us, and it did a pretty good job. Knowledgeable people know from experience how long it takes to sit down and write yet another business process.

Therefore, we decided to try ChatGPT's potential to bring more optimization into dealing with these routine tasks and see how it will help us to cope with them. After tweaking ChatGPT responses and discussion with colleagues, we received a good business process for a test launch. It is always worth finding ways to speed up your time-to-market.

We found that ChatGPT was especially useful for writing transactional emails. For example, here's how you can write a greeting email that will be sent after submitting a request on a website:

An example of a transactional email produced from ChatGPT. Little bit a tweak and ready to ship!

Analyzing Chats With Clients For Measurement Client Happiness

Another way to impact business with ChatGPT is by analyzing your communication with clients to measure client happiness and satisfaction. Based on my experience, I can suggest one idea for applying.

Step one. Collect all your chats with clients. It can be done via some WhatsApp no-code automatizations into your favorite Client Relationship Management (CRM).

Step two. Build an application which will pass these chats into OpenAI GPT API and ask GPT-3 a question like «Is the client having any problems in these chats? Answer strictly: yes or no.»

Here’s an example of such interaction with ChatGPT:

Pretty useful, that ChatGPT can answer strictly some questions.

Step three. Save this answer into your CRM, and when you face a client with complaints about your salesman — you will be ready to cope with that! Set up a notification that will alert you whenever a client has a problem.

Step four. More importantly, you can collect data about your salesperson's performance and analyze it in the future. For example, a particular broker receives many complaints about his communication skills. In that case, we can provide additional training to him to facilitate his communication skills.

The chat with the customers may provide useful data for the analysis that will help us to identify weak points in our performance, and we can improve them, making the necessary changes to ensure our customers are always happy.

Personalized Yacht Recommendations

With GPT-3 API you can also build personalized recommendations of your product for your clients. In our case, as we are building a yacht marketplace, we use it for customized recommendations of yachts. When clients contact us with a request, we can use GPT-3 to send them the most suitable boat options based on their demands. It allows to save time used for communication with a client and also increases conversion rates. Our clients always appreciate personalized recommendations, as it helps them to find the boat of their dreams more quickly and efficiently, while we can build long-term relationships with satisfied clients.


In conclusion, GPT-3 has enormous potential for use in the accelerating growth of our business and can help companies improve their product and service. From automating the sales process to personalizing yacht recommendations, the opportunities for growth and improvement are endless.

Let me know what you think about using GPT-3 in real business? Maybe you have some useful cases to share in the comments? Thanks for reading.