How to Optimize Your Workflow : Time is Money by@royselbach
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How to Optimize Your Workflow : Time is Money

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As a project manager, UI/UX designer, web designer, or developer it’s likely you are constantly building. One of the major obstacles every engineer needs to overcome is how to meet deadlines while working with a limited amount of resources, especially for design. As a creative design agency, we decided to go back to the drawing table and sketch out a workflow process that is worth considering for the sake of efficiency. We came up with the below method that can be applied to any type of business. 1) Optimize your workflow. 2) Outsource, delegate or distribute work. 3) Quality Assurance. 4) Focus on output and learn from the results. Specifically for our use case steps 3 and 4 are different, however worth considering as well. 1) Optimize your creative workflow. 2) Decentralize your team. 3) Always maintain brand consistency. 4) Be data-driven and focus on generating results.

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